I N  T H E  B E G I N N I N G.


The ships sailed off Port Itius

direction, west , to Dubris.

It was the windy kentish coast that saw them coming first

riding the ocean waves, at the helm their best.

The landing at Dubris was diverted amid fears

Of landing in a storm of javelins and spears.

sailed further up the coast and anchored their ships

seven miles away from the Briton's army on the white cliffs.

Storms damaged ships, opposing winds relenting the march.

Caesar turned the ships back, leaving Mandubracius in charge.

ANNO 54 B.C.

Caesar was back for more, with a larger force than before.

Fought Cassivellaunus in pitched battles and won.

 Camped at Stour Cross before moving on.

Compromises were made and deals and agreements.

The subdued tribes accept the rules and the payments.

With their tools and weapons at hand,

Battle after battle they marched further inland.


Claudius arrived, settled by the banks of the TEMZ.
  north of the river estuary

in a place to suit his war assets , his generals and cavalry.

In a misty morning the silence was broken by the sound of a horn

Tools in hand, the works began and Londinium was born.

Please note:  I am aware about the historians controversy over the foundation of Roman Londinium.
But I am not an historian and I am not writing historic facts.  I am only trying to write some of the events
in poetical style to make it a pleasant reading story for children as well as adults.  Taking in account,
I never studied English at college, I learnt the language by studying computer applications and other courses
like the Personal Trainer course, and before this, studying a travel and tourism course with my basic english.
With a consistent help from google translate online.  Profusely using Wikipedia.
Well I hope you enjoy the reading.


23rd March


A mentally distressed, Sardinian mad man, (ME). Possessed by a vagabond instinct, driven by an almighty stubborn Stray Spirit, unable by nature, to settle anywhere permanently in the world of humans, (For a reason).

Fled (Reluctantly) the great country of Germany. To settle (temporarily) in an even greater country, The United Kingdom, where I lived and still live in self inflicted captivity.

Not I didn't try an escape. I did. But only to run quickly back. Due mainly to the worser humans conditions , limited civil rights, limited opportunities and poor life quality, of the other countries I landed in.   This is not  my ideal country but I can't  find any better.

Unlike Caesar, I didn’t sailed from Boulogne, I sailed from Oostende on a passenger’s cruise ship to Dover.

No Prefectus, Generals, no Centurions, no legionaries.  I invaded Britain on my own armed with a contagious irresistible virus the French call ; LA JOIE DE VIVRE. (The joy for life). With the determination of using it all to completely eradicate sadness, frustration and disatisfaction from British people’s heart.  So may be one day I can hear Mick Jagger singing:   I can get satisfaction at last.

And an invincible faith, Italians call;  VIVI COME CREDI. ( Live as you believe). And I believe in life, (in my own life) in Italian, is; IO CREDO NELLA VITA. (NELLA MIA VITA).

The word credo, (pronounce craedo).  Is what I used to create the name of the main character, in the story  (The Adventures of  Kraedo).  (Stray Spirits Book One)

I didn’t have opposing winds during my first and only invasion.

But I had a side wind, a very strong side wind from the right, with waves up to three four meters, washing the passenger deck of the ship, that kept the ship inclined to the left, for the all journey,  which lasted for two extra hours than scheduled, due to the sea storm.

We arrived Dover and there were no javelins falling on my head from the white cliffs.

That seemed a good omen.

On leaving the ship, I tried to communicate with other passengers, in those few German words I learned.  The answer was;  English Please.  

I didn’t know how to say sorry, so I didn't apologise.  The only few words I knew in English, were Ok, All Right, bye bye and my name is Renato.

I tried then in Spanish and I received the same frustrating answer I had before:  English Please.

Then, I asked a gentleman: Est-ce que tu parles français?

The answer was almost a shout: ENGLISH PLEASE !!!!

I gave up. Not without a mumble in Italian: Sti cazzi di nordici quando vanno all’estero, vogliono essere capiti anche quando parlano Marziano e quando un Marziano come me cerca di comunicare, si arrabbiano pure.  



At that precise moment, I realised, the prophecy of that old woman in Rome in 1979, was becoming reality and a great portion of my life of punishment had started.

Was I scared? Not in the slightest. Because I believe, (Io Credo) that nothing and nobody can take away from me LA JOIE DE VIVRE. My Stray Spirit protects it.

Anyway, I must tell you about the prophecy of that woman in Rome in 1979, before I start writing all the reasons that brought me to Britain.


I was working in Rome as a chef cook at Ammiraglio Restaurant in Piazza Cavour in the evening, to make some savings for my planed trip to France where a lady I previously met in a holiday resort, somewhere else, was waiting for me.

In the evening, I left a side all the irascibility flares chef cooks are affected with by nature and become very sociable with the customers, which were all  famous theatre actors in Italy.  They were all working in a Teatro Tenda Production, one of the shows was the Cyrano De Bergerac.  The restaurante owner was the Theatre Producer.

During lunch time, I was working in the pizza department, covering our pizza chef which was on holidays.

The actors and singers, were all very friendly and kind to me, so I had no problems to let them approach me while dealing with food on the stoves or pizzas in the oven.

One day,  a Lady of athletic figure, on her forties,  part of the stage management, came to me and said Mr. pizzaiolo, can you make a pizza for me, with which ever ingredients you like, except anchovies, give it a symmetry of which ever pattern inspires you most please.

I prepared a pizza with all my favorite ingredients and placed them in a concentric pattern of circles divided in six triangular slices, making any slice, of a different colour. And in the centre I left a small empty circle. When was ready, I called back the lady.

She took a long look at my work and exclaimed; You are a perfectionist, a logical artist, judging by the pattern of your work.

But that empty circle in the middle, is telling me, you are hiding a mysterious scary secret, or you have unfinished business awaiting to be settled, from you previous life.  

You must go to work in England to find out what is the secret of that empty spot in the centre of your pizza.

I was still dreaming about the hot legs of the French lady waiting for me and was about to say: Madam please have your pizza and enjoy it while is still hot.

But she politely, added: You will go to England one day, it is your destiny.

I Replied : Madam, I never thought I would ever go to work and live in England.

Besides, England has never been in my wish list of countries to visit.

Also I do not speak a word of English and I think is the most awkward language to learn for an Italian. Besides, I left that space empty, to allow you to make your imagination work. Every piece of art, now days has a component of mystery, to make it a perfect work of art. That is the real meaning of that empty space.

She looked puzzled fo a split of a second but re gained her control of the vibes in an instant.

She didn’t care about having the pizza hot, as much she cared about telling me my future,

She said: You are scared of going to England because of the horrible things you did to the people there in your past life. And all the suffering you inflicted upon them.

At that point I was about to ask:  Do you need an ambulance ?  But due to my professional patient attitude kept listening.

She: You don’t know your past life, because we do not keep memories of the past in our new life.

But in your DNA, lurks the instinct of fear that tells you to stay away from England.

But as every person born for a second time, you will go back to the theatre of your past deeds.

You will be made to suffer all the bad things you inflicted upon that people in your past life.

You will suffer and suffer and suffer, to a point you can’t take it anymore.

But you will come back and you will have learned English.

I was about to ask: Will I come back alive or in a coffin?

But I didn’t want hear the answer. And since she said I will have learned English it was logical for me to think I would come back alive.

As I never heard of a dead man who can speak English. 

Well, for how my life is unrolling and the ever growing level of violence, at the moment I am writing, I am not sure that I will go back alive.

Oh well lets hope.

Suddenly I realised that I never told that lady my name

For a minute, I forgot about the French lady and switched my taught to the meaning of my name.

My parents, probably didn’t know the origins of my name nor the legend behind it.

Probably they gave me that name, because sounds nice to pronounce.

My mom, was catholic and my father atheist.

But my name, is of a Hebrew origin and the legend behind it, say that I was a cruel king who inflicted endless suffering to his people.

God, displeased with his cruel actions, made him to be born again and made him suffer, suffer and suffer. Suffer all the cruellest things a man can suffer from. To make him (ME) aware of his wrong doing and repent.

Thinking about this, at that moment, I was worried  about  coming to U.K.

But since I had no intention to come here and it was not in sight on my horizon I just relaxed.

I kept on with my joyous life full throttle.    Until the 23rd of March 1983.


In the mean time, while I write and publish the rest of the story, you can amuse your selves, reading for free my first book,

THE ADVENTURES OF KRAEDO, ON THE PAGES BELOW.  I published this book on Amazon as well.  But there are insiders that work at Amazon who are having good time, hacking my book, change words and punctuation, making the story illegible.

So while these dark forces of evil, waste their life time causing damage to the creations of creative people, I just go my way.
Besides, Amazon, like LinkedIn and other American life traps, do not let me cancel my account.
I guess that is because if they do not keep their members prisoner for life, they would not have any members at all after customers, realise what kind of trap they are in.

Oh! well I just stop using Amazon and let them keep my book on sale.  Soon I can afford advertising for my site and no one will buy my book from Amazon.  But I will have free advertising from Amazon while they keep my book on their bookshelf.

By the way. I just closed two of my bank accounts linked with Amazon.  Guess why?  there are inside scammers that used my account to make their shopping on my money.  Now I will have the money refunded and for Amazon the downturn to failure  has begun.

Here on my site, you will not have to pay anything ever.  Never will you have to place any personal data or bank cards.  You just read what I write, if you like it good for you and good for me.  If you don't like it You don't have to read it or recommend it to anybody.
Here,  you don't see no advertising no time wasting gimmicks.  If the book is a success and some film makers want make it into a movie, then may be I will make some money.   If not, I am satisfied that I wrote it.

Enjoy the reading.  As soon as I complete my story, I will write and publish the second book and if my health holds,

I will also translate everything in Italian.  So scammers will have to translate it in English themselves if want to sell my work.


T H E   A D V E N T U R E S  O F  




T H E   S C R I P T   V A U L T.


Registration Number: 100-26 


The story is set in the dark ages, we know little or nothing about the dark ages,

Therefore some parts of this story might just as well happened in those times.

I took extra care not write names and places that really exist, to avoid hurting some people feelings and dignity.

All the names and places, are pure fantasy out of my fervid imagination.  

I did not specify if the characters are white or black or red or yellow or something in between.

I also avoided to dress the characters in a specific way, to give any film maker,

The freedom to use actors of his/her choice and costumes of his/her choice.  

I didn’t give any specification regarding the country or the continent where the story is set.

To allow film makers express their creativity as they feel. The first part of this book is children friendly,

However the chapter nine, The Land Of Women, is not suitable for the under twelve.



I was seated in the sitting room of my best brother in Law (Sandro) in front of me my 22 years old niece Chiara.

She was looking at me with childish inquisitive eyes and asking me questions regarding my opinions on a series of issues.

Please note: it was the first time we met in person after we met through Facebook about 5 years before.

She wanted to know who I really was deep inside.

The more she looked intrigued the more I wanted to show her my true colours.

I did not feel any reason to retain my self, actually I was very pleased to feed her curiosity.

It is not everyday in every life, that we meet someone who really wants to know us very deep inside out,

And to me was such a surprise, that I took it as a psychological therapy.

That girl is not a girl, is a mature woman with a very intensely lived life in a body of a teen ager, very impressive.

She said that she liked me and that I was a very inspired person.

She was proud of an uncle like me and felt privileged at the fact that i came to Sardinia, after 25 years of absence,

Just to meet her and her lovely little brother Nico (The Italian roller skater champion of his category).

Chiara, (Claire) was very Clear about her opinions and put them on the table,

Straight and politely with such a natural way as if drinking a glass of water.

She is only 5 foot tall but she must be hiding another 5 foot under her feet.

Every word I said, she digested it in no time, as if she knew what was about to say next.

Some times it seemed as if she was taking the words out of my mouth.

What a brain. Never met an Italian woman of this great character.

And she is my niece how proud I am.

I started up talking about contemporary politics and social behaviour in this ever changing world we are living in.

And ended up into social scientific opinions, analysis, and opinions, like we were competent teachers.

In my talking, some times, I say I want to do something so passionately but I don't mean to start up straight away.

That is were she trapped me.

When I said one day I want to write a book about the social evolution and human behaviour of the last few years.

She asked: What is the title?

Me: I can only tell you if you promise you never type it on a url of any search engine.

Chiara: why?

Me: Because the book is going to be published online and if you type that title into any url, the engine search memorises that and some cleaver ass may like it and make it the name of his domaine.

Chiara: Ok I won’t.

Me: I will call it Beyond Delirium and I will publish that on my blog www dot beyond delirium dot com.

Chiara opened her eyes wide and ordered:  Write it!

I was trapped and could not turn away.

Bloody, cleaver, little one.

Well, here we are, beyond delirium with no way back .

Chiara; So then, are you coming tomorrow to Cagliari to visit my mum?

Me; I don’t know yet, perhaps I should wait for her to come here.

Chiara; if you do not come tomorrow, I will write beyond delirium dot com twenty times on all search engines.

Me; calmly (Sandro,(her dad) listening and smiling). I think this is called black mail.

Chiara; (with an assertive tone),  yes it is.

Me; well, ok then we go tomorrow.

Chiara; what would you write on your book?

Me: All the actions, reactions, customs, facts, behaviour happenings, evolution

and involution of recent past and contemporary times of human history,

With an eye to the future, attempting to predict its possible transformation and consequences.

All off course according to my point of view and also my imagination,

Because this book will contain lots of novels and stories transformed by my imagination.

In my book, I will talk about all of the characters I met in my life, including my self,

And no one will come out cleaver and innocent in my review, not even my self.

Even if manipulated by my imagination, I will write the truth.

Regardless of who wins and who loses, we are all winners and losers anyway,

We all tripped over the same stone at one time or the other of our existence.

Chiara: anticipate something.

Me: Ok. I can anticipate something from the last chapter of the first book, as the story comes in two books

And something from the beginning of the second book.

Right, this is an anticipation;

This bit is from the last chapter of Book One.

I left the Village of Better Men with my dad’s sword

and travelled the world.

I swam across a lake of tears, (my own tears).

Run naked over fields of thorns

shooting my arrows across the sky (my own shames)

Quenched my thirst with water and human blood, (my own blood)

Avoid starvation feeding on human flesh,(my own flesh)

Walked the nights under a dark sky,

covered by clouds loaded with fear,(my own fears)

Stood the pain and torture of the journey,

telling my self stories and jokes, (my own lies)

leaving behind a trail of sorrow and bits of skin, (my own prejudices)

Chanting aloud my thoughts (building up my own courage)

Driven by a high fever and delirium. (my rebellion and resolution),

Feeling the confidence as I moved on (taking conscience of my strength)

Until I reach naked, bruised and battered the land of freedom.

This bit is from the beginning of the second book.

He woke up in an unfamiliar place, his head very heavy.

Soft white lights around him, white walls all around.

And even the man looking at him was dressed in a white gown.

Welcome to the land of freedom he said.

How do you feel my friend Reeno?

He looked around with an expression of incredulity and wander,

and ask the person; where are we?

The man replied; we are here, on planet earth,

in the central hospital in Lyon.

And my name is Roger Mann, Dr Roger Mann but you please call me Roger.

Reeno: What happened? Who am I?

In a whisper, he continued: why are we speaking english in a french hospital?  

And why am I here?

Roger; You are very tired Reeno, relax, I answer all your questions.

Paternally speaking): Which question do you want me to answer first?

Reeno: The first please.

Roger; You had a bad road accident and been in a coma for four months.

Your name is Reeno.

We speak English because we are British.

Reeno: But why are we in a french hospital?

Roger; Because the accident, happened near Macon on the A6.

Reeno: Why are you working in a French hospital?

Roger: Coughed, posed as few seconds to find a credible answer,

Then said: Because my wife is French and we live here.

Back to Chiara and Me.

The next morning, she drove me to visit her mother, which is also my younger sister.

Cagliari! Finally! There we go, it was raining and not an umbrella shop in sight.

We got off the car in the rain and walked up to near destination, and as we crossed the road,

A group of street sellers, approached us trying to sell us an umbrella.

Chiara was tempted about it but I discourage her by saying that I bought some of these umbrellas,

In the past and they hardly last half a day. So I suggested we should walk between the drops of rain to keep dry.

Some passers by laughed at my joke, making me feel proud of my funny mood.

Few minutes later,I was hugging my little sister, after just twenty-five years and two months.

And also met again my young nephew Nico,(we met two days before in his dad's house

He is a speed skates champion, from very young age he was taken to speed roller skates competition,

all over the country and won dozens of trophies and medals, all over Italy.

On his twelfth year he stopped and now on his thirteen is starting college.

I wish to bring him to London with his dad for a week or two, to show them the real London,

the London that tourists will never see.

For some kind of reason, his dad (Sandro)is one of few person that I listen to with respect, and interest.

Every time he say something is never anything banal or shallow, may be because he is a teacher.

And has a way of speaking that commands attention and all what he say makes sense,

Even when I think differently, his talking makes me reflect.

I never forget when he took me the the cemetery to visit my dad’s grave.

We stopped by the florist and I asked for two roses, one for my dad and one for my mom.

Sandro said: just one? And I said two then but he added, make it three.

And Chiara said three is the perfect number, there and then I said three.

And didn’t realise that I have shown to be mean and stupid.  

In my thinking it was just a gesture, a thought.

But for my brother in law that lived with my dad

and looked after him during the last ten or so years of his life,

It was a mean gesture, I deeply regret having done.  

And it was my dad not his.

You see this is one of many things I learned from him during two weeks as his guest.

Well just greeted my little sister, we took a stroll in centre Cagliari for some shopping.

A few hours later, me and Chiara, where on our way back to Sant’ Anna Arresi.

Such a lovely place,

A three thousand inhabitants town, a few metres above sea level,

five kilometres away from the crystal clear sea waters,

With a view to the white sand dunes which (many years ago) have been external set to some movies.

Well I kept to my schedule of early wake up, some food shopping for dinner,

pack up a pack lunch, a bottle of water, get on my roller skates

Or some time on my nephew’s push bike and on my way to the beach.

Everything was fine and beautiful. Only thing upsetting was the curiosity with which some locals would look at me,

They had never seen a skater in person,(apart from my nephew)

let alone an old man with white hair.

And those who recognised me where all my school mates, they looked much older than me,

Physically stiff and fat. Some of them where just as ignorant as they where twenty-five years before.

I Felt an alien speaking to them and with all due respect I don’t belong into that place anymore.

And then there were the dogs. When I was a kid, I remember our dogs where all friendly

And trained to be friendly, now my town of origin has been transformed in a Battersea Dogs Home in the open air .

And at every passage next to their house gates, wether on bike or skates, or on foot,

They would bark at me ferociously and if not held by high gates,

they would assault me and kill me.

I know by memory the places, who their owners are.

And I don’t remember as a kid any sign they would grow up like this.

And then, there where the Peeping Toms.

I tried to hide away as far as possible from crowded beaches and people.

I would find a spot on the rocks to take my sun tan completely naked.

But every day there was some old couple or old woman or old man,

Risking to break a leg or fall from the rocky cliffs into the sea, just to peep.

From far away, they would only see the silhouette of a person but could not focus my gender,

So, men, gays, lesbians and women of all ages would venture to where they wouldn’t have, if no one was there.

And I wander; Men, come closer thinking I may be a woman and so they may come up close to see a set of tits.

And that made me wonder if my country fellas have married women without tits.

Gays, come close to see a naked man and that makes me wander why they don’t stand naked in front of a mirror,

So they can see a naked man without risking a leg on the sharp rocks on a very high cliff.

Women, come to see a naked man and I wander why they don’t look at their own husband,

what is wrong with them? why they keep rejecting men's attention,

Even when it is a polite attention by respectable locals and then go out peeping on the cliff.

Lesbians came closer thinking I might be a woman but then, there are many other lesbians in my town

and in the surrounding towns, why they keep their sexuality in the shadow

And go peeping instead of coming out and live free.

I don’t understand my people,I never did and now I understand why I am living in England.

The day before I departed, my niece Chiara, asked if I liked my birth place

and if I would go back more often from now on,

I looked into her eyes and said, sorry I can’t promise you this.

I am as unstable as the weather and I don’t stand in any place

where I feel less than comfortable, for much long.

I felt her sorrow, we just met a few days before and become so close friends

In no time that seemed we where grown up together.

But I am without roots and without commitments.

I have no family, no mortgage, no country anymore to keep me into one place.

The only thing I have is myself, and a few good qualifications that keep me employable

And an infinite joy for life, that I don’t need to stay in a place if not totally happy.

Well, over with the Sardinian affair, back home, back to the old humid England.

Back to my work as a coach driver, back to my gym, my swimming pool and on spare time, back to my book.

Which was becoming an obsession,

I have to write it.

No matter how would change my life once is published, I must write it.

Over the years thinking about the writing and publication of this book,

It has become like a tooth access. I must extract that tooth or live in pain the rest of my life.



From childhood to adulthood. through adolescence, discovery, learning, loving, traveling suffering and joy for life, (lots of joy). In pursuit of wisdom, freedom, and love.This boy didn't let any aspect of human's life unexplored. From the heavenly Better Men Village through the surprising Land Of Fools, the inspiring Land Of Wisdom, The absurd Land of Mysteries, followed by the adventurous, (pure action at it's best), Land  Of Warriors, to the fictitious Land Of Liars, the dark and dangerous Land Of Truth, into the self immersive beautiful touching Nobody' s land. To the end of the story, passing by the always exciting, thoughtful, inebriating. intoxicating, energy burning, Land Of Women. A journey that completed (almost) our hero Kraedo from a child into an adult. Making him stronger, wiser, self-conscious and responsible and ready for the last phases of the journey to his final destination, The Land Of Freedom. Not avoiding the passage through the land of spies and thieves, just before walking the wolves Causeway. This story templates all aspects of human's life from family warmth to curiosity, Adolescent love, ingenuous irresponsibility, and punishment. Kraedo learned the chilling sentiment of hatred but never bow to it.  Never let that horrible sentiment take residence in his heart.  He alway thought that hatred was the sentiment of losers who look up to the winners in anger.  He let the sentiment of despise take place in his heart instead.  He considered the sentiment of despise, a honourable human sentiment apt to the indomitable soul that looks down in despise to the cowards and backstabbers and the cruel men who bite the dust in defeat.  He learned the joys of discovery.  Learned  travel, mystery, captivity, escapes, battles, Lies, truth and deceit, social hypocrisy, dangers and survival, tragedy, reunions, rebellion, and revolutions, wisdom, guilt, and redemption, remorse and forgiveness, love, lots of love, tonnes of love, love on every page and sex, (but sex only in The Land Of women). Tears, lakes of tears and pools of blood. Fears, and reassurance, tranquillity, laughter and trouble, freedom and liberty. And joy for life, infinite joy for life, contagious joy immense joy oceans of joy under infinite starry skies pregnant with joy.  And did I say joy? 


C h a p t e r 1,

T h e   S t r a y   S p i r i t s


The stray spirits are the building blocks of the universes. The beginning of every thing and every nothing.

There are an infinite number of spirits, each one with its own inclination to something specific.

There are the spirits of creation, the spirits of destruction, the spirits of time, the timeless spirits,

the resident spirits, the nomadic spirits (those who move the galaxies),

The spirits of death and the spirits of life and many millions more.

Whatever the stray spirits evolve into during their eternal existence, they all start as a stray spirit.

The universes are mainly made of stray spirits, we can’t count them, they don’t have a physical volume,

no they don’t .

All the spirits have an opposing spirit and all the stray spirits evolve into something they are meant to be,

According to their inclination.  

The spirit I am going to write about, is a stray spirit with inclination to be a spirit of creation.

To evolve into a spirit of creation, a stray spirit, first has to start as a spirit of life.

Whichever form of life the spirit is meant to evolve into, it has a very simple task to overcome.

It is first attracted into the life of a new born sentient creature, not into a vegetal type of life,

not into a member of the still life like minerals (Yes guys, minerals have a life too),

They have no independent motion or mind but they are created by the spirits of beginning.

And over time, are transformed into something else, I know this sounds crazy for humans.

But we humans can't understand everything,

After all humans are just primordial creature with a very short existence,

As short is the existence of their habitat ,(in cosmic terms).

Continuously changed by the spirits of transformation.

So stop thinking about something you are not designed to understand and just follow the story.

In this story we are exploring a human’s life.

Once the stray spirit is attracted by the body of a creature,

it automatically becomes a spirit of life.

He can’t change its host natural instinct, all he can do is,

control the creature to an extent of mind illusion.

In order to protect the subject from premature death caused by external factors,

And general dangers of nature and the elements.

Its ambition is to keep the creature alive, until a natural death occurs.

In short, the spirit tells pleasant lies to the mind of the creature to keep it away from danger.

Then at the natural end of the body life,

the stray spirit, that had become a spirit of life in the body of that creature,

Evolves into a spirit of creation.

What if it fails to keep its creature from a premature death?

Well, in that case, he will be attracted again into another new born creature,

until accomplishes his mission.

Then at the natural death of his host body, evolves into a spirit of creation.

Spirits of creation, can roam about all universes following the wanderer spirits,

And being followed by the spirits of destruction, and the spirits of re-birth, (transformation).

They create forms of life out of their own imagination.

Spirits of creation, are those who create new universes and galaxies

and continuously move and expand their areas of action.

The spirits of creation, are in perennial conflict with the spirits of destruction,

Whatever the spirits of creation do, the spirits of destruction can undo.

The spirits of creation create a new galaxy?

Well, the spirits of destruction can create the black hole into which the galaxy is sucked.

And that is where the spirits of transformation come into action.

The spirits of creation create a parallel universe?  

Well the spirits of transformation can create a parallel anti universe.

The spirits of creation can access all universes, anti universes, black holes,

anything that exists, and create things which did not yet exist.

They can create new universes everywhere in every circumstance,

Included any form of life into which the stray spirits can start their evolution.

The spirits of life only have the spirits of death as antagonists and as partners at the same time.

Because there could be no life without death and there could be no death without life.

The one would have no meaning without the other.

Life in whichever form, has to have an end to give way to another life.

What is the size of the universes? Infinite.  

Universes, disappear as often as they appear, just like the anti universes.

In a continuous beginning followed by an end followed by a new beginning.

For the sake of story telling, we need to give a name to the spirit I am writing about.

Let’s call it Veeta.

Veeta was about to be attracted by his second creature.

He failed the first one, (His first one was a dolphin).  

In his quest to evolve into a spirit of creation.

Everything was blank, everything was silent.

Then suddenly a loud new born cry broke the silence

And Veeta came into life existence in the body of a boy.

He was baptised Kraedo by his father and mother,

that was the name given to the new born creature,

That was host to the spirit we call Veeta.

Kraedo was a very fragile baby born with some dysfunctional genes

that made him physically weaker than average.

And with some lightly distorted bones on the right of his ribcage.

The time in history was a very dangerous one,

it was In the middle Dark Ages, around the 6th century.

Veeta, knew he had a daunting task to achieve

but was happy anyway to have another chance to evolve.

Eventually, the boy survived and grew up healthy in spite of his distorted rib cage.

And his attraction to life’s dangers.

Like every kid, he liked to play with his friends

but also, like many other children, had his preferences.

The most important for him, was the archery sport.

(Archery was the suggestion of Veeta of course, just to keep him away from his risk taking stupidity.)

Kraedo was instinctive and wild, with no sense of fear, unaware of danger.

Without Veeta's mind manipulation, Kraedo wouldn’t have reached adulthood.

He loved archery so much that he became a master archer at a very young age.

He was so good at it that would go fishing with the adults of the village.

He would amaze them by catching fish with a bow and arrows.

He was spectacular at hitting the fish when jumped out of the water.

Sometimes, he showed a very lazy attitude, when didn’t want to roll the nets.

If the fishermen complained, the little scallywag would answer with a smile,

Well guys I have already captured my quota of catch with my arrows.

And since none of you helps me to make the arrowheads, I can get away without rolling the nets.

They loved him, this little dark haired naughty boy,

who was also the first male son of the charismatic Aezy,

The spiritual leader of the village.

Kraedo was also a hyperactive boy, Veeta would not give him time to get bored and put himself in danger.

Always on the move, after school, he would disappear into the hills, sometimes staying out until late.

Worrying his parents who would take to the hills and shout his name for long time.

Until he eventually would hear it and shout back to them from the top of the hills.

So ingenuous he was that would oppose no resistance to whatever tasks and learnings,

Veeta would push him into.

Now I will stop referring to Veeta, to make the story more fluid and readable,

Only remember that everything Kraedo does, is under Veeta’s suggestion and influence.

The village, was inaccessible from any side, except from the short beach that laid at the gate of the village.

It was built inside the huge crater of an extinct volcano,

Had numerous hills and was surrounded by steep rocky walls well over two hundred feet in height.

The small river running through the village, was fed by the waterfall.

These waterfalls, came from the great river that was running on the edge of the volcano mouth.

And run down to the sea. The sea delta, was just half a mile away from the gates of the village.

They called them gates but was actually just a 40 foot long gap that was created by the sea,

In the high wall of the volcano’s mouth.

Kraedo, was a good student and a good actor, impressing the villagers in the acting shows during the summer period.

Sometimes he liked to don a sheep’s skin overcoat, (5 to 6 inches below hip joints),

Created out of two sheepskins. And would crawl with the rest of the sheep from the village to the hills for the daily pasture,

Without being noticed by anybody.

Did I say anybody???… Well, almost anybody. Because Tootta did notice him.

She was very much influenced by a spirit of discovery.  

She was always intrigued by Kraedo,

To the point that she began to follow him secretly.

One day, by accident, Kraedo made a sensational discovery,

while climbing the rock next to the waterfalls.

He fell into the bushes and noticed that behind the waterfalls there was sunlight coming from the top.

And that there must have been a cave behind the waterfall.

He walked sideways with his back to the rock, under the falling water, and entered the cave.

The cave, was an amazing masterpiece of natue’s work,

It went up and up, ending almost thirty meters above ground level.

In the middle of the river that created the waterfalls on the left of his course.

While the rest of the river would continue his course towards the nearby sea.

Tootta who was near and secretly watching, decided to follow further.

But on entering the cave, she tripped over a wet stone and let out a little scream.

Kraedo jumped back in a flash and with her surprise grabbed her hand and asked if she was ok.

As she smiled, said yes, they moved inside the cave.

Kraedo asked why she was following him.

She candidly said, she was intrigued by all his secrets and bored with her girls life in the village.

So decided to follow him because it was a great adventure to do so.

Kraedo smiled and said OK, we are two of a kind but now we have to keep this a secret.

This could be our secret hideout spot.

Tootta: shall we bring something here to use when we need it?

Something entertaining I mean.

Kraedo; yes of course, I will keep my spare arrows and bows, and some mirrors.

Tootta; can we make a rope, long enough to explore the top of the cave?

Kraedo was thinking that Tootta was very adventurous and a perfect match for him.

Day by day the two teenagers, brought a big quantity of props and tools into the secret cave,

And enough bamboo fibre to create a few ropes.

Kraedo, brought in a huge amount of the powder that, when it comes in contact with a sparkle,

Makes huge explosions and noise.   They stored all of it in a hole at the base of the cave.

Kraedo knew very well the dangers of that powder,

having seen the old men making it explode at the base of the rocky walls,

To make small rocks that were used for construction, fences and other useful things.

He told Tootta that if all that powder were squeezed into a tight hole

into the walls of the cave and lit up by a sparkle,

It would crumble the whole cave, bringing the river down to the village.

Why he was storing the powder into the cave, he was not sure.

But he thought maybe one day it would be needed.

In the village, life continued as usual, between works for the adults, fishing, hunting,

gardening, landscape works etcetera, while the females if not working with the men,

Would dry fish and meat for the winter, and various other jobs, like working in the fields.

Women were under no obligation to do homework, nor was an obligation for men.

Every individual in the village was free to choose the positive and creative works that benefit the all community.

But somehow it was natural for most women to work together in the village as it was for most men to work together at sea.

While the children, would attend school a few hour a day in the morning.

School education, was mainly about living in a community, social behaviour,

Physical education, self defence, food preparation skills, carving arts,

script in their own language, horse riding, acting, singing and all sorts of sports.

Everyone in the village were expert fishermen,(including the ladies) and expert horse riders.

They had a few work horses. Had quite a few days of celebrations a year.

The most important was the day of togetherness.

The celebration of togetherness, was about a day out in the meadows of the highest hill in their territory.

The hill was right in the middle of the volcano crater and a little lower than the walls of the volcano mouth,

Where the village stood.

They would bring food, drinks, (Brewed by the naughty ladies),

Musical instruments, paintings and hand made rugs.

The Played music until dark with drums and cord instruments.

At dusk they all went back to the village.

Children, where allowed to roam about, without much control.

That was when Kraedo and Tootta went unnoticed to the cave,

To play their clever planned joke that would change their lives for ever.

They had three ropes, each about forty metres long,

And they had tools to climb the walls of the cave towards the exit.

Kraedo, tightened, one end of a rope on one ankle and one end of the other rope on the other ankle.

And rolled the third rope around his waste.

He did the climbing and eventually, he reached the summit and when he saw what laid in front of his eyes,

He almost lost the grip and almost fell down to the base of the cave towards Tootta.

Finally, he sat on the edge of the crevasse, looking down at Tootta.

Looking around him he saw that the end of the hole was, right in the middle of the river

that formed the waterfall that fed the village’s Creek. He was in awe, totally ecstatic.

There were some rocks around him sprouting from the water and some trees on the river banks.

The spirit Veeta, could do nothing to stop him this time.

Kraedo was totally self possessed. He wanted to share the discovery with Tootta.

He said: be patient a few minutes and I get you up here.

He first, secured a rope from his left ankle to the summit, leaving the other end reaching the base of the cave.

With the second rope from his right ankle, he formed a lasso,

Launched the lasso and caught the top of a rock near the bank of the river.

He then secured the end on his side to the same rock where he had secured the first rope,

And moved from the edge of the crevasse entrance to the next rock.

Challenging the strong current created by the rapids a few metres down the river,

From that rock he could catch another rock, standing on dry land.

Secured the end on his side to the rock and in few seconds, he was in dry land with metres of rope to spare.

Which he used to secure around the trunk of the nearest tree.

Now he had a rope system to climb safely from the base of the cave to dry land on the river’s bank.

He then moved back to the cave and looking back, he bursted in a loud laughter. Tootta was already there sitting on the edge of the crevasse and watching Kraedo.

The next minute they where sitting on the edge of the crevasse, side by side admiring the surrounding panorama.

They were all smiles, giggles and laughter, until Tootta extracted two mirrors from her pockets and exclaimed;

Kraedo, lets send mirror signals to the people on celebration hill, let’s surprise them.

Kraedo, didn’t think twice and added yes, let’s scare them.

Mirrors, were a form of communication they had besides smoke signals and Drums and pigeons)

The two naughty children flashed their mirrors warning of the arrival of a marine pirate force,

About to land at the village’s beach. The people, went crazy and started to run towards their defence positions.

But Aezy and a few other adults, called the people, not to panic, proclaiming that they would resolve the problem,

And that there was no imminent attack from pirates.

While the people, walked to the village, Aezy and a handful of other wise men,

Run towards the cave. They called the kids to come down and took them to the village.

Where talks about the discovery of the cave, begun.  

The cave was known only to a handful of wise men.

(Kraedo and Tootta were unaware of this)They thought it was their discovery and nobody else new about it.

The wise men, discussed about what action take against the two naughty children.


Tootta status changed from that of a girl into a grown up woman.(she was only fourteen).

And as a grown up woman she had the same responsibilities as any other woman in the village.

While Kraedo was kept for private talks with his father and the tree other wise men.

Aezy talked first;

My son, do you realise what have you done?

Kraedo nodded. Aezy continued ; We all love you in the village but your action,

could have put our safety at risk.  

Nobody knows this village exists.

And if by chance any pirate ship passing by our bay had seen the mirror signals,

you would have disclosed our existence to the king owner of this land.

And automatically, we have only two choices, flee our village or submit our existence to a king.

At these words, finally Veeta regained control of Kraedo and he made him feel sorry for his action.

He apologised, and acknowledged the gravity of his actions.

The other wise men, at this point agreed that further action was not necessary.

There was no need to send Kraedo to the wise man in the summit of dog’s hill for advice.

However; Aezy affirmed that actually Kraedo, was ready for the challenge,

and proposed to send him to dog’s hill summit.

Aezy explained how to reach the summit, the direction to take and what to do.

The next morning, Kraedo was on the beach,

hugging and saying farewell to all the villagers.

Tootta was in pieces, she was hugging Kraedo like a drowning person clings to a trunk.

Copious tears were running down her cheeks.

The older women helped her through the pain with love and affection.

Finally, Aezy accompanied Kraedo on a canoe about five miles to the east side of the volcano’s crater.

Where the mountain ended and lower hills and slopes made a possible landing onto dry lovely beach.

Aezy said; this is called the land of fools, don’t be impressed by the name.

Walk always facing north, after two days, you will see the tallest summit.

After a further two days of walking , on approaching the summit you will see a campsite fire.

Approach with caution, but without fear.

When you reach camp fire, you will see a cave, on your left, is a fearsome dog,

with red eyes, like the flames of the fire, don’t approach the dog, just ignore it.

On your right next to the cave you will see a stone throne where sits the wise man.

Approach with respect and nod to the wise man.  

He will tell you what do.

Now get ready to go and remember, bring yourself back alive,

What ever the task required by the wise man is.

On your journey you know how to find water,

You know how to provide your self with food and how to sleep safely during the night.

We are in full moon tonight, make the most of it as the moon light only lasts a three or four days.

Use the moonless nights when you go across dangerous lands.

See you in due time my beloved and beautiful son.

They hugged and they both took their due direction.

Chapter 2,


The spirit of life Veeta was very attentive and watchful with this self hazard host called Kraedo.

While on the opposite side, the ever present spirit of death Naero, was always active,

Into pushing Kraedo to risk his own primitive life.

But now after the events of the waterfalls and the dangerous mirror signals Naero was losing the battle,

Veeta had a less daunting task to complete.  

After the death of his first host ( A dolphin ).

He was now a more experienced spirit of life and he felt this time was going to be the right one.

Kraedo, moved his first steps towards the mountains with great caution and care.

Arrows at hand, bow ready, sword perfectly sharpened, (he took his dad’s sword) hanging on his right hip.

His balanced knife in side a protective case hanging behind his neck at hand in any moment.

Eyes open, ears open and mouth shut.

First he wanted to reach his destination without delays and without incidents.

But he was also curious to find out why it was called the land of fools.

Certainly it was not inhabited by humans, may be because no-one would want to live in a place called land of fools.

It was a very thick forest of evergreen trees and thick underwood vegetation.

The wild life, was so numerous that Kraedo, could see it everywhere, on the ground, on the trees and in the air.

Yet there must have been lots of water at the bottom of the canyons.

Judging by the thick foliage and moss and large animals drinking from the puddles.

So he said to himself, there is water, plenty of game to feed on,

Unlimited wood to burn in a fire or to use as a shelter.

He walked on this environment climbing for a whole day, camped safely for the night.

In the morning he continued the journey towards the highest peak, in Dog’s Hill.

He, renamed The Land of Wisdom.


Terminated the first days supply of food he brought from home,

It was a joke for him providing fresh food. Plenty of fresh fruits available,

Plenty of fresh wild vegetables and mushrooms that only needed to be roasted or eaten raw.

Towards the afternoon he felt watched . He rapidly grabbed a rope, from around his waste,

secured it to an arrow, stopped behind the trunk of a large tree,

Shot the arrow in the air around a thick branch and in a flash, he was on top of the tree.

He Kept his breath, looking down, and after a minute he saw the stalker.

He thought he recognised the man, pointed the harrow and intimated a halt to the stalker.

The stalker looked up and calmly said, what is wrong with you man?

Don’t you recognise me? I-Jee!!! ....Shouted Kraedo, Brother I-Jee what a surprise!

I-Jee answered:   Brothers by birth are not brothers, brothers we become.

What are you doing here? Asked asked Kraedo, while folding the rope around the branch and began the descent,

While descending, I-jee, said : I live in here with my girl friend Yaya.

Kraedo touched the floor, pulled down the other end of the rope they hugged.

Kraedo asked: why you say brothers born brother are not as brothers as those who become brothers in life?

I-Jee: Because back in the village, seemed I was invisible, inexistent to any one of you.

Just because I liked to be more on my own, than sharing the lifestyle of the village.

It is not a crime. And it was not a fault, not being interested in anything that the community had to offer.

I was never called to participate in the building of our community,

And the few times I was called, my talking and my ideas were discarded as silly and useless.

I felt I didn’t belong into that community and moved to the land of fools.

Kraedo: you remained close to our village though and never bothered to inform us.

We thought you left for far away lands. We cried for long after your departure and we suffered.

Why you don’t come to visit us from time to time, our father and mother would be pleased, we still love you.

I-Jee, maybe one of these days I will do that.

Kraedo: Why they call it land of fools? I-Jee: Fools are those who call it like that.

Because here we have food in abundance, as many wild fruits and vegetable as we like,

Game everywhere, the fish is in the sea, and we know how to fish.

Kraedo: yes but there is no protection, it is an open area, anyone can invade the land.

And capture or kill you and your girl friend and confiscate your possessions.

How are you going to fight them?

I-Jee: Look Kraedo; I don’t fight for peace, I live in peace. Besides I don’t have possessions.

Me and my girlfriend, we live the day for the day and tomorrow, is another day, we start from the beginning.

If someone attacks us, we can either run, or hide in the canyons, of which we know every secret,

And swiftly swiftly disappear, and re appear in another land.

It is very easy land to conquer, so for other tribes it seems foolish, to settle here.

Maybe that is why they call it the land of fools. And now to you.

Why are you here and where are you going? Asked I-Jee.  

Kraedo: I am going to see the wise man in the highest peak of the land of wisdom,

On dog’s hill summit, to ask for wisdom.

I-Jee, laughed aloud and murmured sarcastically: the wise man that dispenses wisdom. He laughed again.

Listen Kraedo: why don’t you just stay here, hunt, fish, walk, run swim, sleep, eat, live a free life,

Become finally brothers and with time we can even go back to the village and bring a girlfriend for you?

Kraedo: I understand and respect your way of life but I am not driven by a sedentary spirit.

I was born to discover and travel.

I-Jee: I remember you are stubborn and I can’t make you change your mind.

Let me inform Yaya I am going with you to the base of the Dog’s Hill.

I-Jee, run a quarter of a mile towards the canyon,

informed Yaya about his desire to walk a couple of days with Kraedo, and run back towards Kraedo

Yaya, stood waving at the two departing men.

Off they went to the north, to the dog’s hill summit, in the land of wisdom,

The two brothers that were born brothers but hadn’t yet become brothers.

They continued their journey, talking about life in the village.

And trying to explain to each other why in different ways both of them, didn’t like stay in the village.

Hill after hill, canyon after canyon, passing along rivers, lakes, breathtaking natural sites.

Cracking jokes along the way, teasing each other, poking each other,

Laughing aloud, arguing about each other’s preparation for the dinner, and so on.

Two day later they reached the base of Dog’s Hill.

I-Jee asked: Will you come back the same way?

Kraedo: I don’t know yet which way the wise man will tell me to take.

I will come again to stay with you for a couple of days from time to time.

I-Jee Good to hear that, one of these days I will visit the village and hug our mother and father.

They hugged and I-Jee recommended Kraedo, to take care and come back soon.

The two born brothers had finally become brothers.

C H A P T E R   T R E E

The Dog’s Hill

Left brother I-Jee at sunrise, Kraedo, moved on at a moderate speed towards the summit of Dog’s Hill.

He noticed that as he moved up hill and the trail become narrower, the flora was different from the flora below.

The trees were shorter, the green colour of the foliage was thicker and darker,

The sun rays would not pass through down to the three base and most of the trees were unknown to Kraedo.

His watchful instinct was lessening, giving way to a sense of discovery,

Curiosity and inner pleasure for the discovery of a new landscape never seen before. Everything up the hill was fascinating.

Kraedo felt a Karma of quiet and perfection, as if nature itself were in meditation.

He kept walking, watching in awe as the sentry narrowed more and more,

He was now brushing the foliage with his shoulders. He was now a few steps away from the clearing in the summit.

His blood was running faster through his veins, his breathing accelerated. He could now see the sunlight in the clearing.

Only two low branches now separated him from the clearing.

Suddenly he placed his left foot onto something that was lying under the soil and a loud cracking sound was released.

Kreado froze for an instant.

Then he heard the voice: Come in young man,I have been waiting for you, come in without fear.

Kraedo then remembered the words of his father about the dog, he gained back his confidence and secure walking posture,

His heart rate came back to normal so his breathing.

He was now standing before the wise man. The sun was at almost mid day, the scene was suggestive and mysterious.

From Kraedo standing point of view, on his left, there was a big fearsome dog pointing silent to the entrance of the clearing,

With his red eyes like two shinning braces. On his right, a few feet from the cave entrance,

was the wise man, with a grey beard that was reaching his chest.

He was sitting on a throne made of granite and before him a slow burning campfire.

Close to the fire there was a wooden skewer held by two stones on each end.

The primitive skewer was loaded with a roasting leg of some animal, might have been Ibex.

Next to the fire, opposite the throne there was a granite bench.

Wise man: Take a sit and help yourself with your knife to some hot roast.

Kraedo: Thank you wise man.

He eat in religious silence, enjoying every mouthful of the tasty roast.

Few minutes later he finished his meal, had a drink of water,

Cleared his voice and asked the wise man what was his next task.

Wise Man: grabbed a long stick from his right and begun drawing a map on the dusty soil.

Verbally explaining site names and directions.

You will leave now, towards the South west, walk across the volcanic dangerous land of mysteries.

Past the Land Of Mysteries, you will come across a great river follow its course to the sea,

Which is about four full moons away. Along your journey, you will walk across the Land Of Warriors,

on the river banks, it is a dangerous land, take care. There are six tribes, along the river.

Three on each bank and they are always fighting each other for supremacy and control of the river and land resources.   Keep going south west , pass the land of liars.

Take care there because Liars will try to keep you captive in their land,

So are the people in the land of Truth, just two day walk away.

And finally Nobody’s land. From nobody’s land, follow the river back to your village.

Come back to see me after six full moons and you will find instructions in the cave.

Follow my instructions in full and you will have finally gained the so much sought after and deserved wisdom.

Remember on the way back you walk through the Land Of Women route.

Which starts east of your village further east (one day walk )past the Land of Fools.

To the East up the mountains, up to a great plateau that stretches for days and days of walk.

After two days of walk from the beginning of the plateau you will begin to see the walled settlement called Land Of Women.

Stay there for a week and come back heading south-west, you will enter this clearing from behind the cave,

You see the sentry? Asked the wise man, pointing at it. Kraedo nodded.

Kraedo was elated, ecstatic to be involved in so much adventure.

But he was also conscious of the dangers he would face along the journey.

Minutes later he walked to the rocky descending sentry to the west,

Leaving behind, the clearing, the wise man and the dog.

The Land Of Mysteries

By the sunset the landscape around, was a lunatic desert made of deep craters,

Rare dry thorny bushes, scrubs and whitish chalky rocks.

Some of the scrubs was bearing reddish oval fruits the size of a peach cracked in the middle.

There was a kernel at the top, in the middle, he didn’t know what it was, nor if it was safe to eat.

Intrigued and suspicious, he found a safe spot on a flat rock some ten feet above ground,

Eat some apples from his sack and slept.

In the morning the sky was pale hazy, it was warm but the sun was just a tiny spot far, far away in the horizon.

He drunk some water from his gourd and cautiously moved on to the West.

Along the way, everywhere the same scrubs and dry bushes and dozens of deep craters,

With walls reaching up to ten feet in height overground.

The scenery was utterly confusing because all craters were connected by sentries making it difficult to choose a direction.

Kraedo had to relay on his instinct and follow the direction to the west,

Relaying only on the position of the sun. The hazy sky would make it hard to see the position of the sun.

He could only see the pale light in the sky but not the sun exact position.

He kept walking with faith and hope in himself.

Stopped on a sentry edge to replace his now very worn out goat's skin shoes.

Before he finished tighten the new shoes, a shadow appeared before his feet.

As he looked up, he saw the silhouette of a young woman, she was offering him a fruit.

Was one of those oval shaped peaches with a cracked centre and a soft kernel in the middle top he noticed the day before.

She said: have it, it is sweet and juicy, you’ll love it.

Kraedo didn’t think twice about that, he eat the fruit and

Asked: so what is this called?

The girl answered with a malicious smile: It is called Koseena and she added; did you like it?

Kraedo: is the most tasteful pleasant fruit I ever tasted, I feel ecstatic about it.

And by the way, what is your name?

She said, my name is Kolla.

Kraedo: what that means?

Kolla: Well, Kolla is a sticky substance that we extract from the scrub that produces the fruit we call Koseena.

Once you touch it, it sticks to your skin and it is very difficult to get rid of.

Kraedo: And how do you call the scrub?

Kolla: with the same name, Kolla. Kraedo: Very interesting.

Kolla: come with me, I will take you to the village, introduce you to my people.

And I offer you as much Koseena as you like.

The village, was at the bottom of a very deep crater, with high walls around it.

The way in was a tight curled staircase carved in the rock.

Once in the village, he learned the secret powers of this tribe.

Life here was based mainly lazing around, with the man eating Koseena offered by the women,

(The women did not eat Koseena) they enjoyed morphing into all the animals that lived in the crater.

The morphing would last all day long unless they decided to stop and take up another animal shape.

They had lots of vegetable food in the crater, a spring of cold water at a corner of the crater that formed a mini lake.

That mini lake was rich in fish and overall eels which they fed on.

In the crater, there were also abundance of rabbits, wild turkeys and chicken and other birds, including ravens.

Kraedo was told by Kolla that by eating Koseena, he also gained the powers to morph,

That power to women was a natural power they had from birth.

The sun was now visible and well high in the horizon and the sky around the sun as hazy as it could be.

Kraedo wanted more and more Koseena and the more he eat the more he wanted.

That fruit was making him insatiable. He is been there too long.

After four weeks he realised he was getting addicted to Koseena and he had a mission to accomplish. He had to go.

He Expressed his thoughts to Kolla, she looked less than pleased and with an expression of annoyance she said:

Why don’t you stay? Here you can have as much Koseena as you like for all of your life.

And you can enjoy playing with your kid and see him growing.

Kraedo: My kid?

Kolla: yes I am pregnant, I was on my fertile period the first day we met.

Kraedo, felt trapped and he finally understood why Kolla had that name.

He wanted to see his kid growing up but wanted to accomplish his mission first.

And since there were quite a few full moons to the birth of his kid, he decided to go.

Kraedo: I am leaving tomorrow morning but will be back before the birth of the kid.

Kolla: Crying, answered with a menacing serious tone of voice: You will regret all of this and if you don’t make out of here.

You will regret having ever met me.

Kraedo did not answer, the spirit of life in him (Veeta) was hoping he would stay.

So would have an easier job to keep him alive to the end of his natural life.

But deeply he was also getting contaminated by the adventurous Kraedo life stile.

It is obvious that Naero was supporting the leaving plan as that would give him more chances to have Kraedo’s life ended sooner.

In this instance, Naero was leading the game. So it was Naero and Kraedo against Veeta.

But Veeta was also backed by Kolla and the Villagers with all their mysterious tricks.

Kraedo was totally unaware that there could be other terrible mysteries to uncover,

And painful tricks he had to use, in order to succeed in the escape plan.

On the next morning he morphed a raven and took off to the sky.

Just a few feet above the walls of the crater, he bumped against a force field and bounced back,

While all the villagers were watching in amusement and Kolla was patiently awaiting to have her revenge.

Kraedo tried all day from all sides and the force field kept bouncing him back.

Then he de-morphed and tried to backtrack the way he came in.

That caused the hysterical laughter and demoniac pleasure in Kolla. The force field was in force everywhere.

She was winning and awaiting for Kraedo’s total capitulation.

Only thing she didn’t know was the strength of the spirits controlling Kraedo. Naero had a challenging demoniac idea.

He suggested to rest in the bushes outside the village for the night in the guise of a raven,

so at least he could keep in the air without being bothered and keep the villagers thinking,

That in the morning he would surrender to Kolla.

But overnight, he would move unnoticed by the spring. At break of dawn, de-morph the raven.

And morph into an eel and follow the eels underground passages to the sea.

(yes eels can migrate from the sea into sweet water springs, and back through very tiny channels,

Were the water filters from springs, into lakes and rivers into the sea).

So thought, so done. This time with the cooperation between the two antagonist spirits.

Kraedo becomes an eel and sank few dozen feet under ground.

Minutes later, he was on the other side of the crater.

Meanwhile Veeta was suggesting to hide under some stones at the exit of the crater,

Until totally de-morphed, to avoid hawks and various other predators eating him before he de-morphed.

Naero, was suggesting to surface and de-morph straight away.

Kraedo followed Veeta’s advise and when he felt clear from predators,

Came from underneath the stone and de-morphed. He was free.

Well, that is what everybody thought.

He was actually trapped in a desert crater almost without water,

Apart from the hole he came out which he was not sure was really totally safe to drink.

Considering all metals and other substances contained in the soil and rocks, the water sipped through.

Without a chance to climb the steep high walls, without food without any animal he could kill for food.

After exploring inch by inch the whole boiling crater, he drunk some water from the stream he de-morphed.

He was exhausted.

Then he tried to find a way to climb the walls, he fund it impossible. In desperation, he sat on the highest rock in the crater near the wall, and cried.

He cried and cried and cried. His tears would never end and that was another great mystery in the land of mysteries.

He cried until his tears, filled the crater, bringing his body afloat while he held him self next to the wall as he could,

Holding on to scrubs and rocks sprouting off the wall. Once on a level with the top of the crater,

He swam across to the other end of the crater and finally could descend to ground level outside the crater.

Just for the disappointment of Naero and the pleasure of Veeta which now had the upper hand again.

Kolla and the villagers got scorned. They would never see Kraedo back.

And now, said Kraedo, to himself: let’s make up for the lost time by rushing through the land of warriors.

C h a p t e r 5

THE    L A N D   O F    W A R R I O R S.

Just the name, Land Of Warriors would make any man Knees buckle.

But Kraedo, with Veeta’s support was confident enough to have them twisted and tossed on the tip of his index finger.

But first he needed a bow a good bow string and a few arrows.

He had nothing but himself, how could he make something out of nothing?

Well well well, Kraedo looked around and fund some decent flexible smooth branches on some threes,

there were also some flint stones to start a fire with and also some flat stones,

That could be sharpen rubbing against other stones and form a primitive but very useful knife.

On the first day, he sorted the fire, the food,(mushrooms and fruits, courtesy of the generous forest).

The bow and the knife.

On the second day he managed a rudimental string made by branch fibres and managed to kill a boar.

Now he had meat and hard skin to make a pair of rudimental shoes.

And with the boar’s bristles woven into flexible strong branch fibres. Made a perfect string for an infallible bow.

He was naked and needed some kind of clothing. Had no time for tailor jobs,

The weather was warm enough for him to stay naked until he could find some clothes in the terrible land of warriors.

But he managed to make a couple of dozen arrows with bamboo sticks,

And well sharpened stone spear tips and placed the arrows in a back case made with parts of the boar’s skin.

By the end of the third night after the Land Of Mystery, he was free, he was fed, he was armed and ready to go.

At dawn, he marched secure and confident that he would trick the warriors and make it out of their land on time and with a laughter.

Kraedo, was walking fast and thoughtful. Trying to figure out how to approach the first tribe of warriors,

Without arise suspicions regarding his real intentions.

He needed to gain trust of at least one faction.

The Land of Warriors was home to six different tribes, three on each side of the river

And just a couple of miles of buffer zone between each tribe on each bank.

They were always fighting each other, with an excuse or the other.

Sometimes it was the issue of the water that was loaded with wastage caused by the tribe up stream.

Some other was the fish that was becoming more scarce and each tribe would accuse the others of overfishing.

Some other times, was some member of a tribe trespassing the imaginary half of the river and millions other excuses.

And any excuse was good enough for the tribes to start fighting each other.

And when this happened (almost every day), it was loud horns sounds,

Flying javelins and arrows and stones launched from slings and it was screams and injured and dead people and hatred.

And the women crying.

Veeta and Naero, knew that nothing could be done to settle the ever going quarrelling of this tribes.

They were driven and dominated by the spirits of deception which would evolve into spirits of mess.

In space the spirits of mess are those who mess up the orbit of planets and asteroids, putting them in route of collision.

No other spirits liked them.

So both Naero and Veeta had no problems or remorses into give them as much damage as possible.

They were thinking the same way for once. The warriors like fighting?

Well, then we give them more to bite than they can chew. Naero and Veeta had become allies.

They decided to put the warriors in a long bloody battle that would leave very few survivor.

A few miles before the river bank Kraedo had already worked a plan.

Prepared a few small skeins with boar bristles. Tighten around the tip of the arrows and got ready.

Approaching the first tribe upstream on his side of the river, he made sure to be seen,

So to have some warriors attacking him. The River in that land, was running on a flat plain,

And the grass on the fields, yellow, dry and easy to get alighted.

Some twenty warriors run shouting and chanting their war cry, towards Kraedo swords at hand ready to kill.

Kraedo had six of his 30 arrows with the tip covered in skeins and a couple of flint stones,

he rapidly lit up some bristles and placed next to his feet, keeping the flame alive with a bit of dry grass the,

waited for them to come at harrow distance and then fast and secure,

lit up one arrow, passed the flame on the other arrows tips, placed them on the floor next to his feet,

making sure not set alight the grass around him and shoot them quickly,

Two on each side of the oncoming warriors and two in the middle.

The dry grass was in flames immediately, the warriors got smoked and confused,

The barrier of flames was too wide and fast spreading. The warriors, run over the flames,

Passing the fire barrier with their eyes watering affecting their vision for a few seconds.

That was when Kraedo put up a one man show. He was so fast and precise,

that in a very short time each one of the twenty warriors had a arrow stuck onto his own body,

Some on his harm some on his leg.

Put aside the bow, Kraedo grabbed his stone made knife and walked fast laughing sarcastically in direction of the warriors.

On approaching close, he shouted; So whom of you shall I kill first?

Pointing his knife to the nearest warrior’s throat he asked; You? or you ? he said, re-directing the knife to another man’s throat,

Then another and another until the header of the group asked; Who are you?

Kraedo: I am Kraedo and you?

I am Shaemo, the commander of this group. And added: what are you after? Why did you come to our land?

Kraedo: I am a warrior and I came to fight.

Shaemo: We are warriors too and love to fight too but with a reason and an opposing enemy.

Shaemo, continued what is your reason and who would be your opposing enemy?

Kraedo: The reason is that you attacked me first and you are my opposing enemy.

Shaemo: We are in our land and have the right to keep away strangers and you are a stranger.

Kraedo, I didn’t come to your land to occupy or enslave you, I was just passing on your land.

Shaemo: passing to go where?

Kraedo: to cross the river and ask some tribe on the opposite side if they need me as a warrior.

Or may be ask the tribe next to you if they want me.

Shaemo: Why not ask us, our tribe I mean?

Kraedo: I was coming to you first but since you attacked me without asking questions first.

Imagined you don’t need warriors and re directed my choice to other tribes.

Shaemo : Hmmmm! What if our chief accepts you, would you be our ally?

Kraedo:   Off course I would accept, as long as you keep me fighting.

Shaemo : How can we be assured that you will fight for us and not against us?

Kraedo : How can I be assured that once I relax, you won’t stab me in the back?

Shaemo : Hmmmm! Let me talk to our chief and let’s find a solution, you are a very good warrior.

And if we can become allies, you would be a great asset to help us defeat and subdue,

All other five tribes by the banks of this river.

If the chief agree we make you our most important and revered warrior.

Kraedo: That is a good idea but I want your chief to come here for talks,

I don’t know how many more warriors are in your village,

And how would they accept me when they see what I have done to all of you.

Shaemo: Let me go back, I talk to our chief, you please stay here with the others,

I will be back with our chief.

Shaemo, rushed to the village, had talks with the chief, while the medicine man,

removed the arrow in his right arm and disinfected the wound

With their own antiseptic made from bark juices and crushed leaves.

In the mean time, Kraedo confiscated the warriors weaponry.

Now he had proper bows and arrows and swords and knifes,

After about one hour, Shaemo and the chief arrived at Kraedo’s presence.

Chief: I am Bwono, chief of my tribe, Shaemo informed me about you.

I can guarantee you that no one in our village will try to kill you or hurt you.

You can stay safe in the village, as a guarantee, you will sleep in my daughter’s hut.

Train my other thirty warriors to your standards and as soon the injured ones have recovered.

You will help us submit the other river tribes. In the mean time said Bwono,

You will be given some new clothes sewn by my daughter.

Kraedo: Deal.

Kraedo moved into the village. After the introductions and celebration.

Kraedo could finally retire into privacy with Ra the daughter of the chief.

Ra was a lovely and attractive brunette and Kraedo was happy with her company.

He did his best though, not to fall in love and keep the relationship as a business deal for the moment.

He kept training all the warriors at the best he could for a few days. But he was in a hurry.

He had to recover the time spent in the Land Of Mysteries.

So had to come up with an idea to speed up the process of passing through the Land Of Warriors.

They were so many, too many for one man only.

So he had an idea; consulted the chief Bwono and exposed his idea.

He said; I take twenty of our best trained warriors,

March away from the river bank along the mountains down to the third tribe downstream.

Overnight, we attack with fire harrows the tribe, making them think to be attacked by the tribe that is in between us and them.

Then we run back towards the mountains and back here. The result is that those two tribes, will fight each other,

Spending resources and losing warriors, making them selves weaker.

Then me and the same warriors, cross the river upstream and overnight.

We do the same to the last tribe downstream and before coming back here,

We also attack the tribe upstream to make them fight against the tribe in the middle.

So on the other side we have all tribes, fighting each other and on this side, we have the two tribes fighting each other.

When all our injured warriors have recovered, would be a child’s game to conquer all the tribes around this river.

The chief agreed and all the warriors looked up to Kraedo in admiration and respect.

So said, so done, two days later the two tribes downstream were fighting each other.

A couple of nights later, Kraedo’s army, was causing havoc on the other side of the river.

But he changed the plan, he first attached the first upstream tribe, making them think to be attacked by the tribe in the middle,

Then attacked the tribe in the middle letting them think to be attacked by the tribe further downstream.

Then he ordered hiss warriors to go back and attack the tribe upstream again,

But this time from the northern side and head back home, while he on his own would attach again with a few fire arrows the last tribe downstream.

But from down south, where there are no other tribes, to further confuse them and follow the allies back home.

His warriors, obeyed with pleasure and pride, without thinking.

Finally Kraedo was on his own, beyond the Land Of Warriors.

On passing by the last tribe, he launched a few messages attached to arrows,

right into the centre of the village, telling the warriors that the mastermind of this war, was the tribe of Bwono,

With the help of a foreigner warrior, in the aim to conquer and submit all tribes that lived by the river.

And off he went in a moon less night.

The world around was pitch black and Kraedo had to stop for the night.

He did not dare lighting up a fire camp, too close to land of warriors. At dawn he marched towards the land of liars.

Leaving behind six tribes of warriors at war with each other simultaneously.

Just one week work for Kraedo, job done.

Kraedo was exhilarated, Veeta too and Naero even more, thinking of all the lives his colleagues would be harvesting.

They like war? Now they have more than they bargained for, so may be the survivors will decide to live in peace for a while.


C H A P T E R 6


Prepare your heart for a bumpy ride. You are now about to enter The Land Of Liars.

Left behind far and away the Land Of Warriors, after two days of march on flat landscape of low threes

and lots of water streams and torrents that would drop their waters into the same river,

On which banks further upstream lived the warriors, the same great river that runs to the sea, miles and miles south passing by Kraedo’s village, feeding the waterfalls of Better Man’s village. Finally Kraedo was in sight of the Land Of Liars.

He didn’t know if that land was dangerous or not, if it was easy to pass through

Or wether it was a trap, like the other lands he went through.

Just as a form of emergency protection and self defence, under Veeta’s suggestion, Kraedo hid away until night.

It was a moonless night and Kraedo, was covered by the pitch black night.

He entered the Land Of Liars dodging the border guards.

He was inside the land and walked silent and cautious until he arrived to what he reckoned to be centre of the land,

Hid all his weapons and tools in a secure place in the bushes, near an abandoned decrepit hut.

At dawn, he moved further to the village where people lived and let the locals approach him.

A group of three stopped close up and interrogated Kraedo.

First one, a big strong and fat man on his thirties spoke: You are not from here,

Who are you and how comes you are here? Did you pass the borders of our land without being detected by our guards?

Kraedo: I am Kraedo, have been walking for weeks from the west and entered your land unnoticed,

May be your guards had fallen asleep.

A second man, tall and slim: you are a liar, our guards never sleep,

besides you can not be coming from west because west of our land, there are no other population,

It is all inhabitable by humans, it is a wasteland of quicksands and wild animals and coyotes and poisonous snakes. So you are a liar and as such, you are welcome to The Land Of Liars.

The third man, slim of a medium height said; So just like that and welcome to our land?

What about if is a dangerous individual to our community?

The slim and tall answered: Don’t be silly; If he was a threat to our community,

Would he say that? If he had bad intentions would he say that?

If he would, then would be telling the truth and automatically would not be welcome to our land.

Then he introduced himself to Kraedo. By the way I am Log, this is Koor and he (the fat and big)is Thund.

Kraedo ; Please to meet you all guys, let’s seat somewhere I have been running for days. They walked to the main communal gathering point in the village, a round unpaved square with a totem in the middle and a wooden plate at the base, bearing a phrase

Engraved with fire: THE TRUTH HURTS.

Kraedo smiled and by sympathy also the other three smiled.

Kraedo: let’s talk about the differences of lying and telling the truth.

Thud: It is a very logical philosophy really, what is the truth?

Is something that an individual believes to be the real fact of an occurrence,

Or a physical item or an assumption made by most, regarding something scientific not fully understood by humans.

The main problem with the so called truth, is that everybody has his own truth,

Which is different from the truth of many others.

So in the end the truth is a personal opinion. Differing personal opinions,

Cause contrast and conflict that ends up in arguing, leading to quarrelling ending in fighting and war.

The moral?   THE TRUTH HURTS.

The listeners were served. They couldn’t put up an opposing comment.

Kraedo: let’s now analyse the lies.

Thund: Now is your turn Kraedo, we would like to know your analysis about lies.

Koor and Log nodded.

Kraedo: I think lies are also personal opinions about everything.

Only difference is that being lies, nobody is obliged to believe them,

And everyone can build his own believe, without creating conflict .

Leaving the so called truth as some kind abstract philosophy not worth to talk about.

And live life experience without commitment. In short, lies are less dangerous than the truth.

And tomorrow you can say another version of today’s statement.

What do You think of my analysis?

Thud: well, could have been explained more concisely but in the end,

Reflects what all of us think here in the land of liars.

Koor: Well Kraedo made a long explanation just to make sure nothing was left unexplained.

Log: It was ok to me.

Kraedo; I am new to this land and would like to know more about the rules and laws,

And what happen to those who dare telling or professing the truth?

Log: Very simple, anyone who dare professing truth or asserting publicly that is telling the truth,

Will be branded as a subversive and be sent to the land of truth that borders with our land.

Kraedo nodded but Veeta inside his head, suggested not to trust them as they were liars. While Naero remained neutral.

A moment of silence and reflection in the group, gave Kraedo the chance to think. He summed up mentally and quickly the time he has remaining to his appointment at Dog’s Hill.

He spent four weeks at Land Of Mysteries, one week walking, one week at Land Of Warriors,

Two days walk to Land Of Liars, he still had less than twenty weeks available.

He had little time and needed to find a way out. His question was; Would they let him out without a fight?

Or like every other human tribe he had been with, would want to make him forced resident against his will?

Veeta, suggested caution and diplomacy.  

Naero one more time, remained neutral.

Kraedo’s instinct, suggested to move to the exit without thinking about it.

He broke the silence with a candid tone of voice: Listen guys,

I got to go, have other places to visit and this time I am telling the truth.

The other three men bursted in ground shaking laughter, so loud that another group nearby moved closer to the four men and surround them.

A woman, physically athletic and tall on her thirties, spoke for the group,

She asked smiling: So what was the joke? We want laugh too.

Kraedo was mute, mentally active assessing the possible dangers about to come and the best way of escape.

The three men, almost in tears, tried to explain simultaneously why they were laughing,

While couldn’t stop laughing, finally Thund completed the answer. He said; this gentleman here is Kraedo, he arrived last night, dodging our guards at the east borders of our land and now,

Is telling us that his got to go, he has other places to explore.

And everybody bursted into a collettive laughter,

Louder than a gigantic thunderstorm. Some were commenting while laughing.

This boy wants to go away hu.. Huu¦. Hwa hwah haaa!¦ hu¦ huuooo. Oh men! You make me laugh to tears haw haw haw.

(Sarcastically) asked: And which direction would you want to go from here boy? east?, west?, North? South? Hwa haw hwaoo.

Kraedo, pretending ingenuity and naivety answered smiling: South off course, to the Land of Truth.

This time the collective laughter shocked the air around, even the soil seemed trembling like an earthquake.

Thund; (sarcastically) The Land Of Truth? Oh!!!! Boy, this boy will kill me today, I am going to die laughing. Suddenly Log broke the laughing hysteria and with a very serious expression.

Looking towards Kraedo, said: you told the truth, now we don’t want you here anymore,

Therefore please make your way south to the Land Of Truth. Common, now, don’t wait.

Camon move! He ordered.

Kraedo, moved slowly and cautious towards the southern border.

Veeta was telling him to be suspicious and ready to avoid being hit from the back. Naero was suggesting to run. In a short walking time, Kraedo arrived at the Southern border. With a naive smile on his face, approached the guards and said: hello guards, I am leaving,

I am going to the Land Of Truth, can you please let me through? One of the guards, pointed his spear to his sternum and asked with a menacing voice.

 Have you been abusing our brew? Are you drunk? Or you are just dumb and want to get killed?

Kraedo candidly replied;

I am telling the truth and have been told by Thund, Log and Koor that if I tell the truth,

You would send me to the Land of Truth as a punishment.

The tall and big and very strong guard exploded with a thundering menacing voice.

You are not drunk! You are dumb, super dumb. They told you this and you believed them?

Listen super dumb, this is the Land Of Liars and what those three friends of mine told you, was just another lie.

Do you understand little dumb boy? (shouting) We are liars, this is the Land Of Liars;

You stupid boy. Now go back to centre town and find your own space and live like a liar or we kill you.

Bloody idiot, (mumbling) he wants to go to the Land Of Truth.

As if we were so dumb to let another man, join our most direct competitors, this boy is out of his mind.

So then said Kraedo, I am a forced resident in the land of liars.

Ok, I will do my best to tell as many lies as possible and back he went to the centre of the village.

Passing between two rows of liars clapping and whistling and laughing and chanting with sarcasm at the poor Kraedo.

Veeta in his head, was suggesting that this time was going to be tougher than others, while Naero stayed silent.

Kraedo’s wild instinct was for running across the guarded borders shooting arrows and rotate his sword. But then he made a compromise with Veeta. He could still spend a couple of days at Land Of Liars,

Without compromising his time schedule. He only had to act a big lie, instead of telling it.

The plan was, sleeping until late in the morning, go hunting for his food in the assigned area,

Obviously making traps to catch some animals, without showing his hidden weapons and wait for the right wind to blow.

He didn’t hang around much anymore with Thund, Log and Koor with the excuse,

That they would tease him with no end for his attempt to run into the land of truth.

Kraedo, had set his camp in the abandoned hut where his weapons were.

He sun dried and saved four skins of the hares he killed for food in the last two days,

When the other men were up, Kraedo was still asleep. He would have breakfast later on his own,

next to his little campfire, with some leftovers from the day before,

And some flat unleavened bread made of crushed cereals, water and cooked on the braces.

Have his breakfast sitting next to a tree and pretending to sip the alcoholic local brew.

He actually would spill unnoticed the drink on the floor. The reason was that in doing this,

he would show that was depressed and addicted to alcohol,

In order to be under estimated and considered an unfit and stupid person.

Two days later, the wright wind was blowing, was not a very strong wind but was sufficient for his plan.

The wind was coming from the South, from the land of truth. His plan, was pretty simple.

On the seventh day as a forced resident in the land of liars, he finally decided that it was the right night.

Ready for action and time to go again.

That night it was a half moon night and at dusk, he grabbed the hare skins, wrapped them firmly around his feet,

covered his face with a very wet peace of cloth, carried his weapons and sword in hand,

Marched towards the southern border. No one of the onlookers, dared approach him, they were jus amused,

Though they knew, that the best men were guarding the borders and to them, Kraedo would be killed on approach.

When Kraedo reached the appropriate distance, pulled off his back bag the only four incendiary arrows he had left,

Lit them up, he shoot them a few metres past the border, behind the guards.

The dry grass, where ablaze in seconds pushed by the wind in his direction.

The guards have no choice but run towards the village in an attempt to save some of their belongings,

And relatives from the fire. Some of them, in an attack of anger and hatred pointed towards Kraedo

With their spears up ready for Kraedo’s chest.

Kraedo shoot a few of his arrows to the attackers without taking the time to aim at their limbs,

This time he had no merciful feelings towards these men, he shoot the arrows, wright into their chests. As the hit guards, fell on the floor, he started his run towards the border, branding his sword.

The hares skins, protected his feet and the wet cloth around his face,

Protected his lungs from hot dust allowing him to breathe free.

It was again a one man show as the men in the land of liars had a daunting task ,

Putting off the fire and salvaging what they could from burning.

Kraedo was out of that horrible land of liars.

His mind was now on the land of truth. His experience away from his native village,

Was telling him that even the land of truth would not be the land of milk and honey.

But he had no doubt he would be on time on his appointment at Dog’s Hill twenty weeks later.

He wanted to graduate as a wise man so badly, that no men no army standing on his way would stop him.

He walked at a steady pace towards the Land Of Truth and set camp for the rest of the night.

Just a few hundred metres from the border.

C h a p t e r 7,  





If you are a political leader, a religious leader, a union leader, a social media tycoon,

a global financier leader, or a leader of any powerful organisation,

with capability to control a country’s economy and social behaviour of its people,

Please refrain from reading this chapter.

For you this chapter is highly toxic and disturbing.

Reading this chapter, will shake the fundamentals of your believes,

will make you question the purpose of your existence,

The morality of your actions and push you in a state of depression and doubt.

Sense of guilt and remorse will squeeze your mind, bringing you into total surrender of all your powers.

Pushing you into resigning from your position, abandon of all projects,

Denial of your past and retirement from any leadership activity.

For human kind it will be a tragedy, a lethal disaster , it will be the beginning of the end.

99.9% of human population are followers and without a leader, incapable of self determination and self discipline.

99.9% of human population, cannot think on their own, don’t have a vision nor a sense of direction.

They need a leader to tell them what the purpose of their existence is.

Without a leader, they would be blind, speechless and deaf. They would move in circles without a direction causing a gigantic human stampede.

They would hit each other, kill each other, enslave each other and even eat each other.

They need leaders, they need you, no matter how bad and evil you are.

No matter how much pain and suffering you cause to humans. You are the least of the evil to human kind.

Humans are not prepared yet to exist without a leader.

So please I beg you,   DON’T READ THIS CHAPTER.

Dear readers: Prepare yourselves for a few minutes of highly entertaining reading.

You are now entering;



At break of dawn at a slow walking pace, Kraedo was in sight of The Land Of Truth.

What a spectacular landscape it was.

Green rolling hills, cattle grazing on green pastures, birds singing on the high oak trees.

The sunrise from Kraedo’s left, casting a silver reflection over the placid lake waters on his right

And the long shadows of the threes reflecting on the water, made the scenario amazingly surrealist. Beauty was not enough of an adjective to describe the view.

Kraedo was elated. Naero in his head was silent, while Veeta was vigilant and alerted as ever.

Kraedo, walked the long unwinding causeway between scrubs, wild flowers and wild animals

Running around and butterflies of amazing large colourful wings.

Reaching the periphery of the town, before meeting some locals.

The first person he met and spoke to, was a cleric in his religious outfit. The cleric was friendly, nice and polite. He was tall slim and of an athletic appearance.

He greeted Kraedo with a welcoming smile on his face, introduced himself as Pastor zeew.

I am very pleased to meet you said Kraedo and my name is Kraedo.

Zeew : Well my dear Kraedo, tell me please, where you coming from? Kraedo: From a village near the sea, where the great river that runs through our surrounding lands drops his waters.

Zeew : and how do you call this village? Kraedo : ( candidly ) We never gave it a name, we just call it our village. But some of us like to call Better Men Village.

Zeew : (Looking serious but not menacing, almost paternally, into Kreado’s eyes) Did you ever lied? Kraedo ; (looking adamant and naive) Off course I did.

Zeew: Good. My dear Kraedo what you answered is certainly the truth and since this is The Land Of Truth, I welcome you.

You can stay as long as you like in our land and leave whenever you like, providing you respect our rules and our way of life.

Now (he added) let me take you around and let me you introduce to our community and show you our places of interest.

The Land Of Truth, was a perfect circle divided in triangles all of the same size,

With the narrowest angle, pointing to the middle of the village. The middle of the village, was a perfect circle itself,

Large enough to host all the community at any one time, leaving plenty of room for people to move around. The community, was the largest of all the lands Kraedo had passed, so far.

On walking along the street that would take them to the main and only square, Zeew began his tour guide introduction.

See Kraedo? This quarter on our right, is the quarter of all religious people of all faiths. Here we all live, work and prosper in peace with great respect for each other beliefs and life styles.

Kraedo was listening attentive and intrigued, in his mind Veeta and Naero were silent but watchful.

Zeew: You know Kraedo? we have six quarters in total and each quarter in proximity of the square boasts,

He's own food shops, sport’s facilities, schools, market and a prayers corner.

We are all different but we have in common a great thing that acts as a glue that holds our community together. (they were now approaching the square)

The great glue (continued Zeew) , we like to call The Truth, is that white bird flying incessantly above the square,

Can you see it? Added Zeew, pointing his finger index to the sky above the square.

Yes, I can. Replied Kraedo with an assertive tone of voice.

He saw a white bird, about three times the size of a seagull flying in circle about five hundred feet above the square.

Zeew; That candid bird is hour mascot, our inspiring muse, our guiding star, Our Truth.

Kraedo: childishly inquisitive, and what kind of bird is that? I never seen one similar.

Zeew; Ahhh! that bird, is from the same kind of doves, only much larger, he has four wings,

Two tails and on each wing has 33 feathers, on each tail has 12 feathers and two tongues inside his beak and it is a male bird.

They had now reached the center square and Kraedo was introduced to other leaders of the community gathered in the square.

He was first introduced to the founders of the village their leader was Goolosu,

A small built and slim middle aged man about 5.5 foot tall. Goolosu

Was a man of very good manners and spoke like a seminarist at a seminary.

Goolosu: We are the funders of our community, he said, we are the part of our community,

that decides where and when, to invest resources, to improve our quality of life

and improve the overall efficiency of our community.

And as you may already been informed our guiding star is our bird The Truth above our heads .

Kraedo then asked: does The Truth fly incessantly or it stops for feeding some times?

Goolosu: At night, it comes down to feed here in the centre of the square, you see that hexagonal pillar at the centre?

Kraedo: said yes I see it, looking at the pillar. Was an hexagonal pillar, made of turf about six foot high for six foot wide.

Well, continued Goolosu; at dusk every day, we fill a basket with sunflower seeds and place it on top of the pillar,

with a bowl of fresh water. The Truth, comes down and feeds in peace and in privacy,

Then at down the same person in charge, removes the empty basket, the water bowl and takes it back to the store room.

Kraedo: has anybody in the village, tried to get close to The Truth?

Goolosu, looked scared and alarmed by Kraedo’s question and replied with a warning tone of voice;

That is forbidden by our rules and regulations the punishment for that, could be very harsh.

Even watching the Truth coming to feed is an unforgivable crime.

If caught anyone will be arrested and taken to the tribunal,

Where it will be subject to the punishment decided by the judges.

Our community jury is composed of one judge from each quarter to be fair and square.

Oh!! sorry! exclaimed Kraedo I didn’t know that.

But how do you know it has four wings and two tails and two tongues? If no one have ever seen it up close?

Goolosu: first of all. let me explain you, in our quarter, the quarter of the founders and deciders,

We believe that The Truth has only two wings, one tail and six tongues.

It has thirty feather on each wing and ten on the tail

And in the Land Of Truth, every group has his own belief, the important to all of us is that we all believe in The Truth.

Kraedo; apologetically, ohh sorry, now I understand.

Then he was introduced to the community defenders, the leader was Cueedado,

A middle aged man of a large and strong built body with beard and moustaches and short grey hair.

Cueedado: Please to meet you and welcome to our Land, should you need a place to spend the night,

You can count on a place in our quarter. So we can have a chat and explain you more about our beliefs regarding The Truth.

Our guiding star bird with six wings, three tails and one tongue, with twenty-five feather on each wing and fifteen on each tail.

There Zeew intervened with an antagonist tone of voice: Sorry my dear friend Cueedado but I met Kraedo first,

And he should pass the first night in our quarter until he decides in which group he belongs to.

Well, replied in chorus all the other leaders we suggest that Kraedo choses his residential quarter on his own accord.

After we’ll have a meeting and Kraedo will tell us about his decision.

Ok said Kraedo, let’s meet every leader first. If this sounds fair.

Goolosu seemed not interested at all in having Kraedo as a guest for the night and kept quiet.

While Cueedado and Zew, seemed a little bit disappointed.

But since no one in The Land Of Truth ever disputed the will of the majority, have to put up a brave face.

So Kraedo was introduced to Gezurtee. The leader of the law makers.

Gezurtee, was an affable person all smiles and a persuasive tone of voice,

He was a young man on his mid thirties of an average height and built, well groomed and well dressed.

He spoke straight without being interrupted by other leaders; You see Kraedo, this is our beautiful community.

Of which I am the representative, we are a very united community and share the same philosophy of life and the same beliefs.

I have been appointed by the majority of our community members, to lead the law makers and rule deciders,

For the next five years. And should you wish to stay in our land, would be useful and helpful to you,

Have a clear understanding of our laws and rules. All of which would be learned quickly and effectively,

If you choose to stay in our quarter where laws and rules are our daily bread and butter.

At this point all the other leaders booed at Gezurtee, whom with a disarming smile directed to the crowd said,

Only provoking you my dear fella countrymen. I have seen you a little bored and wanted to catch your attention.

Right he added: welcome to our land Kraedo, The Land Of Truth protected by our guiding star,

Our beautiful white bird The Truth, with it’s six wing, six tails and six tongues.

And sixty feathers on each wing and forty on each tail.

Kraedo was serious and apprehensive as was Veeta in his head.

Naero was getting agitated with the inclination to tell off everybody and run past The Land Of Truth without wasting anymore time.

Kraedo was then introduced to Domar, the leader of the information and scholastic quarter.

Domar, a physically average man, shaved, clean and dressed in his school uniform of his time.

on his forties a bit overweight with dark hair was quite informative about where to find any needed information

Or library with learning facilities, should Kraedo decided to become a permanent member of The Land Of Truth.

He pointed at the building in his quarter, where every information are held and education takes place,

Right at the tip of the triangle pointing at the square, It couldn’t be more visible.

Domar, also pointed out that as a teacher and motivator in his quarter,

he was the one who know more scientifically the physical particulars of The Truth,

Which had only two wings, one tail and two beaks and four eyes and no tongue at all.

With fourteen feathers on each wing and nine feathers on the tail.

And like every other leader, invited Kraedo to choose to live in his quarter.

Kraedo maintained its composure, while introduced to Cheevato,

The leader of the laws and rules enforcement quarter.

And that was the last leader he had to meet before making his decision to where to stay for the night.

Cheevato only informed Kraedo that he was the man in charge of stopping and arresting,

Anyone who disobeyed the rules and infringed the laws of the land.

Therefore, warned Kraedo to learn everything necessary to keep himself free and safe in the Land Of Truth. As for the Bird He said everyone believes what makes them feel better. Obviously as far as he was concerned the bird had three wings, two on the left and one on the right and three tails,

two on the right and one on the left, he has ten feather on each left wing and twenty on the right wing,

He had ten feathers on each right tail and twenty feathers on the left tail one tongue and one beak.

Veeta suggested Kraedo to choose the Zeew quarter to spend the first night as it was fair to stay with the first leader he met.

And introduced him around and Kraedo decided the same, ignoring,

Naero’s suggestions to stay in any other quarter or try to run away immediately.

Kraedo couldn’t sleep that night, he was put at the front of the building adjacent the square,

and from the small window of his room, could see the pillar on the square,

enlightened by the moon in its third quarter. He had seen the man in charge,

Placing the basket for The Truth but he never seen the bird coming to feed.

He silently, moved close to the window, looked up in the sky and the bird was not there.

At dawn, he noticed the man in charge, collecting the basket. The curiosity was corroding his brain and against Veeta opinion, he decided to investigate it.

The following night, he asked to stay in Zeew’s quarter again and for all the week.

He justified himself saying that wanted to spend a week in every quarter before making his decision

All leader agreed and Kraedo that night, asked Zeew if he could have a room at the back of the quarter,

Because the moon light in the square would not let him sleep.

Off course said Zeew, we are the religious quarter here, we are compassionate and helpful.

Zeew was always in his religious outfit, most of the clerics of other confessions in the religious quarter,

worn the religious outfit only during religious ceremonies but Zeew was an exception,

Zeew had several outfits, hanged on, in his wardrobe ready for use. Some of them white,

Some black from bottom to top. His caps though were all white. He trimmed his beard every morning,

To make it look clean and well looked after, not too long, not too short.

Kraedo noticed that he had the same physical appearance and since his young beard was growing fast,

Decided to look like Zeew as much as possible, Under suggestion of Veeta.

That night Kraedo, went in bed early and in the middle of the night, when everybody was asleep,

Went out for an inspection around the village.

He walked almost the all perimeter of the village and when he approached the sheep stables,

he saw the truth about The Truth, the bird was a nocturnal predator,

Similar to an albino vulture and was feasting on a baby lamb.

Alarmed and scared of having been seen, cautiously walked back to his sleeping place.

He was tired and having missed sleeping his first night, fell in the world of dreams almost immediately.

The next morning, he got up late and lived a boring day talking to the locals, about the weather,

The tantrums of life and other shallow not committing topics.

That night, he was at odds with the voices in his head. Naero off course,

was suggesting to disclose his discovery of the night before to the public but Veeta discouraged that action.

But Kraedo decided to walk unseen overnight to the exit south of the village,

towards nobody’s land that would take him directly to the the BETTER MEN VILLAGE,

That was how some liked to call his native village. It was named BETTER MEN VILLAGE, after his father Aezy.

He choose a place to bury his knife and a few arrow spears and off course the back pack,

With all the herbal medicaments and a gourd of fresh water, the bow and the bow strings.

He had made a terrible decision that night. And didn’t know yet the laws of the land

And the consequences of the action he was about to take.

The decision he took, pleased Naero and displeased Veeta. But this time, the decision,

Was made entirely to please himself and his quest for wisdom.

He wanted to be a great wise man and he believed that even wise men sometimes,

Have to take risks in order to be at peace with themselves.

On the fourth night, he prepared a trap to catch the bird . Before the vulture landed onto the lamb’s stables.

Kraedo silently and fast, killed a baby lamb, placed well visible in the middle of the stable.

And hanged a net on the sheepfold beams. The net was the same he used every time to catch animas for food.

It had four angles and on each angle a string, on every string he tightened securely a stone,

And these four stones, would make the net fall down quickly

The four strings where connected to a rope, so when he pulled the rope, the net would fall quickly over the prey.

Jus before dawn and after the man in charge, removed the basket from the pillar, Kraedo caught the bird.

But the trapped animal, was making so much noise that awakened the all town. He then run to the square with the bird in his arms, placed the bird on the pillar and started his speech.

Ladies and gentlemen. This is The Truth. As you can see is just an ordinary nocturnal predator,

That feasts on your best baby lambs. I captured this bird, to show the people in THES LAND Of TRUTH,

That the community, don’t need to dispute the physical features of this vulgar predator.


The leaders were shouting to get the subversive Kraedo and kill him straight away, as the low of the land commands.

Kraedo was surrounded. But the soldier at Cheevato’s orders were not ready and coordinated,

As they would never expect this happening.

The leaders were furious and shouting; kill him, kill the subversive.

He infringed our laws in it’s most vulnerable and strategic point.

Zeew among them was shouting even louder, we got to free the bird, before any other villager see it.

The blasphemy of this impostor, needs to be punished with immediate death.

This is a sacrilege. the abominable man from hell, is a demon, came to upset and unbalance

The peaceful living way of our village. Let’s get him now, we got to kill him now.

Kraedo realised instantly he had to run quickly before the cheevato’s man got organised.

He left the bird and run past some leader to the Zeew’s building in the religious quarter.

Now for the first time in his existence he had to take a dramatic decision.

His life was at a stake and he was determined not get killed.

He was utterly convinced to have done the right thing to help all the community, understand the real truth about the vulture that was feasting on their best lambs.

He taught the right punishment, would have been to expel him, not kill him, for having disclosed the truth about a nocturnal predator, lambs eater they called The Truth.

These people were crazy and bloodthirsty, so at this point for Kraedo was (Mors tua vita mea) your life for my life.

Reached the house of Zeew, he hid behind the door. He didn’t know all the laws of this land of assassins.

but he knew that in the religious buildings, no one was allowed without the permission of the leader in charge,

In this case was Zeew.

Zeew followed him inside eager to catch him first and kill him, so would gain more power in the community.

But as he entered his house, the door behind him closed and in a flash, Kraedo’s strong harms were around his neck,

Braking it. Kraedo then moved the corpse behind a curtain and rushed to the wardrobe.

Quickly pulled on a religious out fit on top of his clothes, he looked like Zeew even from close range.

He run to the back of the building and came out towards the square

Shouting while running to confuse his imitation of Zeew’s voice.

Mean while in the square all the Cheevato’s men were ready and organised to raid zeew’s house

without legal permission as this was a red alert, as if the entire community were attacked

By a strong enemy and they were ready to respond.

When they saw Kraedo in Zeew’s clothes, shouting and indicating the point where he said having seen Kraedo escaping,

they didn’t notice the trick and followed Kraedo-Zeew’s indication, towards the Goolosu’s quarter,

The funders and investors of the Land Of Truth.

Kraedo-Zeew, obviously had to follow them, but pretending to be tired, followed them slowly,

until he gained some distance from the pack and as they disappeared around a corned,

Kraedo-Zeew inverted the direction towards the village’s exit.

With all eyes focused on the hunting pack, it was easy for Zeew-Kraedo to gain the exit.

Arrived to the point where he hid all his necessary belongings,

He dropped the clerics outfit collected his belongings and run south as fast as he could.

While running, Naero in his head was grinning and bulling him.

Naero; so then you killed a man uh? It is this the way to become wise? Weren't you a man of peace?

And kept on with the provocation.

So then you killed a man because he preached the truth while living in a life of lies uh?

Veeta made Kraedo reply only a few words;

Kraedo to Naero; Shut up you sinister representative of the dark forces, your time to collect my soul has not arrived yet.

Kraedo was pleased with what he did, in the so called Land Of Truth.

Not pleased at all about the killing of a man but they proved a community of assassins.

They kept in total ignorance their own people, denying them the chance to live a life of truth and reality,

Without having execution written in their laws and a predator as a mascot and protective spirit, of an elusive ghostly truth.

Kraedo din’t feel in the wrong at all.

Veeta didn’t approve in order to discourage Kraedo from similar actions again.

After all, Veeta’s mission was to keep this primitive wild human alive until a natural death occurred.

But secretly was proud of this stupid primitive human.

And now he was facing the nobody’s land on his way back home.

C H A P I T E R   8









Be prepare for THE TRAGEDY. Have your tissues ready, you are gonna a need them.

Kraedo, run and run and run. Scared and terrified at the thought of getting caught and unjustly killed

By an horde of crazy assassins without a noble cause. He run watching continuously over his back.

He crossed creeks and animal paths, over the hills and again down canyons and ravines,

On the plateau along the big river towards the BETTER MEN VILLAGE.

He was on the left bank, the side of the river where he tightened a rope on the tree trunk,

The day when his troubles begun, remember?

He kept walking, stopping to collect some wild fruits from time to time and some edible nutritious roots.

He had a very high mountain in front and two options, get in the river and let the current do the transport.

Or get around the mountain on the left into an unknown landscape.

Being transported by the river, in a point he didn’t known, sounded too dangerous. Kraedo new nothing about the features of the river from there to the rope wrapped around the oak tree.

Were there rocks near the surface? Where there rapids? Where there dangerous living creature around the banks or in the waters?

If so, that would make him vulnerable and put him in difficult self defence position, should he be attacked. So he opted for the walk around the mountain.

After a couple of hours walking around the mountain, he was tired and had an almost full moon night ahead.

The area he was crossing was a desert area. Inhabited by coyotes, poisonous snakes,

Pumas and other dangerous predators. He was walking on full alert.

Further ahead on his path the water streams become scarce as most of them,

run down to the right, towards the great river. Now the territory was flat, dry and hot,

lots of grey rocks all over the place and a canyon ahead, it was not just a hole in the ground,

It was two high walls of grey rocks facing each other. About 5 metres high and in the middle was the path Kraedo was following.

He kept walking, entered the narrow passage, following his chosen direction.

When he saw the shadow flashing over his head, it was to late to use the sword and too late for bow and arrows.

He grabbed his knife (about twenty inches blade) from the leather knife case tightened on his back, behind his neck. and turning his body to the right, fast and secure .

Pushed the knife into the neck of the puma.

He got it right but the puma didn’t die instantly and with its right paw tore down Kraedo’s left pectoral,

Skin and muscle as well. He knew, had to be fast before the consequences of his injury would become fatal.

Finished cutting off totally the puma throat, looked at his pectoral and it was totally hanging down,

Flesh and skin in a flow of blood. Quickly before loosing consciousness,

he cut off the hanging muscle, to avoid gangrene,

Stopped the blood loss with his paste of bark and herbs from his back pack.

With few strips of a cloth he had, bandaged the best he could his chest.

Found a suitable inhabited cave, gathered as much dry wood he could and lit up a fire near the entrance of the cave. Close enough to keep away predators but far enough to leave the oxygen he needs to breath available.

Now he needed as much water as possible to keep him hydrated until his wound would heal enough

To allow him getting moving again.

The pain he was enduring was something he never experienced before,

He felt blessed and heroic for standing such a pain without losing his mind. 

The bigger the pain, the more he felt motivated to beat it.

There was no water near him, except a little spring, just about a three feet wide,

And the same in dept on the ground near a rock. The marks of animal paws on the ground near the spring, re assured Kraedo that the water was safe to drink.

He first filled his gourd, then dampened his cloths as he could to keep his body moisturised,

Then he kneeled down and bent over to the spring to drink, it didn’t mattered to him that the water was red with his own blood.

He felt the end of his resistance approaching fast.

Meanwhile the wound was hurting, the temperature in his body was rising, the night approaching, he had to eat quickly to nourish his body before loosing consciousness and be too weak to defend him self from the dangers of the wilderness.

Kept aside the flesh and skin of his pectoral in the cave, he didn’t want let animals feed on it.

But didn’t have enough time and energy to bury it. So he left it on a stone near what was going to be his sleeping area for the night or the nights to come.

He had enough dry wood now to keep the fire burning slowly for all night and beyond.

Made a skewer with a strong wooden stick, it was a daunting task, holding a stick with his feet

And shape it by using his knife with his right hand only. But he managed to make a useful wooden skewer.

He cut off a puma’s hind leg, skinned it skewered it and placed the skewer.

Next to the fire held from the floor by two stones on each side. All of these actions with a rising fever and the only use of his right hand. The fire was burning, the meat was roasting,

He's head in flames and his body laying helpless on his sleeping place. He couldn’t look after the roasting leg anymore.

The fever was high, Kraedo was in delirium, talking to himself murmuring and slurring,

Trying to shout at every rumour in the desert night. Veeta praying incessantly for his life.

And Naero awaiting in silence.

The Morning arrived and Kraedo barely opened his eyes. Few minutes later with great effort,

Drunk some water from the gourd and eat some puma’s meat still hot but almost carbonised on the outside.

After few ours, the sun was high in the sky, the rest of the dead puma disappeared.

It was taken away by other predators during the night. Kraedo needed more food to sustain himself. He needed to gather more dry wood for the next night

And the only food available he had was his own flesh. Without thinking twice, he skewered his pectoral and placed next to the fire, he cooked it and he eat it.

Checked his wound, it was not bleeding and it seemed it would heal without causing gangrene. He then took a nap and before sunset, like the evening before, he gathered more dry wood,

Washed his face and washed his chest around the wound with fresh water, dampened his clothes again. Filled his gourd with fresh water, drunk from the spring and looked around before going back to sleep.

He was very weak with no strength to hunt for food.

He still had a couple of apples and eat one to help balancing the diet somehow. Then he spotted a huge reptile , similar to an iguana basking in the sunset a few yards away not far from the spring.

With all his desperation and will power, moved close slowly to it and with an enormous effort ignoring the pain in his left chest,

Launched the knife in the air and it landed right in the middle of the reptil’s back. He grabbed the reptile by the tail and pulled it inside the cave, cut his head off and trow it into the fire.

He was falling into sleep again, downed by fever and pain.

The following morning he felt a little stronger and the wound less painful.

He hoped by the next day he could be fit to hunt again and may be find some vegetable to eat in the vicinity. But he knew it was going to be almost impossible in that desert land.

He needed to move away as soon as possible to reach his home village and get proper cure with fresh barks and crushed herbs.

He had a few chewing leaves left in his back pack and chewed one of them for hours, gaining some energy and reducing the pain.

On the third morning, finally he cooked and eat the reptile, eat the last apple he had left

And tried to find out how far he could be from his village.

There was no smoke of campfires in the sky that could give away human presence but far off in the horizon.

He could see the tops of mountains and clouds in the sky above the mountain tops. That was in the direction of his village and those clouds, meant water to him.

The mountains, meant fruits and edible vegetables and shelter.

The morning was still young and if he moved towards the mountains, he could make it by sunset.

He didn’t want to spend one more day in the desert without food and wounded. He washed the wound with fresh water again and spread what was left of his medicament on it.

Filled his gourd with fresh water again, drunk some water.

His back pack had become smaller and hanging around his waste now, as he could no longer place the straps over his shoulder.

Since he couldn’t use the bow, he throw it away with all the spare arrows he had and only kept the bow string in his pack.

So he moved on and took a gamble. He chewed all the leaves one by one on the way to lessen pain,

And the ( luckily ) diminishing fever.

He reached the mountain grassy base well before sunset, exhausted and hungry. He couldn’t use his left hand but he could still make use of the knife and the sword,

With his right hand and also make traps for wild little animals like rabbits.

Found a safe place to pass the night, next to a large wide rock, gathered some dry wood for the night camp fire,

Plenty of water from a little mountain stream.

Kraedo also found some edible leaves and apples and also some nests with eggs on a low three. Then prepared some loops made with mutton hair he had in the back pack

And set a few traps for rabbits where he spotted rabbits passage on the high grass.

He gathered some bark for his fresh medicament and some black hard little berries, black on the skin and green inside. with the use of his right hand only, he grounded the bark on a flat stone using another clean flat stone to squash the bark,

Then added the little berries and crushed them mixing with the ground bark. Cleaned the wound, applied the new fresh medicament and sat next to the fire

Which for safety was a semicircle camp fire, from one side to the other of the rock?

He eat the eggs row and the fruits, roasted some roots on the fire,

And that was a vegetarian night for him.

The following morning, funded Kraedo stronger, fever free and more optimistic than he was the day before. Veeta knew his host was recovering and felt happy about it. Naero was silent.

Only Kraedo had to do now was to pass the mountains without dangerous encounters, sword at hand and be very vigilant and alerted at all times, as in the mountains

There were probably bears and some other big animals.

Before moving on, he checked the traps and found only one adult rabbit trapped. He skinned the rabbit, placed next to the fire, eat some row vegetables and fruits, re filled the gourd with fresh water, washed the wound again, spread the medicament on it. Eat the rabbit and moved on.

The knife on his waist belt next to the gourd on the left side and the sword in his right hand.

On his way up the mountain he found more fresh chewing leafs that give energy, endurance and numbs physical pain. The threes on the mountain were not so thick to obscure his path, he felt optimistic. He kept his fears away by chanting war songs, maintained steady his confidence

And optimism by singing his own made lyrics. And humming his favourite lullaby

He was played by his mother at bedtime when he was a toddler.

On his way he stopped to hunt some food. He caught two hedgehogs,

He killed them instantly cutting the throats with his knife. And placed them in the pack around his waist. He also found a few edible roots and apples.

Then, stopped for the night at a clearing in the summit, before making his way down to the plateau,

That lead to the crater in the ground where his village was, towards the so much loved sea that saw him growing up and enjoying a happy infancy and exciting adolescence.

He was probably a couple of days away. He didn’t make any close and dangerous encounters,

With some ravenous predator. And that made him feel better.

There were no rocks or protecting caves around him. So the campfire had to be a circle,

Wide enough to leave enough oxygen to breath. Placed the hedgehogs on the fire flames, to burn the skin around their body, moved the hedgehogs off the flames, skinned them and placed them on a stone next to the roots, close enough to the fire to cook the food without burning it. Eat and laid down for a night sleep. During the night, he would open his eyes at every rumour in the wilderness.

He was scared he didn’t want face another attack by predators.

From time to time he opened his eyes, he would see nothing around him, looked at the sky through the threes and saw passing clouds obscuring the moon on their passage. But he still founded difficult to sleep as in his mind, weakened by long time loneliness

And close to death escapes and injuries, every one of those clouds was a monster to him, coming to take him into the darkness were Naero came from.

He remembered with nostalgia those safe sweet nights when he fell asleep on his mom’s lap attached to her breast. And those nights listening to his father stories sitting around the fire, eating roasted chestnuts on autumn nights .

Then his memories shifted to his adolescent days made of sheer joy and passion for life.

And the sea and the fishing and the horse rides. And Ohhhh the sweet inebriant discovery and company of Tootta.

May be all his tears were dropped to form a lake in the crater in the Land Of Mysteries, but in the very moment his thoughts shifted to Tootta, he felt the corner of his eyes watering again.

And he remembered all his village friends, and the laughter and the jokes and the swims, riding the ocean waves.

No! No!!! Nooooo, His mind was screaming now. Noooo! No way. Naero wan’t take me to the dark side,

nooooo! Not just yet.

Kraedo was shouting; I WILL, I WILL COME ALIVE! From all of this perilous places,

And see all of my friends again and laugh again and live again. He was now crying again after so long. But his tears, this time were different from those in the Land Of Mysteries. His tears now were warmer sweeter, were full of hope and optimism, spiritually up lifting tears.

He knew he would make it to his village and never leave it again.

Never mind the wise man on Dog's Hill.

Morning came and Kraedo was scenting the air, his village, his friends and family, always in his mind. It was now close, very close.

The reunion, had to be in the morning, in what he imagined a radius sunny morning of this end of the summer season.

He had some fresh apples and a bit of roasted hedgehog, left overs from the night before. Off he went walking the descending landscape towards the sea, towards the Better Men Village, towards home.

From dawn to dusk , Kraedo walked without any nasty encounters, caught a couple of giant lizards,

The easiest food available, set campfire for the night only one day march left from home. He set loop traps for rabbits and then had dinner and slept. No nasty nightmares that night, only sweet memories of his village life and friends,

And games plaid and the stubborn, adventurous, rebellious Tootta and her fondness for a dangerous life.

The next morning, consumed his breakfast, roasted the couple of rabbits he found in the traps,

cleaned his wounded chest and medicated afresh, re filled the gourd with fresh water from the rain water on some concave rocks,

Kraedo moved on towards south, walked along a landscape of shrubs and low threes, no water streams in sight, He moved towards the lands end, towards the sea. It was a day of very strong winds, hot and dry. At dusk, he arrived next to the canyon a few hours walk away from the deep crown of rocky walls that surround the crater of his native village.

The great river should be on his right to the west, a few hours walk away and on the left at a double the distance,

The Land Of Fools where his brother lived.

He was now at almost sea level. His wound was ealing well and the skin re growing,

Only the little bit of muscle he had left on his left pectoral, was disappearing.

As it is normal for any muscle that is not used for a long time. He felt good and strong again, had his dinner and his sleep.

Morning arrived, the excitement mounting on in Kraedo’s mind, his heart pounding and impatience growing. He had for breakfast some leftovers from the night before, drunk some water and moved on.

A few hour later the sun half way up in the sky, Kraedo reached the canyon,

At the end of which is the deep crown shaped crater protecting his village.

He looked to his right, in hope to see the great river flowing but it was not in sight yet.

He taught it was strange, he should be able to see the river from this distance, as he had previously seen the point he was standing now, from the top of the rock above the cave under the waterfall.

He remembered very well looking at his present spot with Tootta.

As he was approaching the crater, he noted the soil around him was covered with horse hoofs marks all over the place, as if hundred of mounted horses had a recent ride on that place and the hoofs marks, pointed directly to the crater.

Now Kraedo was worried, worried and scared for what might be happened to his village. Nasty and scary scenarios were taking place in his mind.

He rushed towards the crater and the horror that laid before his eyes left him paralysed. frozen in disbelief and pain.

The village was a lake with some hill tops as the only dry land left. The crown of the crater,

Was totally covered by rope ladders, that were secured by rocks from the place were Kraedo was now standing. The cave under the waterfall, didn’t exist anymore.

It was collapsed, making the river changing his natural course to the sea, into the village. No sign of life at all, the Better Men Village, disappeared and with it the joyous past of Kraedo’s life.

Kraedo only had the inner strength to ask himself questions.

Was this just another nightmare? What was going on in this world? And why him? Way me? Was thinking Kraedo. Was the village been attacked from above? Was the waterfall collapsed by natural causes or was it blew up by enemies?

Why there was no one alive there? What meant all the ship wrecks laying on the beach,

On the river banks were the river was running into the sea now?

Kraedo, felt numb and devastated, he want to lay on the floor, surrender all his existence sleep until he died. He couldn’t take it any more of his cursed life. That was too much to bear for any human being.

Slowly, slowly, with his bleeding heart, his existence shattered, on the edge of a suicide bid,

He walked away towards The Land Of Fools.

His mouth still open in disbelief, his jaw down, hope under the heels, his body stiffened he kept walking.

Veeta urged Kraedo to keep walking, never stop walking, there is plenty time to suicide and in case he forgets,

Veeta reminded Kraedo that one day he will die anyway, so why suicide? It is just a waste of time.

He suggested. Walk Kraedo, keep walking. He didn’t expect any good news from The Land Of Fools, actually he feared that the Land Of Fools didn’t exist anymore. May be he himself did not exist and he never existed.

May be he was just a guinea pig in the hands of a mad extra terrestrial scientist with cosmic super powers. But somehow he kept walking.

Before the end of the day he reached the borders of the Land Of Fools. There was fire smoke coming up in the sky, so there was life Kraedo thought. Hope was timidly making his way in his tortured mind again. Descended the slopes and walked towards the fire camps.

There were people there, lots of people. On approach, he could spot the tall slim figure of his brother I-Jee.

He rushed towards him, hugged him and fell unconscious in his harms.

On his awake he found himself facing dozens of friends and family members faces leaning towards him.

Kraedo noted sorrow and pain in their eyes with a mix of relief to see him still alive, even though seriously bruised and injured.

His Brother I-jee spoke first while his mother held compassionately his hand and cuddled his forehead with the other hand.

Brother said I-Jee; would you like to tell your story first? O you prefer we tell you ours first?

Kraedo; What happened to our village? And were are father and Tootta?

I-Jee; The king owner of that land, called Sheemproo, had a war against his neighbouring kingdom,

Run by a very nasty king called Askeroso. Askeroso, won the war, annexed Sheemproo’s kingdom and sent legions of explorers,

To map his new territory, followed by thousands of cavalry men, Supported by archers and the navy ships to explore the lands surrounded by the sea.

They had the orders to map the territory and subdue to the new king every single tribe and

Every single person that lived within the boundaries of his new territory.

They found our village and sieged it from mountain to the sea, thrown upon on us clouds of arrows and javelins,

From legionaries on top of the crater, pounded our village with slings loaded with big stones from their ships. Then sent hundreds of men armed with javelins and spears and swords simultaneously from the beach through the gates of our village.

They were ferocious ruthless and terrible. Ransacked our village taking our women and children as slaves

And direct them to the sea to be boarded into their ships.

At that point, Tootta, was near the cave and noticed the Askeroso men preparing descend down the rope ladders,

to complete the taking of our village, She quickly grabbed a sack of black powder,

she had in the cave and created a line of black powder as fuse that run, from the black powder,

she had previously crammed into a big hole at the base of the cave,

She then rushed to safety leaving behind an uninterrupted line of black powder.

And stopped just below where the first rope ladders were, lit up the powder fuse with the use of flint stones

and started shaking very hard the nearest two ladder simultaneously, then the other two, pulling them from the wall,

And pushing them violently back agains the wall, making the first invaders fly to death to the rocky base of the crater.

In a minute, the cave exploded, the waterfall collapsed, the big river flooded the village,

the little water stream that previously run across the village, in minutes, had become a lake,

Drowning every one that couldn’t swim. All our villagers friends and relatives are good swimmers and survived. A part from the very few elderly that drowned under the heavy stones thrown from the ships on their heads.

None of the Askeroso men could swim so all drowned. The men remaining on the ships turned back to where they came from.

The rest of the legionaries on the wall tops, that didn’t start the descent yet, run away too.

A few days later, Askeroso and his evil kingdom were doomed.

We are all pacific and non belligerent people but we do not tolerate attacks without warning to any village,

Or any population without a cruel response.

Our cruelty was commensurate to the cruelty of their attack. So we and other neighbour tribes, marched onto the evil kingdom, moving only at night and hiding during the day. We were only armed with tools for hunting and feeding ourselves. We had bows and lots of arrows. We had gourds filled with poison and bags full of black powder, arrived at the spring which feed the water stream,

that runs through the evil kingdom from which the livestock and the horses,

And the people depend on for drinking, we poured all the poison we had.

We waited in silence until dark and when most of the people in the kingdom palaces were feeling sick,

Their livestock dying in pain from the poison, We then attacked all buildings with fire arrows, placed the black powder at the base of the largest buildings, lit up the fuses and brought the kingdom down into ashes and debris

Launched an appeal to all remanent soldiers who would want to join us and they all joined us. Then we struck a deal; They could name another king or chief of their choice and live in peace the way they wanted without never ever again

raid the free tribes villages in the attempt to submit the population.

Kraedo asked; what happened to our father? His mother answered that question. Your father Aezy was ill before you left, he died the week after you left, suffering from fever and diarrhoea.

He had an unknown virus he contracted from mosquitos bite he knew he was about to die and he didn’t want any of his two children see him week and frail in his death bed. He wanted both of yow to remember him heathy and strong as he has always been seen by you.

Kraedo; Swallowed bitter and asked; where is Tootta? His mom sighed with disappointment and I-Jee said; Tootta has joined the land of women.

She said, she had enough of men rules, men wars, men fighting for territory, Men controlling women’s lives, deciding women’s destiny and roles in our society.

When she left, I have seen in her yes, fury, anger, thirst for revolution and revenge and the will to exterminate all men from this world. And I am afraid she is going to commit atrocities against men we never heard before in our human history.

I think soon the world around us will hear a gigantic deafening sound from her.

Now said his mother, what happened to you my beloved son?

Kraedo explained starting from the injured pectoral and some other particular facts in his journey.

He was fed and cleaned and finally fell asleep, without nightmares.

He slept and rested for days until recovered from his injury and could make full use of all parts of his body.

One day, he called Brother I-Jee and mother Leyska. With a re-assuring tone of voice and facial expression,

He said to have the desire to re unite with Tootta in the Land Of Women. I-Jee asked; What about the wise man in Dog’s Hill?

Kraedo answered; He gave me six full moons time to get across the lands I have been. And now to this day,

if I counted well all the moon phases I have four weeks left. Three weeks from now it should be full moon again and I then will leave the Land Of Women to Dog’s Hill,

Say good bye to the wise man and march towards the Land Of Freedom. The land where our father Aezy came from.

His mother wept and mumbled, will I see you again? I-jee kept calm. Kraedo said;

You will see me again I only want visit the Land Of Freedom and come back alive.

Then he hugged his mom and said relax mom I can’t stop myself travelling and learning the world around me.

I need to see that wonderful land dad told me about on those warm summer nights sitting around our fire.

His mom hugged him and reminded him about the great dangers his father went through

When he departed from the Land Of Freedom towards the southern sea. At the moment she finished the last frase, she remembered the day she first met Aezy on the beach,

at the gates of Better Men Village and she hugged Kraedo, she clung to his shoulders,

in an emotional moment that Kraedo couldn’t refrain from promising

Mom I will come back alive just for you I promise. Wait for me alive don’t just pass away before I come back like dad did.

And looking at I-jee he underlined this fraise. BECAUSE I WILL COME BACK.

The next day hug after hug tear after tear promise after promise he left the Land Of Fools for the Land Of Women On his shoulder the new rack sack, a new bow, arrows, arrow spears medicament unguents

And chewing leafs and some black powder. On his mind only one item, Tootta.

Tootta with her rebellious charm and revolutionary equipment.



C H A P T E R   9;









Kraedo moved on towards The Land Of Women, The sunlight on his face, his shadow behind,

Looking   back to The Land Of Fools. Heading East-North-East.

He walked at fast pace, looking around, enjoying the scenery views of a landscape he never seen before.

Pure natural beauty, small Cristal clear lakes encased in shallow ground depressions , surrounded by little grassless hills,

covered with brown shrubs and flat large grey stones, some long neck black birds watching the world around,

Standing on the stone looking at the placid waters, as still as on a painting.

A few hours later, the sea coast on his right disappeared in the distance, beyond the horizon. Now he was starring at high mountains and water streams on both sides of his path.

Everything around him was luscious green, he was walking on a three colour picture, the blue from the sky, the green from the landscape and the metallic colour reflected by the water streams.

The ground under his feet was gradually rising. The high mountains around his path, looked less high as he gradually moved on up hill in his walk.

By early noon, he reached the summit where the great plateau begun and extend for ever.

From his position he could see the world from top down. The foggy dark line far away in the South was marking the point where sea and land meet.

In front and around him, only threes, large grassy fields and water stream forming some lovely waterfalls on their way to the sea.

The land of Women was a very fertile and wild landscape. Beautiful fauna and flora, natural beauty at its best.

After a couple of hours walking through that beautiful scenery, Kraedo eyes begun to see a large brown shadow at the horizon.

That brown shadow, become larger and larger to Kraedo’s eyes as he approached,

Taking the shape of walls, built to mark a huge human settlement.

It was almost sunset when Kraedo reached for the gates of a walled super protected human settlement,

Called The Land Of Women. From the turrets and the wall tops, the guards residents,

Could see for miles and miles around and Kraedo was certainly been noticed.

Reached for the gates. A beautiful super fit young girl, opened the Gates.

And greeted him with a welcome smile.

He recognised her dark luscious hair dancing softly on her shoulders.

She was kodda daughter of Babbu one of the wise men in Better Men Village.

She was best horse rider in the Better Men Village.

Kodda, told the protecting guards it was safe to leave her alone with Kraedo.

The guards (all super fit girls) left with a malicious smile.

Kraedo recognised two more girls in the body guards squad, one was Pakeeno best friend of Tootta

and best female dancer in Better Men Village, the other one was Mayfattu,

a sweet petite, best female archer in the Better Mens village,

And the only girl who never had a boyfriend, she actually loved girls rather than men.

And was madly in love with Kodda. Kodda felt sorry for her, because she like many other girls, loved Mayfattu for her intelligence, her sensitivity,

Her kindness and commitment to help in anything she could.

But sexually Kodda was attracted by men.

Kodda took Kraedo’s left hand, kissed his lips, with confidence and smiled with pleasure,

Looking into Kraedo’s eyes to read his reaction to what she was about to say. And squeezing Kraedo’s left hand, she said : How great to see you again darling,

Now I take you to Queen Tootta’s head quarters. But first I take you for a ride around our land,

So you have an idea of where we live.

Kraedo couldn’t suppress an expression of surprise but was thinking fast,

Trying to anticipate the events to come, without been caught unprepared to whatever was about to happen.

He was again having that vague feeling of surreal confusion, perplexity, anxiety that he had few weeks before,

Entering The Land Of Mystery.

Kodda took Kraedo to the horse stables, a two minutes walk from the gates and once arrived,

kissed Kraedo again, hugged him and asked sweetly; Do you like to ride on separate horses

Or you prefer to ride on one horse with me?

Kraedo was struggling to keep his cool as Kodda kisses were distracting and addictive,

He was about to succumb, and about to answer: the same horse.

But in a flash of selfness and self preservation, he said: let’s ride separate, it has been a long time I didn’t ride a horse.

Kodda accepted the excuse with a smile and seemed believing Kraedo’s excuse.

Now was her brain in turmoil, now she was under emotional distress,

And she really really wanted Kraedo’s body. Now she was game but unlike Kraedo, she wouldn’t mind to beg for love.

They both jumped on a horse and in the blink of an eye, Kraedo was galloping along the walls of the Land.

Kodda was caught by surprise tried to keep pace with Kraedo,

She had a feeling that Kraedo was more trying to run away from her, rather than exploring the site.

In a surge of selfness and pride, she reacted thinking, in that precise moment

Kraedo was a wild animal and need to be tamed, he was an enemy to be beaten and submitted before he would submit her.

She rode at her best, passing Kraedo in a show of bravery and force, yet dispensed Kraedo with a promising smile.

And after few minutes both arrived at the southern end of the land.

Stopped at a lake side. She jumped off the horse, removed her clothes in a flash and invited Kraedo for a swim.

Kraedo, took the challenge nonchalantly.

Kodda noticed the scars and the missing bits of muscle tissue

On Kraedo’s left chest and exclaimed : Hooooo the warrior came back home from war wounded.

It must have been a fierce battle against a fierce strong enemy,

And what happened to that enemy my darling Kraedo?

What did you do to him? Kraedo with a cocky smile: I eat him.

Kodda was going crazy she was flattered like never before in her life.

She wanted him badly and she wanted him now.

She said come, follow me and walked seductively to the water, Kraedo let the emotions take over his self control,

Unleashing the animal instinct. She turned her head and when looked down Kraedo’s waist line, Kraedo was I full mast.

she walked back to Kraedo, grabbed his equipment in her right hand and whispered in Kraedo’s ear;

The swim can wait.

(And the pole dance was invented.)

In an instant they were horizontally on the beach rolling over each other without control. Kraedo’s body was responding to some animal forces, so strong he never felt before, so was Kodda. Sexually they were a perfect match. Pure natural animal instinct in its row form.

Finally after a long time of groaning, howling, squealing and moaning and biting and scratching, they went for a swim.

Minutes later they jumped naked on the horses and trotted gently to complete the exploration of the land.

Arrived at the north-west end of the land, their bodies were dry and they put back on their clothes. It was not really necessary as in the Land Of Women was not forbidden nudism,

But there was a little cool breeze in that moment.

Kodda guided her horse to the middle of the promenade that separated the palaces for almost the all length of the land,

Towards south, to the lake shore. The buildings on the left, she said were the residence of the men,

And the buildings on the right where empty at the moment and she would explain this later.

Half way along the promenade, a large round square, with the Queen’s head quarters surrounded by flower beds,

green shrubs and low evergreen trees. And a wooden structure for pigeon holes near the entrances of the palace.

Kraedo was not new to pigeon messengers, his brother had them in the Land Of Fools

And his father used them in the Better Men's Village, to communicate with friends in other far away lands.

In the built up area and in the overall context of the settlement , the Queen’S palace,

A wide pyramid shaped, three storey building it was the cherry on the cake in the Land Of Women.

The land extension, Kraedo reckoned could be not less than ten acres.

Extending from the norther side to the edges of the Lake The place was an expression of wealth and power

Of the land owners and rulers.

Veeta inside Kraedo was suggested caution and alertness,

He was walking in another mysterious land and there could be unpleasant surprises ahead.

While thinking about the land he was about to be acquainted with, Kraedo was also thinking about the beautiful girls in that place.

The way they looked at him and the kisses of Kodda.

She couldn’t stop cuddling Kraedo. Naero seemed inexistent at that moment. Kraedo, tried to think about Tootta and suddenly he taught she may not be the girl he knew anymore. Being elected Queen of such a wealthy place, must have certainly changed her.

Kraedo was preparing his mind to accept the disappointment without showing feelings of negative surprise.

He was preparing to show no emotions at Queen Tootta’s presence.

In the square there was a young man seating on a bench with his hands tightened on his back. The man, looked like a strong indomitable animal who just refused with success to be tamed by his captures.

Kraedo asked ; Why that man has his hands tightened behind his back?

Kodda said: He refused the Queen and every other girl in the land.

He is not homosexual, he just want women to submit themselves to his desires on demand.

This is the Land Of Women, where women are free and in control. And we decide when we like to have sex.

We don’t force anybody to do anything but we do not tolerate attempts to submission from anybody. Here everybody, male, female, homosexual and lesbians, are free to have sex as they like,

Whenever they like with reciprocal respect and freedom. Kraedo asked: why then he does not leave?

Kodda: We told him he can leave at any time he pleases

But he said he want to stay here for a while to see if he can make it into learn to feel free and equal like everybody else.

Kraedo; Why then he refused the queen and all other beautiful girls?

Kodda: He said we have been treating him with contempt, like men treat girls in other lands.

Kraedo, why he was not treated like I was by you in first place?

Kodda, because you are Kraedo, THE ONE AND THE ONLY man on earth that loves and respects women,

As if you where a woman yourself and also because like every human being, we girls do mistakes as well some times.

And probably this was a mistake.

Me and Tootta, talking about you, came to a conclusion that you are not a man, you are a girl with a dick instead of a pussy. Aezy, was just the same, (such father such son)

Kraedo; why don’t say sorry, apologise to him and have the problem resolved? Because he refused the queen and the Queen cannot apologise to anybody. This is the severe rule of the land.

If she does, would be deposed instantly by the Barons, punished with sex starvation for a month and another Queen will take her place.

Since our Queen is replaced anyway at every full moon, Tootta decided to avoid the punishment applying the law.

Kraedo; who are the Barons? Kodda: the land owners.

Kraedo: So then, The Land Of Women is owned by men?

Kodda; (patiently): Dear Kraedo don’t you know we are living in an era where women cannot own land?

We want to change this status and for the time being we accept to franchise the lands

And create the circumstances to change the laws and allow women to own land.

We are working very hard for this but will explain more later in the presence of Queen Tootta.

Kraedo, one last question please; Why the hands tightened behind his back?

Kodda: To stop him from masturbating, this act is not appreciated by the land residents.

Since everybody is free to have sex, nobody needs to masturbate. Masturbating, is all a waste of sex. Unless is a mutual or group exercise.

Kraedo didn’t understand this concept very much but since he would never refuse sex with a good looking girl,

he just stopped his curiosity for the moment.

Finally they where walking the steps up to Queen’s Tootta home.

The doors were open and Tootta in person was there with a smile full of satisfaction and pleasure. She hugged Kraedo confident and with warm sincere affection.

Looked into Kraedo’s eyes, then into Kodda eyes and with a soft tone of voice said,

you two look so beautiful and attractive with all those marks and bruises and scratches,

All around your necks and checks and I am so pleased.

Let’s have some food, you look drained and in need of some nutrients,

I have been waiting for this moment .

They dined with great appetite.

The ladies, drunk some wine, while Kraedo only had an infusion of local reinvigorating herbs. Tootta asked Kraedo how he fund the dinner.

Kraedo said he enjoyed every mouthful of the roasted horse meat and now I feel as strong as a horse myself.

The ladies, looked at each other, smiled maliciously and Kodda said: Oh! Darling,

That is exactly what the Queen an I need for the night, a man as strong as a horse.

Tootta; Excuse me for one minute please, she disappear for few seconds behind a curtain

and she re-appeared few seconds later wearing the sheep skin she got from Kraedo

At Better Men Village before he left for his journey.

She said; I kept this as a most valued possession and still is my most valued possession.

I used this sheepskin to mix myself with our sheep and act unseen by the Askeroso men,

When I blew up the waterfalls and shaken the rope ladders to bring down to death Askeroso’s men.

In saying so, she turned around, divaricated her legs, opened the sheep skin and let it slip to the floor,

revealing her stunning back beauty in all her glorious sensuality, as firm as a marble statue, then in a slow sensual move,

She turned around again, revealing to Kraedo’s eyes the other side of a stunning universe, stunning beyond dreams.

Her breasts, protruding forward so unbelievable perfect and firm.

Her turgid nipples so straight she could have hanged the sheep’s skin coat on them.

Kraedo’s manhood was up and hard again and screaming for row action,

Kodda’s eyes were watering again and so were Tootta's eyes.

He let the ladies take him to the sleeping corner and let them do whatever they pleased.

The girls started sharing Kraedo’s lollypop follow by cowgirl rodeo with hints of sapphic innuendo moves,

And in turns, cowboy rodeo and sandwiches and every move and position that fired up their brains.

The Queen’s moans were resounding in the air causing global arousing in the Land Of Women, Followed suit by Kodda howling wolf distinctive orgasmic noise.

Every body was having it, The Land Of Women was a gigantic indoors-outdoors orgy.

The air around was vibrating with screams of pleasure, and the smell of human fluids,

Was overwhelming, minimising the smell of shrubs and flowers.

When Kreado and the ladies posed for a while before going into extra time, Tootta said to Kraedo; Welcome to the Land Of Women my dear stallion.

And after a short rest, a few reinvigorating infusions, mayhem started again and lasted all night long till dawn.

Breakfast was served by girls, as always in the Queen’s palace. While in the residents homes,

Breakfast was always served by men as by set rules.

The two girls, laid their eyes on Kraedo’s nudity and the Queen invited the girls to have a go at Kraedo by saying ironically,

Help your selves to my leftovers girls. Let’s see if you can squeeze any more juice out of our poor squeezed Kraedo.

They winked at each other and took the challenge. Poor Kraedo he could not chicken out without causing the teasing comments of Kodda and Tootta.

With a sigh he let the two girls massage his body. With his own surprise, the equipment was up again in operating mode.

He knew that wouldn’t produce any juice but he decided to teach the ladies in the audience a lesson.

The masseurs, manage to howl aloud in spite of the night marathon they had with the other men in the land

But Kraed's equipment remained in operating mode hurting Kraedo a bit but didn’t release any semen.

One of the girls asked Kraedo; Why your dick stay up if you can’t have an orgasm ? Tootta offered the answer; That is why we why we say the fraise; is a dick head.

Everybody was laughing. Kraedo was just thinking to rest and have his revenge later.

Kraedo looked out the window into the square and asked the girls what happened,

To the guy with his hands tightened behind his back.

Tootta and Kodda were smiling while the girl named Ohee looked at the other girl named Sooko

and both bursted in a loud laughter then Sooko said, Poor guy he couldn’t defend himself,

And we reduced him just like Kraedo is.

As soon as Tootta squealing and Kodda howling was resounding in the square,

He had an irresistible erection and surrendered to us without conditions. We kissed and cuddle him,

Liberated his hands and he said thank you girls for your kindness, now I can cooperate with you.

And he did with pleasure and virility. Poor guy we had him in turns all night long,

Now the guy seems knackered, quiet and satisfied.

Kraedo suggested; Can we now talk about the Barons and the empty buildings on one side of the promenade?

Can you please explain me everything about this place?

Tootta asked Ohee and Sooko to stay on guard at the doors and make sure nobody was listening.

Tootta started first; The Barons, are real Barons, that declared independence from the kings,

created their own domain with their own Knights, united in an independent club,

Created a super protected town called Barons and settled there with their knights, wives and children.

There they have schools, training places, vineyards, crops of any kind,

And also servants and peasants to work on their fields.

Kraedo: why the Barons gave you the control of this estate?

Kodda took the word: Since ever, men treated women as a little more than an accessory.

Used them as a sex utility, as a children factory and home servants.

Taking advantage of their physical superior strength and deny equal opportunity and equal rights,

Ignoring women’s nature and never questioning them selves if their wives where satisfied and happy.

This pushed some or most of the women to cheat on their husbands with any other man at the opportune moment.

One of the Baron’s wives, suggested the creation of this estate,

where the peasants and the girls from any land around could come and live sexually free,

The Barons will provide military protection and security, we can live here by our only means.

We produce our food, train ourselves to gain physical strength stamina and fighting skills, that match the level of men and beyond, and rule this land.

We rule over the men, in the same way that men rule over women but with a reciprocal respect that men are not capable of.

Kraedo: But then is no more The Land Of Women, it is just another land where instead

Of men ruling over women, it is women ruling over men. What is the change in this?

Tootta: Listen Kraedo we had enough of been ruled by men. Men use us for sex and as a servants with no rights and no opportunities.

The only thing they make with passion is war, hunting, fighting for territory and supremacy,

And making women’s life a misery. We women, don’t make war don’t fight for territory

And we give birth while men only can give death and destruction.

We had enough, we want to overthrown this status.

Kraedo ; How, can you explain please? Kodda: Ok Now open your ears and close your mouth.

We have some of the Baron’s wives as allies.

We are planning the overthrown of the Barons, the new laws to be written and enforced by women only.

The new laws of the land will remain mostly as they are. The only thing that we add are a few articles.

Article 1; Women have the right to own land

Article 2; women have the right to vote

Article 3; Women have the right to accept or refuse the marriage

Article 4; women have the right to share the education and upbringing of their children

Article5; women have the right to divorce if not satisfied with their husbands in any of the following topics;

Sexual activities, violent behaviour and education of the children.

Article; 6 the abolition of women domestic duties. In the family both parts, have the same duties and rights,

If a woman prefer to go hunting and do outside home works, instead of staying segregated in the house, can do so.

Article 7; Women have the right to live as a single as many men do and be free

To have sex with the partner of their choice, without criticism or prejudice.

Rule 8: women can inherit husband possessions if become widows.

Rule 9; women have the right to dress the way they like

Rule 10; Women have the option to vote no to a war against another community.

Kraedo; But Tootta, we had all this already at Better Men Village

Tootta sighed and murmured , The Better Men Village, does not exist anymore.

It was attached and looted and destroyed by a bad King, owner of the land,

Acquired by war action. War made without consulting the women in his kingdom.

Here in the land of women soon, no one can attack us anymore.

By the next full moon some devastating fact will take place.

For the moment, keep it a secret as we are sure that we have a few moles in site

And the Barons must not know what we are up to.

Kraedo; Ok let me know if you need my help and in the mean time, since I will stay here only until the morning

after the full moon, please tell me what do to pass the time productively and make me useful to the community

Other than just having sex.

The morning came as bright as ever and Kraedo went for a stroll with Tootta and Kodda,

he was introduced to all other men in the estate and all the other girls,

Everybody was happy to welcome Kradeo, especially the men, as they seen in Kraedo a helping dick,

(Pardon I meant a helping hand.)

They some times, felt tired and worn out by the girls. In the all estate, there were a few more than sixty men against one hundred women.

There are no children here, whispered Kraedo.

Tootta whispered , we talk about this later darling.

He also noted two girls he met;

Bruja and Shnella. They also where two beautiful girls,

but they both had some reddish patches on the skin of their neck

Kraedo asked Tootta quietly what those reddish patches meant. Tootta murmured they have an infection we don’t know yet and not even how to cure that. We tried all what we could but the patches keep expanding and the girls lament some pain on their bones as well as fever.

Please don’t give me wrong, don’t have sex with them as we suspect it might be a sexually transmitted infection.

One of the knights wife had that infection for more than a year, they say.

And passed away with enormous pain and suffering, long time ago.

We don’t know what to do and we are sorry.

Later ,Tootta and Kodda, (Kodda was the official Queen’s secretary) took advantage of their month of privileges. And had their lunch served by two different girls this time.

Mukka and Viuda.

(The readers want to know if they were beautiful.

Oh, please don’t ask, in the Land Of Women there are not ugly girls.

The author of this book only likes beautiful girls.)

So let’s enjoy dinner with these beauties hoping not to be raped again.

The afternoon was spent riding horses and canoeing in the lake, talking. Laughing, hugging and kissing.

Soon it was dinner time, what a pageant sunset for the Land Of Women.

Kraedo was ecstatic, so were the other men and women.

Kraedo noticed that dinner was not based on super food rich in proteins,

It was rather a light vegetarian dinner with some hot infusion. So he assumed it was going to be a night of rest to re charge the energy reservoir.

Poor ingenious Kraedo in the infusion, there was a substantial amount of a highly

Aphrodisiac substance extracted from plant’s leaves.

A few hours later, it was mayhem again in the Land of women.

(The film maker can decide the couple, positions sex type, length of the howling orgasmic noise.

(The choreographs can demonstrate their skill arranging the groups and positioning the orgies.

Sorry for the costume operators, they do not have a job in this movie, the actors are all naked).

Well, that was every day and every night life activitiy in the Land Of Women, for most of the three weeks Kraedo stayed, the days where spent training, building stamina, fishing,

Riding and other war/defensive training including archery, sword fighting and other self defensive sports.

Three nights before full moon, Kraedo felt strange, puzzled, some how the girls, become less talkative,

The men kept away from women and Kraedo was invited to rest that night.

He was pleased to have a rest but didn’t understand all this sudden change of moods.

He was thinking so intensively about this change that when he grabbed the potion of infusion he was offered by Tootta,

accidentally, he spilled the liquid on the floor. nobody noticed it and Kraedo in an act fo gentle respect, didn’t say anything,

Just whipped clean the floor, put the goblet on the table and went to sleep.

He was about to fall asleep when heard the voices of Tootta and Kodda. Kodda; do you think is asleep now? Tootta I think so, the dose of sleep aid I put in his goblet was a good amount. Kodda shouted: Kraedo! then called again louder Kraedo! Kraedo kept quiet pretending to be asleep as he did not want to disrupt their plans what ever they were.

Besides it was none of his business he thought, after all he was only a guest for three weeks.

Kodda : see? is well asleep, now we can talk;

Tootta: I just received a pigeon message from Herma (The major Baron’s wife). She say this full moon is the right moon. All her allied wives have pressed their husband,

To pass the law that women can own land.

There are twenty three out of 45 Barons against the law and ten knights with their respective wives,

Out of twenty that oppose the law.

She suggested that can arrange for the opposers to sleep all in one south side of the guests buildings And we can attack them and kill them at dawn when they are all tired and worn out by sex and drugs.

Then we with all the Barons allied and their wives and knights are free.

We become legally land owners of this estate and all the children of the women in this estate,

That are being raised and educated by the Barons will be returned here to their natural mothers.

Kodda; Do Herma really thinks that we are stupid? Once we have the land on our name,

do you think the Knights, the Barons and their wives will stop coming here at every full moon

To have orgies with us, infect us with their diseases.

They are vicious people with power and without qualms. They are addicted to exhausting sex,

Fuelled by drugs and their wives are just the same. Always purposely sexually starved,

To satisfy their appetites with our men in this estate and our girls. We better apply plan B.

Tootta; That is what I am thinking, after the collective orgy, at dawn,

just before they fall asleep, we put some sleeping aid powder into their infusion,

Just to make sure they sleep and blow up the lot.

Kodda how do we explain the local population the disappearing of Knights and Barons?

How do we pass the laws and how do we defend ourselves from invading forces,

That sooner or later will come to revert the laws that we establish?

We need Kraedo but he is not a man like other men. He has other things in mind other than fighting for justice.

Kodda; He is a one of a kind, we must protect him at the cost of our lives if necessary. The world need men like him he is not an ordinary man, he is a woman with a dick between his legs. Such a wonderful lover he is.

Tootta; we got to come up with an idea, Kraedo is a sensitive kind, so sensitive and sensible, some times is psychic. I am sure that tomorrow his brain will be working around the changes in place and he will figure out something. Not exactly everything but most of what is happening. He will figure out that was forced into sleep by some drugs. He is definitely Psychic.

Kodda; What can we do? We can not let him without sex for another two nights,

Without making him suspicious.

We can’t keep him asleep every night to keep our selves sex starved,

For the pleasure and enjoyment of our bosses and their wives. What can we do?

I have an idea, What if I keep him busy training everyday and sex him up far away from other men’s eyes?

Tootta; it is too dangerous, others may find out what is going on and other men and girls alike in the estate,

Would want to have sex. The rebellion, will be punished by the Barons

And they would enforce more stricter rules upon us.

Kodda; what if we talk to him? We can ask him to join our cause,

We just ask him not spoil our plans and keep quiet for a few nights. When it is all over I will run away with him. Do you think he will accept?

Tootta: I don’t think he will in full. He is a solitary type he would not want anybody with him. May be He can accept to help us until the explosions but after that he will be on his own.

Kodda: what about if you run away with him instead?

Tootta; I can’t. Let me tell you a secret, I didn’t feel any unpleasant disturbance for upcoming period

And I think may be pregnant.

Kraedo is not ready to be a father, less than ever if the child is not his biologic child. Don’t forget how he run away from the Land Of Mysteries before his first biologic child was born. He wants a free life in a free environment, only in that condition he will be happy to be a father of any child. If he feels he can’t rise a child in freedom, then he will run away.

I know there is only one way with him, talk to him sincerely, honestly without mind games and he will help us.

Tomorrow morning he will figure out that we put some sleeping aid in his drink

And will surely throw away the drink we will offer him the next night.

He will then pretend to fall asleep and listen to our conversation. In our conversation. We talk about everything we would ask him if we were not so shy to ask. He will listen and will offer his help in a way we don’t have to ask. He will think to be super cleaver,

But this time we outsmart him. What about this Kodda?

Kodda; Ooooh! We are cleaver baby, yes we are, after all, we are women ain't we?

Kraedo was about to speak up but refrained and kept his sleeping posture.

Kraedo was thinking to outsmart and humiliate the ladies,

by drinking a double potion of sleeping aide the next night and sleep all night,

Sleep very heavily and in the morning come up with his help offer. But he refrained, he loved all girls and would never humiliate them.

He would rather let them think that they really outsmarted him.

Tootta; Now let’s drink our sex drive suppressing potion and see you tomorrow morning. Let’s sleep together hugged like little sisters.

Kraedo waited until every single body was asleep and let his hand go, he couldn’t stop it,

He had an intense orgasm and then fell asleep.

Morning came; and was spent again with hard training, super nutritious food and sex suppressing potions.

Tootta and Kodda, have to play the part very professionally without arising suspicions.

Tootta, approached Kraedo and smelled a strong scent of semen, expressed a puzzled smile and asked Kraedo,

Did you last night had one of your wild dreams ending in a gigantic orgasm?

Kraedo looked surprised, smelled down his body and said; it looks like it.

Tootta and Kodda, reached for one extra strong suppressing potion, they needed it now,

They were feeling uncontrollably horny, looking at Kraedo with envy and admiration.

They had the extra strong sex suppressing potion.

The two new girls came with the breakfast and under Tootta’s orders, left immediately. Now everybody was out training hard.

Tootta, knew about this sexual condition in Kraedo dreams. When his body needs an orgasm, often he had it on his sleep. So had no reason not to believe his version. The day unrolled as usual, training, eating, training again, then at night the usual sex suppression potion for everybodyAnd everybody straight to sleep.

So as Tootta guessed, the next night, Kraedo, thrown away the potion Kodda had offered him and went to pretend sleeping.

Kodda and Tootta, knowing Kraedo was awake, begun their catchy conversation;

Tootta ; We need to talk to Kraedo and ask for his help and his opinion about our plan. He can’t refuse. After all it is only for tomorrow night, at dawn, just before his departure.

Then he can go free with our gratitude.

Tootta; So then here is the plan; We have the orgy as usual tomorrow night,

At dawn we set alight the fuses and run all to the West gates.

The eastern buildings with the Barons and knights will blow up. And we are free women in a free Land Of Women.

Kodda; Are we sure about Herma? And what do we do with everybody else?

People in the surrounding lands, will question themselves about the disappearance

Of the Barons and the Knights and our rise to power.

Tootta; Hmmmm! Here we need Kraedo’s Psychic rational expertise.

Kodda: are you sure he is psychic to the extent that foresees the future?

Tootta: 100% sure.

He doesn’t know but has warning dreams that are omen to something that is about to happen.

He feels things that are about to happen and anticipates them.

Kodda; Ok let’s sleep and tomorrow morning we talk to Him. Let’s take a double potion of sex suppression,

I am feeling horny again and don’t want get up in the middle of the night and fuck Kraedo while is asleep.

Last Morning of The Land Of Women had begun;

Tootta; Good morning Kraedo. How is our stallion today? Kodda; good morning darling any sleeping orgasms tonight?

Kraedo; No darlings but had a few negative dreams.

Tootta, tell us.

Kraedo; I have seen Kodda was about to be killed near a three by an arrow. Kodda; hooo! Shit; what have you seen, tell us so we can anticipate the fact and avoid being hit. Kraedo; all what I have seen is an arrow directed to Kodda’s chest.

Now Tootta was worried, and so was Kodda. Kraedo; seriously worried, What is it you girls didn’t tell me about this place?

Why are you keeping secrets?

Tootta; Kraedo, we are shy to ask you for help but we need your help.

Tonight at dusk the Barons and the Knights with their respective wives arrive for their full moon feast.

Our men, will be taken by the wives, we will be taken by the Barons and Knights all night long. We, decided to blow them up and take all their possessions and establish a Land Of Women that belongs to women.

But we are not very sure how to do it. We have loads of black powder we taken from Better Men village volcano’s crater.

We have a plan an and a plan b as well. But we need your opinion and your suggestion

For a plan that actually works better and efficiently.

Kraedo; How did you take the black powder? The village is flooded.

Kodda: darling, we can used rope ladders and the rope ladders used by Askeroso’ men, are still there.

Kraedo; Good girls Now tell me about your plan a and your plan b.

Tootta and Kodda explained in turns, Kraedo listened carefully, then asked;

Who knows this plans?

Tootta said; Only Me, Kodda and all the girls. None of the men, they are imported by the Barons,

from their houses and fields to keep us sex addicted until two days before full moon,

Then we are sex starved until the arrival of Knights and Barons with their wives.

What is the duty of these men while the Barons and Knight are having fun with the girls?

Tootta; They have sex with the Baron’s and Knights wives.

Kraedo; Who stands on guard to the estate?

Kodda ; Only the girls that have their period, will have guard duties on this night.

Kraedo how do they keep awake? The Barons give them an infusion of high stimulant extract from plants leaves that they grow in their gardens.

Kraedo ; But the girls are well trained and all faithful to you?

Tootta; Well they are faithful to the queen and we don’t know who the Queen that will be elected is.

The Barons bring the new Queen every time they come.

The Barons will give us an infusion of powder extract from plant leaves they grow in their gardens. That infusion, makes all of us sexually crazy and keeps us awake all night then at dawn,

we must serve the sleeping aide to the Barons, the Knights and their wives,

so they can sleep before leaving the estate at mid day, while we girls and the men take more drugs

To keep us sharp and alerted while we mount guard and patrol the estate.

Kraedo: what about the new Queen?

Tootta, she sleeps until late in the Queen place and in the morning, like every other girl,

Takes the stimulant potion and comes out to inspect the all place, guided by the deposed Queen, in this case me said Tootta.

Kraedo; do you have allies in the wives group?

Tootta, we have Herma, the wife of the Major Baron that has planned for tonight the uprise and fight for our freedom.

Kraedo; Herma has everything she wants, besides she is as vicious as the Barons and The Knights,

Surely to my opinion, she is just a bird’s call, to find out if any of you here are planning an uprise action.

Has this Herma any friends in here?

Tootta; only me as I am the Queen but I told everything to Kodda.

Kraedo how many of you girls residents in this estate have been Queens?

Kodda; only me, last month and Tootta this month. And Tootta is meant to be the new Queen’s secretary.

Kraedo; what happened to all the other ex Queens?

Tootta, in turns they married other Barons and Knights, so is what they say.

Kraedo; Has anybody seen any of these ex Queens coming here with the Barons and Knights for the full moon nights feast?

Tootta; With an enlighten tone of voice; Shit! Now I understand! Herma! She is The bitch! she is the mole, the traitor.

They for sure have killed the ex Queens who believed Herma and organised an uprising.

Kraedo; how long does a pigeon take to reach Herma?

Kodda; two ours.

Kraedo, this means less than a day by horse. And they arrive at dusk. So they have not departed yet.

We are still on time.

Does Herma know about the black powder?

Tootta, no she talked to fight with bows and arrows and spears and kill them while asleep.

And me and Kodda were thinking about keeping the black powder secret until last minute.

Kraedo; this is a trap they intend to slaughter most of you to intimidate the rest of the residents

And scare them to death. So no one will ever try a rebellion again and continue to be the sex toys of the Barons.

You send a message to Herma, tell her here everybody is happy and everybody is looking forward for tonight’s great sex celebration.

Tell her sorry we are happy here and don’t want any changes for the time being.

As they arrive tonight, please be as horny as possible, fuck as sluts, like the bitches that you are,

Fuck like never before and in the morning we blow up the entire place, you will blame this onto Kraedo.

Say to the rest of the world, that it was me who came here pretending to join the land of women and instead,

I blew up the entire place, killing all the Barons and the Knights and their wives.

So you have an excellent excuse to take possession of their homes and wealth,

Take back all your children and proclaim the land of women.

Tootta, went out to take a pigeon and send a message to Herma, while inside, Kodda, looked at Kraedo with anger and said; Our dear Kraedo,

Our lovely stallion, best women’s friend. Then she shouted ,,,,, BASTARD!

So we are sluts and bitches eh? How sweet, fucking bastard, you are lucky I have to keep myself without sex today,

but be assure that at the first opportunity I will staff you with sexual enhancing potions

And fuck you like a real bitch until I squeeze the blood out of you're fucking dick.

while talking, Tootta came back in, laughing and said to Kraedo; the pigeon is in flight and take care of Kodda darling,

She means all her menaces, you better fuck only with me from now on.

Kraedo laughing too and talking to Kodda.. sorry sorry darling I mean no offence, in calling you slut,

I didn’t know you were a virgin and anyway I don’t love virgins I love real professional sluts and bitches.

Kodda, smiling; I was only pretending mister dick head but the treat stands,

I will fuck the brains out of you one of these days.

Kraedo; Righ! Back to action;

We now place the black powder under all buildings including the walls and the Queen’s palace.

Except near the horses stables.

At dawn when the new queen comes out to inspect the place that she is gonna a rule for the next month.

We set alight the fuses, gather everybody near the lake shore and after the explosions,

take all the horses and, you women, head to the Barons palaces, take possessions,

Take your children and go around from land to land, proclaim your new laws and defend your own new status.

Tootta; We can’t kill also our men, even though they come from the Barons homes,

they have been trained to fight by us and if we want to maintain the possession of the Barons houses and estates,

We must have well trained soldiers. And our men, trust me, are the best trained soldier around this side of the world.

Kraedo; Will they be loyal to you?

Once they are off the barons control it is unthinkable they would refuse to join us.

With us they would have respect, equality and sex as usual. Why should they go back to another master? Besides in us they don’t have a master, they will have partners in all aspects of life.

They don’t need to work or fight anymore for sex, food, rising up family or anything else.

With us they are as free as we are, with the same duties, responsibilities, perks and pleasures of life.

No more Land Of Women, only the Land Of People.

A few ours later, everything was done and ready. All the men were called back to train on the other side of the estate,

Just to avoid any suspicions. And the day unrolled as usual.

The evening arrived and Kraedo lamenting an infection to his genitals, avoided sex with the Baron’s wives

And , mounted guard on the turrets and walls with Kodda and other girls in their period.

The clean girls took a bath as usual, prepared themselves with the best perfumes available,

The make up, received from the Barons and waited patiently for the night of perdition and madness.

All the fires where lit and the guests arriving.

All the ground around was shaking and the rumour of hundred mounted horses,

Galloping towards the estate was deafening, they stormed the estate laughing and shouting, already high on drugs and wine. Left the horses in the stables and moved fast inside the guest’s building, while their wives went into the Queen’s palace.

The ceremony for the change of the queen started. Lightened by the moon and the fires in the square,

The reigning queen, appears at the door in all her splendour, dressed with her best attire.

While the new Queen climbed the steps, bowed before the reigning queen and received the Crown,on her head and settled into the Queen’s palace with all the resident men and the Baron’s and Knight's wives.

Whistles and applauses where filling the air around. All entered the respective buildings,

The former Queen was due into the residents buildings with the Barons, the Knights and the other girls, the orgy begun.


It was a real torture for Kraedo but he stood cool, he knew it was only a matter of hours,

To the end of all the chaos. Then the horrid story of the Land Of Women will become history.

Only one thing sounded strange to Kraedo’s mind. He had not seen Mayfattu around. May be she was exempted from the party because a lesbian but she could have been in the queen’s palace, with the Baron's wives, some of them where lesbians too.

If she had her period, should have been on the turrets like Kodda and the others.

That was strange to Kraedo and when he came across Kodda during the patrol,

Kraedo expressed his fears as he knew the archery ability of and her sexual obsession for Kodda.

Kodda, said thank you for keeping me informed and alerted, I will keep my eyes opened at all times.

The full moon night. The Land Of Women was in full swing. Squeals of pleasure, grunts and moans and howling

And screams and yells awaking the wild animals all around, the orgasmic noise was indescribable.

It went on for ours until dawn. Then as usual, The girls and the men, were finally freed from the Barons, Knights and their wives, and the girls, served the sleeping aid to the Barons and Knights but instead of the usual amount, they put treble amount in the goblets.

met the new Queen, guided by Tootta, and all marched towards the Lake Kraedo and friends,

Set alight the fuses and run to the lake. Two minutes late the land of Women was history.

All the men were astonished bearing an expression of incredulity on their faces.

They were not informed about this. Tootta, gathered them and explained what jus they (the girls) did.

And offered them to stay as equals among equals or leave. They jumped together with joy. And shouted we stay!

We love freedom, we love sex and we love it with you girls.

The explosions, were a master display of fireworks and the crumbling places noise, music

For the ears of every oppressed person in the world. The tremor on the floors was an invitation to dance and sing.

The poor new Queen, surprised but not scared, nor worried, didn’t know what was going on, she only guessed,

When noticed everybody around her was happy dancing and singing.

Kraedo noticed; still no sign of mayfattu. after few minutes Kodda, took Kraedo’s hand and pulled him away murmuring;

Come with me darling, come, we have unfinished business darling!

Kraedo said I have accomplished my mission, now I am free to go.

Besides you have menstruations and I don’t like fucking a girl in her period, I can’t lick it.

Kodda: why darling? I don’t have just a pussy and anyway before using my back passage,

I would like to lick you darling, come on baby don't be scare I just want to suck you marrow bone.

(With a dark tone of voice.) Darling. She dragged him next to a three, pulled his pants down and started her devastating demolition job.

Kraedo removed his knife from the case hanging on the back of his neck

And pushed the tip of the blade onto the trunk three behind his head putting it available in an emergency need.

Then everything happened in a flash, a rising sun ray shone on the metal part of Mayfattu arrow,

Kraedo grabbed the knife and both knife and arrow were flying simultaneously in opposite directions.

Kraedo bent over, using his body as a shield protecting Kodda from the oncoming arrow.

It was too late to avoid it but the move, helped Kodda to be hit on her shoulder instead of her hearth.

Mayfattu was an infallible archer, so was Kraedo with the knife. But this time due to the fast action move and the emotional feelings in both of them, none of the weapons reached the aimed target.

The arrow, hit Kodda’s back right shoulder and the knife, hit the Mayfattu front left shoulder. None of the girls were killed but the wounds were bad.

Tootta with Topee (This was the name of the last Queen of the former Land Of Women)

Run like one only person towards Mayfattu and immobilised her, while looking her wound, other friends helped Kraedo with Kodda. Everybody was at the scene in seconds. And they were all horrified at the scene, some suggested to kill Mayfattu there and then.

But Tootta decided to keep Mayfattu alive.

Provide the first aid cure to Myfattu and Kodda, removed the metal on their shoulders,

Covered the wounds with the medicament paste and bandage the wounds.  

Then Tootta asked Kraedo one more favour.

Tootta; Kraedo my love, can you please escort Kodda and Mayfattu to the land of fools,

actually let’s re name it The Land Of Families, so they can have proper cure and you can also see your family again,

Inform them about the latest happening and then you can go to where ever your fantasy takes you?

Kraedo said yes my beloved Queen with pleasure and respect. They hugged and both thought that have never been so much in love with each other like in that moment

Kraedo, took two horses and two travois for the girls, placed the travois behind the horses, with the help of the others,

Placed the girls on the travois and moved towards the Land Of Families .  

The wounds had been cured at the best they knew, they were not bleeding, and they were safe to go.

By horse they were a day march away but considering the wounds, they took one day and a half.

The first few hours, everybody was silent. When they decided to stop for some food and some calls of nature,

Kraedo prepared a fire camp and went out for some mushrooms, he fund plenty in the woods. (Yes he left the girls alone) When he came back the girls were talking quietly, explain each other, they hugged and Mayfattu was in tears, looking at

Kraedo with a begging expression.

Kraedo Placed the mushrooms on a stone on the fire and stepped towards the girls,

Hugged them and explained Mayfattu not fear any reprisal, he understands why she tried to kill Kodda.

Mayfattu sighed and said sorry Kraedo it was you I was actually trying to kill.

Kraedo calmly asked; really? And why?

Mayfattu: Because you took Kodda away, breaking my hopes of having her love one day.

Until you came to the Land Of Women, Kodda was always nice and caring with me, even though she likes men.

But when you came in, she ignored me all the time and had feelings only for you.

Kodda felt sorry and with her good arm hugged her again and kissed her.

Kraedo said ; Sorry sorry I didn’t know I was causing you so much pain but also try to understand

I have different animal features than you and I like girls who like me and Kodda, likes me the same way.

You cannot expect to keep us apart as we don’t expect you to change your nature.

Can we just love each other in respect of our different nature?

Mayfattu replied: Ok, Ok sorry really shamed and sorry for what I have done.

But Kraedo, please,I beg you. During this journey can you not have sex with Kodda before my eyes?  

Kraedo smiled paternally and said off course darling, this is the least I can do for you.

Kodda had her say too; Ok babies ok if I get horny, for once, I go lesbian, actually she added looking at Mayfattu

Can I have both of you at the same time, so everybody is happy? Mayfattu mumbled Ok I try.

But Kraedo please you don’t try to touch me intentionally. They all smiled in complicity and hugged.

(The reader wants to know if that happens and wants to read the descriptions as well.)




Upon arrival to the Land Of Families, they were all smile and excitement,

everybody was asking what happened and Kraedo said ;

They both were wounded in action in a fight against the Barons.

Kraedo received a pigeon message from brother I-Jee that was sent by Tootta.

She was coming with an army of women and men to bring in the good news.

Kraedo postponed his departure for the day.

The next day, hundreds of women and men and children all on horses appeared on top of the hills,

Overlooking the Land Of Families. They were all singing in celebration mood,

arrived to the Land Of Families, everybody gathered around them, they hugged and singed

And finally Tootta, stood up on her horse, with her feet on the horse’s back and made her announcement.



The booing and whistles of joy created waves of emotional feelings.

They all danced and eat and drunk and play for all day and night.

Sleeping in the open air as there were no buildings in The Land Of Fools,

Now re named The Land Of Families.

In the morning, Kraedo took two horses, his usual weapons, medicaments and clothing and moved towards the Dog’s Hill.

Last stop on the way to Land Of Freedom.

A few minutes later, he heard a horse galloping sound behind and Tootta’s voice calling him.  

Kraedo, stopped and Tootta with a smile said; Hey! Take this with you. And handed Kraedo a pigeon in his cage. She said:

You certainly know how to feed him.  

Whenever you stop for more than two days in your journey,

Set the pigeon free and leave the cage open. The pigeon will fly back to you with a message, to keep you updated about our lives.

Once you receive the pigeon back, keep it until you reach another stopping place and repeat the action. So we all know what we are up to. And by the way, sure you don’t want to stay? I am not pregnant as I feared, it was just a retarded flow. Kraedo with a serious facial expression said; My love, my great beautiful love, you know I have to go. I can’t stop going,

I am driven by forces stronger than me. Tootta; with a sweet smile said ok darling ok, just have a safe journey, take care and don’t eat the pigeon. They both laughed. She turned her horse back and kraedo continued his journey.

C H A P T E R   T E N.


T H E  L A N D  O F   F R E E D O M.


Then all the way to the Land Of Freedom



What charming lands he was about to cross.

would any of the readers like to accompany Kraedo into this attractive journey?

If yes, first write your will and say good by to friends and families.


Kraedo, kept trotting steady and calmly, enjoying all the surrounding view on his way to Dog’s Hill. He felt blessed by life and gratified by all his eventful days. Now he felt even spoiled,

He had two horses and tools and weapons that never had before. His mind on cloud nine.

He was going to be granted a wisdom recognition by the wise man.

He achieved all the tasks and more than the wise man assigned him.

He took his journey easy and made it in two days. He could have done it in one,

since he was on horse back but he preferred to enjoy the outstanding wilderness attractions

And take long relaxing breaks for eating and looking after the horses.

This time though, he had to reach for the clearing on Dog’s Hill from the opposite side of the hill. Nothing happened during the journey, only there was no campfire smoke to be seen. The old man was not there.

Kraedo remembered the words of the wise man; when you come back, come from the opposite side of the hill,

Directly from Land Of Women and if I am not here, you will find the instructions in side the cave. Follow them correctly and on time.

So he did;

At the clearance, there was nobody and he went straight into the cave, without looking at the dog. In the cave, he found a script on a levigated goats skin.

The instructions said; Look behind you, you will see the dog’s fur and his eyes. Steped out, dress the dog, and make yourself at home. For the first two weeks,

Light up the fire only with dry wood and don’t let any smoke be seen. Sit on the throne,

Relax, meditate over all your deeds and adventure.

Grow your beard, cover your hair and beard with cold ashes from your camp fire every morning and never wash it,

For as long as you stay at Dog’s Hill . Only leave the throne and the clearance for hunting and for your calls of nature.

At the end of the second week have some roasting always ready next to the fire. And from morning to noon sit still on the throne. Soon one morning, you will see the wise man.

Then and only then you have gained your wisdom. Then you can leave the clearing leaving everything as you founded.

Remember; wisdom is not a precious gift men are born with. Wisdom is the crop we reap from the plants we sown with sweat,

Hard work, honesty and faith in our spirit.


Kraedo was puzzled, intrigued and excited at the same time. He felt a great responsibility

And facing a wondrous task full of mysteries and discoveries to be made.

He then grabbed a dogs fur posed on a stone behind him, grabbed two shinning rubies next to it,

Stepped out and finally he seen the dog. It was a dog’s sculpture, carved in a granite stone, it had everything a dog have,

Teeth, tongue, two cavities for the eyes, where he placed the shinning rubies and finally covered with the perfectly suitably cut fur.

Kraedo took a few steps back and looked at it, it was perfect, then he smiled, lit up a fire with dry wood,

went out for some fruits of the forest, some edible roots and mushrooms and that was his dinner for the day,

then he fed the pigeon with some berries, some seeds he had in the bags, some water in an eggshell shaped piece of bark

And sat on the throne for a few hours before going to sleep inside the cave.

The next morning, after breakfast by the camp fire, he went out hunting and collecting roots, herbs, vegetables and some fruits.

The rest of the day, he sat on the throne and started his days of meditation.

He followed his memories from the more recent ones and inevitably his thoughts shifted to Tootta. Then to all the other girls, then to him self and all the adventures and misadventures he went through since he left the village that no longer existed.

Over the days and nights, he had been thinking about all these facts and tried to figure out

What he did wrong and what he could have done better.

He thought long with a sense of self criticism about the day he sent the mirror signals with Tootta from top of the cave.

He realised that, he and Tootta had really done something stupid, childish and dangerous.

Why he couldn’t put the time clock back? He would have stayed in the village, attended his father in his last days of life

with love, care and respect. He could have fought the invaders of King Askeroso

And may be the village would still exist. Or may be he would have been killed.

He knew that he could not go back on time but he felt that if he could, he would.

He thought about the land of Mysteries and Kolla and the child he never seen, his child. He evaluated the situation and could not find in that any wrong action. For no human in his vision,

Should be keep captive by another human being, under emotional blackmail.

After all, he entered the land of Mysteries peacefully with his clothes, his weapons, all his belongings,

All his ingenuity and spontaneity and left naked with bruises inside and out, with a broken heart and in danger of death.

No Kraedo didn’t feel any wrong doing in that.

He felt only a deep sorrow and sadness for not having had a chance to meet Kolla

In freedom and stay with her in freedom and reciprocal respect.

Would he ever meet his child? This was a question that would come to his mind from time to time.

Then, day by day, in his meditation times, he tried to analyse al the other aspects of his journey.

Why did he put six tribes at war against each other in the land of warriors?

And was it necessary go through the land of warriors?

Couldn’t he have climbed the mountains above and avoid the quarrelling tribes? The only answer he could find was;

Cheating on the wise man assignments would not make him any good.

And the warriors would have kept fighting anyway.  

But then he questioned himself;  

What right he had to get involved in their existence? And he answered himself with a lime excuse.

Why people occupies territories of the world and attack passers by?

Why travellers are not free to travel the lands of the planet safely?

If people want to fight is their right to fight, may be. But they should leave alone and in peace

Those who don’t want fight and let them travel in peace and safety.

Well, there he was Kraedo at odds with himself. With his mind to the Land Of Liars.

There he injured some men during his escape and may be someone got killed by his arrows or in the fire he lit .

Was it inevitable? Were there another way of getting across the Land Of Lies without having to wound or kill someone? Kraedo could find no excuses. He had to go across the Land Of Liars but he could have done differently,

Perhaps get around the Land Of Liars from the western borders and enter the land of truth from west.

But that was a very long detour and he had no time. The wise man gave him only only six months

To get across all the lands and get back to Dog’s Hill.

Kraedo stopped his mental discussion there and shifted his thoughts to what happened next.

He was severe with himself this time. The Land Of Truth was a hell of a place.

But what right he had to capture that bird and disclose publicly the features

And real feeding habits of the albino vulture? Why did he get involved in the affairs of a community he did not have to live with?

He even killed a member of that community, putting at serious risk his own life.

He shouldn’t have done anything like that. It was a mad community, yes! It was.  

It was a community organised around full mental control of few to keep under ignorance the many.

But it was at peace. Who was I, (thought Kraedo) to judge their way of life?  

Why did I get involved in a subversive way, with a disruptive act while I was not even a member of the community?

Besides, he was free to leave at any time (so they said)

That hurt. Kraedo admitted to himself that he was wrong,

That every community has the right and duty of their own destiny without interferences from out side.

Kraedo condemned his own act as an act of aggression, intrusion in other people’s life. He regretted that, yes he did.

Then he passed on to analyse everything happened afterwards. The crossing of the desert in no man’s land,

Made him feel the right great hero he always wanted to be. He crossed a desert he didn’t know, on his own,

survived the dangers of the wilderness , the attack and wounds of the puma, overcome fever and delirium,

Crossed a mountain under a scary sky full of fears and menaces.

In the most fearsome moments, recalled his infancy, his sweet days on his mum’s lap attached to her breast. And how beautiful life in the village was.

Kraedo felt great again, he felt humble, honest, good, not invincible, not immortal anymore. He now felt human.

With all his strengths and his weaknesses. He felt like he was the Kraedo he wanted to be.

And then he thought at the frightening sight of his devastated village and the thought that everybody was dead. And then he thought at the joy he felt when arriving back at the Land Of Fools, he funded all his people and family

there and he fell unconscious in his brother harms. What beautiful feelings, how beautiful human’s life was. How overwhelming was his joy for life.

It was time to send Tootta a message. He had some very light piece of cloth where he wrote these words; My Love, my experience at Dog’s Hill is coming to an end,

Soon I will be on my way to the Land Of Freedom, my final destination. Secured the message onto the pigeon’s leg and let it go. Two days later, he received a replay. The message said dear great love of mine, There are other ways to get to the Land Of Freedom and I am heading their today.

Don’t answer this message, I won’t be here to read it. Just take care of your self and see you in The Land Of Freedom.

Don’t delay, lots of love, you heart and soul Tootta.

Two weeks had passed and he lit up the fire with some green branches and kept it alive and smoking everyday.

He kept a good piece of roasting leg of which ever was the catch of the day, nice and ready next to the fire.

He covered his hair and beard with cold ashes everyday and he sat on the throne still and patient every morning. On the third day, while thinking about his life, he heard a crack from the sentry he came in the first time.

A striking idea flashed in his mind, an idea that enlighten his mind.

Now everything was clear, everything was visible, the puzzle was complete.

With a calm inviting voice he said; Come forward my friend, don’t be afraid.

He was a boy on his twenties that came into the clearance. (Note to the reader; it could have been a girl,

So don’t think of me as a sexist. Film makers can decide the gender )

As the boy approached, Kraedo said; make yourself comfortable and help your self to some roast and some fresh water. The boy sat on the stone bench, eat with pleasure the roast,

drunk some fresh water from the gourd the wise man passed him and then with a humble voice,

Thanked the wise man and asked; Oh! Wise man, how can I be wise and and strong and fair?

The wise man asked; What is your name?

The boy; Reekreo.

The wise man: Where you coming from my young friend?

The boy; The Land Of Peace.

The wise man; Never heard off.  

Reekreo ; It was called the Land Of Warriors before the devastating action of a demoniac boy.

He brought us into kill each other to near extinction.

The wise man: Tell me about it.

Reekreo; We were six tribes, living on the banks of a rich great river, we had everything we needed to live in peace and happy.

But passed most of our days fighting each other and quarrelling for no plausible reason.

Until one day the Gods, decided to punish us and give us a chance to begin another existence

In peace with each other and in harmony with nature.

One day, (continued Reekreo) A terrible warrior called Kraedo arrived naked to our village,

He only had a bow, arrows and the determination and capability to destroy any one that stood on his way.

He made a deal with my father Bwonow to help him subdue the other tribes.

This Kraedo was so cleaver, cunning and manipulative that in a few days, put all the six tribes at war with each other ,

A dramatic bloody war that brought all tribes nearly to self extinction.

We were six communities that counted about one thousand individuals. During two weeks of incessant ruthless killing, the number of individuals amounted to less than one hundred ,

The fields were drenched in blood, the smell of rotting corpses unbearable for mile around.

I couldn’t stand anymore the hatred, the killing and all the grief that was mortifying our existence. Me, first on my own, shouted; Stop! Stop! Stop the killing now, running naked across the fields

Calling all the kids of all tribes to rebel against the killing. Finally we all the kids were running naked together against our fathers on the battle fields, on both sides of the river.

They all stopped, dropped their swords and made agreements to unite all in one tribe, rename the territory, the Land Of Peace. Now we are living in peace and the people of my united tribes, want me to be the spiritual leader of the community. I dont think to be wise enough for that role. I want to be wise enough to keep my people together with reciprocal love, respect and peace. Help oh wise man, help me to make the best for my healing people.

Kraedo felt raging against himself, felt miserable, unforgivable. But perhaps (he taught)

Perhaps that a great human civilisation would grow after so much grief and suffering.

Kraedo also felt he met a boy highly driven by the SPIRIT OF ORDER AND HARMONY And he felt privileged about the encounter with such a noble spirit.

Pushing back his tears, Kraedo spoke;

You are already wise and strong enough, to lead your community to a new existence ,

To re create a sense of belonging and sharing, as your name suggests.

The only thing you need at your age is some experience in the land of families,

to learn another way of being a community and a few weeks experience in the land of people,

Where you can experience the various aspect of living with women in charge of leading the community.

Avoid absolutely all other lands. Especially the land of Liars and the Land Of Truth.

Those are the lands of bad people that would not teach you any good and keep you captive for live.

Avoid the land of mysteries is not worth a visit and there you may end prisoner for ever as well. Steer way from all troubled lands. After the experiences in the Land Of Families and in The Land Of People, you come back here,

From the opposite side you came in this time, come directly from the Land Of People, I will not be here for a while.

You enter the cave and find the instructions inside the cave, follow the instructions correctly and in time.

Until The Wise man will seat again on this throne. And now, take one of my horses as a gift, ride it back to your people and tell them where you are going

To and keep them constantly informed via pigeon messengers of your whereabouts. Good luck great wise boy.

The boy took a horse and rode south, towards the Land Of Peace.

Kraedo could finally let the tears run down his beard.

As the boy left, Kraedo replaced the cracked branches under the dust on the sentry with new dry branches. the same sentry he walked when he first came to visit the wise man, the same used by Reekreo and God knows how many others before have walked over the dry branches on that sentry in search of wisdom.

Folded the dog’s fur and placed on the stone in the cave, placing the rubies on top. Finally, he washed him self with the water from a large bucket near the cave, got shaved and got ready his horse, collected his tools and left towards the North east, towards the Land Of Freedom.

Kraedo trotted in direction east-north-east, towards the Land Of Freedom,

As described by father Aezy in his stories during the summer nights in the village by the campfire.

It should have been a week march, much less on a horse back. It was a period of mental tranquillity.

Veeta was quiet, so was Naero. At this stage they were both almost sure that Kraedo would live until a natural death would occur.

On his way, the following morning Kraedo, entered a flat territory covered with high grass

And dozens of youngsters of both genders, playing around and shouting aloud. They looked pacific. He approached them and introduced him self and asked; what is the name of this place?

Almost all simultaneously answered with a smile, this we call it the land of thieves.

Ah! Exclaimed Kraedo and you live here on the grass without shelter? And you are all so young.  

Don’t you have relatives? Yes, they all exclaimed. They all live in our village behind the wood on our left.

Kraedo looked towards the indicated wood half a mile away and he could see some huts at the end of the wood.

He was curious and asked; Why you call it The Land Of Thieves? Are the people in your village thieves?

They exclaimed in chorus; No! No! Not at all. The adults, call it the Land Of Thieves but we children

Call our village the Sleeping Men Village, because they are always sleeping during the day and stay awake at night.

We come here to play spy and we call this play ground The Land Of Spies.

Kraedo said: Funny and confusing story and how you play spy?

They said; we show you, join us in circle and play with us.

Kraedo didn’t see any danger in playing with children for a minute and since all the adults were asleep

And he didn’t have intention at all to visit their village, jumped off the horse and joined them. The children explained the game rules. Everybody had to stay in circle, one behind the other, with their hand holding

On the hips of the person in front and their head down on the back of the person in front.

One of them would stay in the centre of the circle and act as a judge. The judge would order; now close your eyes and everybody would close the yes. The after a minute, the judge would order; now open your eyes.

During the closed eyes minute, anyone spotted with open eyes, would be disqualified

for been caught spying and punished with a penitence decided by the rest of the children.

Kraedo was thinking that it was an innocent and silly game and had after the first round,

Decided to have one more round. At the end of the second round all children were laughing and the judge,  

Looking at Kraedo said, you are disqualified, you opened your eyes. Kraedo replied; No I didn’t. The children said;

The decision of the judge, is not negotiable. As a penitence, we ask you to run towards the village and come back without stopping running and without looking back.

If you stop running or look back we give you one more penitence.

Ok said Kraedo, thinking that after so many hours riding the horse would be healthy running a mile or so to stretch his legs.

And of he went with his sword hanging on his side.

He run and at the edge of the wood, he turned around, and smiled sarcastically thinking

How stupid he had been.

On looking towards the play ground, he could see no one and the horse had disappeared.

He kept smiling and diverted his run towards the Land Of Freedom. After all it was his fault, he didn’t have to stop. Well,

He thought philosophically, I still have my sword, my knife and I learned another lesson from life.

He kept running and only stopped at dusk, miles and miles away, next to a stream of water.

Eat some edible herbs and row roots, fund a safe place to rest near a rock, fund a flint stone,

Lit a small fire with dry wood and slept.

The following morning, he resumed his march. He recon to be now very close to Land Of Freedom.

He recognised the territory as in his father stories, as the beginning of the Land Of Masters and Slaves. He remembered his father telling that on the east side of the Land Of Masters and Slaves,

it was the Land Of Quick Sands, inhabited by wolves and with sentries so narrow between quick sands pools

That the wolves had to walk in single file. Kraedo was confident that would find the wolves path by following

The wolves prints on the floor. And he did and he walked towards the East.

He didn’t have any intention of crossing the Land of Masters and Slaves, he was wise enough now.

He walked all day and at night, was still on a wolves path. He didn’t need water as he drunk

in abundance before entering the territory, he felt also strong enough to stay awake

All night until making it out of the Quick Sands Territory.

Only at dusk, e noticed the red eyes coming towards him. There we are he taught. The wolves are coming.

Extracted the sword, it was business as usual for Kraedo. Only thing was, that the wolves were coming from both sides,

From front and from behind and Kraedo had only one sword and a knife.

After all what Kraedo had been through, this was a child game. He extracted his knife too and holding his knife on his left hand

and his sword on his right hand, he advanced walking sideways,

Stabbing securely in the chest all the wolves that charged him, pushing their wounded bodies to the quick sands pools.

It was an energy consuming situation and often he changed his walking position, from walking to his left,

Turning his body around and walk to his right. He kept awake and motivating himself by talking to the wolves as if he was stubbing bad men.

On pushing his sword into a wolves chest, he would shout; How do you feel about my sword eh?

Was it taste enough for you? And while pushing his knife into another wolf’s chest; and you darling?

Did you like it? Luckily it was still later summer and the night was still short. At break of dawn,

The wolves disappeared. The Quick Sands Territory ended and only remained a few hour of walk

Before reaching the Beach in The Land Of Freedom.

He was tired, really really tired and thirsty and hungry. He was now approaching the rocky giants. He remembered from his father stories about the rocky giants at the gates of Land Of Freedom

And he also remembered the pile of swords next to the giants. It was a huge pile of swords, rusting on the floor at the feet of the rocky giants.

He felt too tired and too thirsty and too hungry to continue and opted for a roast iguana he just killed

With his knife and a small spring of water before the swords pile.

He eat and drunk and felt new wave of energy energy flowing in his body and moved on towards the gates.

As he approached closer, the rocky giants came alive and with a threatening thundering voice, moved slowly towards Kraedo mumbling ;  

Beware young man, you don’t enter the Land Of Freedom armed. If you try we will squash you.

Kraedo was utterly fed up with fighting, fed up with war and violence. He stopped and shouted; Enough! enough!

I am fed up to the tip of my hair of violence, fighting, war and every kind of conflict.

And with all the strength he had in his body, thrown his sword to the pile and shouted in direction of the rocky giants;  


As the sword bounced against the pile of swords, Kraedo was assisting to something astonishing. Something that he'd never dreamed of. The giants were crumbling into grains of sand. He looked behind him and exclaimed in surprise; Holy spirits! What the heck is going on,

the pools of quick sands, were a floride wood of palm trees and on turning his head to the gates,

there was a beach that stretched for ever and the sea waters were crystal clear

And thousands of naked people were basking in the sun. Kraedo was looking around in disbelief

when he felt two hands, covering his eyes from behind and Tootta’s voice whispering;


It was indescribable emotional moment. It was pure wondrous bliss.

They made love on the beach, like everybody else does in the Land of Freedom

And moved towards the palm trees to rest.

They were sitting on the sand relaxing and enjoying the fussy congregations of children

Listening with attention and joy to their adult relatives, telling stories. Kraedo asked; why are you on your own? Why did you come alone? Tootta; Darling, the Land Of Freedom, is a Place where everybody reaches alone. There are no group excursions to Land Of Freedom. I thought you knew it. To reach the Land Of Freedom, anybody must drop his own sword on the pile. As Your father Aezy told us the piles of refused swords, can be fund everywhere in the world. So I fund my pile, dropped my sword and reached for this place we call The Land Of Freedom. You dear Kraedo, took the long and dangerous way around to reach this land. But everybody does thing differently. What counts most, is that now we are here together.

Some of the children, approached and invited Kraedo and Tootta to join them. And one of them yelled;

Heyyyy!!!! We never seen you before, come and tell us your stories please. Entertain us. Tootta said: (looking to Kraedo). Common darling tell them the stories of your journeys.

Kraedo begun; I descend from Aezy a man from here, and Leyska from Better Men Village.

Aezy one day, bored and in the mood to make some discoveries,

Picked up a sword from the pile and suddenly another world appeared before his eyes. The new world before his eyes, span for ever, it looked infinite and Aezy, decide to start a journey of exploration.

For the occasion, he changed his name. He re named himself FREEMAN.


FREEMAN, appeared at the edge of the flat plains, the raising sun at the back projected his shadow down towards the middle of the plains where the slaves of the right master were fighting the slaves of the left master. Freeman could see the masters, they were two bold heads as huge as rounded hills They were watching their slaves fighting each other. They noticed the sudden appearance of freeman and ordered their respective slaves to stop the fight, for the moment join forces, fight freeman, chop his head off and bring it to them. The one who would deliver freeman’s head would have a brand new sword as a price. Freeman was approaching fast, casting a frightening shadow before himself. The slaves charged with their swords, their war cry and their anger, freeman fought all of them and defeated them without killing a single one of them. The slaves were on their knees, begging for mercy, one spoke for them all: he said: you are invincible, we are your slaves whenever you want give us the order we shall attack our old masters, kill them, bring you their heads and fight at your orders only. Freeman couldn’t hide an expression of disgust and replied: I am a free man; I have no slaves, I have no masters, I have no followers I have no leaders. I am free, I am busy enjoying my freedom, I have no time to waste in commanding slaves or being commanded and now get out of my way all of you waste of human beings.

One of the slaves asked; what are you after? Freeman replied; knowledge. Then the slave asked again: is it better than power? Freeman said ; knowledge is the only power, knowledge is everything, No one can take it away from you when you have it, and you don’t need to fight to keep it. You can pass it to everyone but still possess it yourself.


Freeman posed two seconds and continued: while the power you know,

That miserable disgusting power of a man over another man, is an illusion. Once you have it, you must fight all your life to keep it, until someone stronger takes it away from you and the story starts again and again and again.

That you call power, is blindness, it is cowardice, that lives in the arid hearts of miserable people

Who don’t have the courage to live their life in freedom. And to hide their weakness, gain power over other men.  

Because the bigger is the misery they inflict to others, the smaller it looks the misery that harbour in their empty souls.

They are sick and so are all those who play their game. The slaves were raging with anger and hatred, freeman walked through leaving them behind, as they seen his back, jumped on him, chopped off his head and fought each other for the possession of his head, a second later they noticed a new head appearing on freeman’s shoulders, in the blink of an eye they cut the second head off as well, So they thought our masters should be good with us, we are bringing them one head each. But the heads in their hands, suddenly disappeared and they turned on to freeman again and again, cutting off his head again and again and the chopped heads disappeared again and again while freeman kept walking on his direction growing a new head each time one was chopped off. Until he disappeared beyond the horizon.

He walked for days and days, towards west-south-west until he reached for the sea. He walked on the seashore, passing The Land Of Fools to a point where he couldn’t walk anymore. The sea shore, ended at the base of the high walls of an extinct volcano crater;  

There were a column of smoke coming from the crater. It looked like to Aezy to be a man’s made fire. He was sure there were people inside the crater. He decided to swim and find an entrance from the sea. Aezy couldn’t resist the temptation,

He was attracted by that place, like iron to a magnet. He swam with his sword, hanging on his right hip. After a couple of mile swimming, with the aid of a strong current, he arrived to a small beach. From that point, he could spot an entrance to the crater,

He swam to the sea shore, came off the waters and with a religious silence, buried his sword in the sand. Finished to bury his sword, as he put his head up, he saw a beautiful slender feminine figure, standing before him. She introduced herself (taking Aezy’s right hand in her left hand). I am Leyska, my love. Why did you take so long?

I have been waiting for you for eighteen long years.

Come darling come with me to our village. Leyska took my dad to the village, and from there, to her secret hideout under a waterfall.

They made love passionate and I was conceived.

My father and my mother, went back to the village. At the entrance to Leyska hut, the men of the village greeted Aezy and handed him his sword saying;  

This is your sword Aezy. Aezy replied; I buried it because I came here in peace, to stay in peace with you. The men replied; We know and appreciate that. We also live in peace and do not use our swords

But we place them in our huts as a relic and reminder of our past. Aezy thanked the men and hanged his sword on the wall in Leyska hut. And from there on another life begun for Aezy.

Everybody on the beach was applauding.

Then another boy, asked Kraedo to tell his journey adventures to the Land Of Freedom.

Kraedo; I left the Village of Better Men village with my dad’s sword and travelled the world.

I swam across a lake of tears, (my own tears)

Run naked over fields of thorns shooting my arrows across the sky (my own shames)

Quenched my thirst with water and human blood , (my own blood)

Avoid starvation feeding on human flesh (my own flesh)

Walked the night under a dark sky covered with clouds loaded with fear, (my own fears)

Stood the pain and torture of the journey, telling my self stories and jokes, (my own lies)

leaving behind a trail of sorrow and bits of skin , (my own prejudices)

Chanting aloud my thoughts (building up my own courage)

Driven by a high fever and delirium. (my rebellion and and revolution) Feeling the confidence as I moved on (taking conscience of my strength)

Until I reached naked, bruised and battered the land of freedom.

The people was cheering and applauding and whistling, then suddenly, everybody disappear in a magic flash

Suddenly the ground around him trembled, the land around was splitting creating crevasses and canyons

It was an earthquake.

From far away in the horizon, in direction where once stood the Better

Men Village and Land Of Families,(formerly land of fools), long columns of flames and smoke rose up to the sky.

Kraedo figured it out immediately that it was the volcano where the Better Men Village once stood,

It was not extinct at all, it was dormant. And now it was erupting with a devastating force.

The all land, was sinking,

The sea waters were rising fast the wave of a tsunami was flooding every millimetre of the land.  

The land didn’t exist anymore. Kraedo felt sinking and sinking, he couldn’t come afloat anymore he couldn’t breath,

For a few seconds he could see father Aezy calling him, come Kraedo come don’t be afraid here we are all of us.

We love you my dear son, we love you. In a moment, as long as an eternity, Kraedo had been steering under water,

looking at the faces of Aezy, mother leyska, Kolla, holding a little baby boy, (Kraedo’s son) and all the girls

He loved in the Land Of Women and brother I-Jee and everyone was extending their arms towards Kraedo and there was Kodda holding his hand and there was Tootta cuddling and kissing him.

Kraedo couldn’t breath, his lungs where about to explode and his head went numb.

And everything around him, went blank. The total silence fell over Kraedo and around him. Kraedo passed.















My old poems, are the building blocks in the supporting base of my books;

These poems will be incorporated as a base for the stories I will wright on the second and final book.


(Book two)



All That Bull!

Home after work, opened the window removed my tie.

Thrown the television right out in the sky.

No sense of remorse no sense of sin

The TV plunges down right into the bin.

With the licence fee bought a pair of roller-skates

So I have fun in the park with some of my mates.

Wind blowing on my face sense of freedom in my mind.

Away from manipulation and lies of any kind.

Away from all the nonsense preachers preach.

away from all the bullshit TV programmes teach

Away from all the lies that politicians tell

away from all the rubbish that merchants sell

Children’s; Chorus;

All the bullshit, they are preaching

All the bullshit, they are teaching

All the bullshit, they are telling

All the bullshit, they are selling

No more hatred no more lies

no more rubbish for my eyes

I am surfing on the street

like a surfer on the wave

Play my notes as I move in my imaginary stave.

Away from all the nonsense preachers preach

Away from all the bullshit TV programmes teach

Away from all the lies, the politicians tell

Away from all the bullshit the merchants sell.

Away from:

Children’s Chorus;

All the bullshit, they are preaching

All the bullshit, they are teaching

All the bullshit, they are telling

All the bullshit, they are selling

Chorus, with a loud shout: BULLSHIT !

The Bus Driver Blues!

Two biscuits and a coffee before the morning rush

On the left hand a tube on the right a toothbrush.

Minutes later I am on the bus,

driving up and down the road,

Transporting with care my sweet and sour load.

Turning to the left turning to the right

Pass the round about straight at the traffic light.

Oh boy ! This is the bus driver blues.

Yes is the bus driver blues.

The controllers on the stand with their grimace of pain

Whether I do it right or wrong must take their complaint.

Someone asks silly questions, like driver are you passing by the church ?

and sometimes some roads are closed for demonstrations march

Then some kids board the bus

yelling and making fuss

running and stomping every where,

Transforming a bus ride in a mobile fun fair.

Turning to the left turning to the right

Pass the round about straight at the traffic light.

Is the bus driver blues. yes is the bus driver blues.

the bus driver blues, the bus driver blues.

Back home back in my bed , telly’s telling the news

I play with my lover the night bus driver’s blues.

Pulled the curtains closed, switched off the light

I’ll see you in the morning from all of us goodnight..

By the genius, RENATO NIOI off course. For nearly five months I worked for a tourist bus company

In London during the summer 2002 and everything seemed to be OK. But towards the end of the summer,

my superiors had begun to give me a lots of hard time in order to make me leave,

I knew that in the winter they needed less drivers since, when I started working for them

ButI needed to stay a few more weeks. They were really pushing me hard with their controllers

at the bus stands treating me very badly, sending a lots of mysterious passengers

on my bus to find an excuse to fire me, so I decided to let them know that

I knew what was going on and in order to resist a few more weeks I have written a teasing song

About me and them. It is a song were they appear as …. well as what they really are.  

And I as the only serious man of the lot who wants to do the job in peace.

The Suicide Attempt!

Why kill yourself my son ?

Disgusted and tired of being a man?

Every day you should wish to live one more day,

There is no need to suicide as we all die anyway

Life for you may not be a great fun

But such is every life under the sun.

Some show happiness on the outer skin

But sorrow and delusion are hidden within.

There are no lucky or unlucky ones,

We are all pretenders, all comedians.

So if you dislike the role you play

Please don’t throw your life away.

Take a break, have a rest,

Watch others play, spot the best.

Isn’t this an exciting show?

Do you still want to go?

The greatest challenge my dear friend

It is to stay right until the end.

Ever heard of someone famous, infamous or just an unknown person who committed suicide?

Who hasn’t. Ever thought of the suicides years later when the world situation has changed

How well they would fit in the contemporary world that none of them would have committed suicide?

Too late you see? If any of them were still alive wouldn’t have done it.

So why none of the suicides thinks of this and sink into their despair?

It must be impatience of getting to the end of the show.

How can it be? Well in this world there are millions of people without a life of their own

And they spend their time manipulating other people’s life in order to feel important and alive.

This people are highly regarded in our society , they play roles of importance in our community,

Sometimes it is just a partner who manipulates the other partner.

The victim is always a creative person that is so immersed in its own creativity,

In its own world that don’t notice someone who is manipulating them.

Once the mastermind has established he's/her's power over the creative person,

like a heroine addicted, wants more of it and eventually, ends manipulating more than one person at time,

giving roles to play, setting up rules and scores and creating situations

Where they spare for themselves roles of command and control.

The creative person feels sad and mortify and thinks that life is not worthy living.

The manipulators don’t see themselves as such but as a superior intelligence

That has the right to act the way they do without remorse.

They are psycho parasites who suck emotions from other peoples life.

Without a victim to manipulate they would be like an empty bag.

If a creative person fall victim of a manipulator life-sucker or lives in a despotic country and is

given a role to play, sooner or later he/she will rebel and if rebellion is not successful

And they can’t find a way out of that psychological prison, he/she will escape that prison through suicide.

I have composed this poem in 1994 while attending a job club in Islington.

And I think this is just a masterpiece of written geniality,

Don't you think so? Well, my name is not Modest,

My name is Renato and I am a genius.





I am the boss; the mastermind

I am a seer you are all blind.

I am a poet I am a mentor

I am a genius an inventor

And to prove all that I say

In a world of ass lickers

I have invented the ass-tray

Close your eyes and think I am sexy when I screw you

If you want that promotion and see your dreams coming true.

Look attentive and impressed when I tell all that bullshit

Because. I am the boss. I am the boss and that is it.



Your beauty at first sight,

Reminds the grace of seagulls in flight.

The shine on your face, the spark in your eyes,

Reminds the marvel of stars in the skies.

Your soul is as deep as it is the universe

Your smile keeps away the evil adverse.

You have all it takes, the old and the new

God fell exhausted after blessing you.


If you are looking for the right man,

I’ll give you more than anybody can.

I’ll make you feel spinning, on a heavenly ride

When you walk, on the street by my side.

Then I’ll take you to the garden of my soul.

Exotic flowers, inebriant scent you’ll love recall.

A golden bench is there for you to sit on,

A full silver moon for you shinning on.

The garden of my soul is watered by the morning dew,

Day time is sunny I made it up just for you.

My soul don’t know the falling of the rain

On you, my moon won’t shine on in vain.

Welcome sweet girl to the depth of my heart

You can do what you want, even tear it apart

Year 2000.

I was going through a difficult period of my life.

To survive the pain and sadness I felt it was thrown upon me, by adverse circumstances of life,

I forced myself to think that every thing was hurting me, it was for a reason, it was because

I was strong enough to bear the pain. If that negative and sad moment had fallen upon a less strong spirit,

Much probably wouldn’t have survived. So I told my self pleasant lies. I used to tell my self that

I was a hero keeping a smile and my happiness intact, by killing all evil and pain thrown at me by

Transforming them in blinking stars in the sky. Convincing my self that only the spirit of a Pisces

Could overcome all evil and pain and proudly hang them in the Pisces constellation as a trophy.

My Corner in the Sky

All the happiness that I had all the moments of joy

are displayed on my smile and through the spark of my eyes

like a powerful sun ray

On a clear summer day.

All the hatred I received

all the sadness I lived

had become blinking stars

in my corner in the sky

In the Pisces constellation

where all evil goes to die

In 2001 I was driving buses in South London. The management stress was so bad that I was losing my smile and my joy for life.

I wanted to write a song to explain that I was fed up with unnecessary unwanted and undeserved stress

And shout to the entire world that I was unhappy and I wanted back by smile, my hopes and my dreams and my joyful mood.

But I couldn’t make the rhymes and the all song explicitly against my grief in the working place,

It came out something different. A totally different story but in the end, it sound like a good song, so I kept it.

Dreams & Drums.

I was happy was in love with you

but this morning you told me on the phone

that you got a new man as from now

I am the one that is living alone.

Oh please don’t give me your excuses and your tears

I can handle my life without fears.

Just give me back my dreams and my drums,

Give me back my drums and my dreams.

With my drums I can play a song,

until the next love comes along,

with my dreams I can get through the day,

Write the rhymes to what I sing and I play.

Give me back my drums and my dreams

Life without you isn’t as bad as it seems.

Give me back my dreams and my drums

save the tears for your yourself when the time comes

Let me go without say one more word,

Loosing you is not the end of the world!


This is a poem I would like to dedicate to the woman who makes me feel exactly as in the poem.

The day I will met that woman, the title, will be replaced By the name of that woman.



When in my dreams you appear,

more graceful than a dove

I am floating in the air

Eager to tell you of my love.

But daybreak catches me by surprise,

I am ill at easy before your power.

You are the essential sunrise,

I am merely a flower.


It was a late spring afternoon 2001 I was driving the bus along Kings Road I was stuck in traffic

Just fifty yards from my right turn in to Lots Road. I had my window open and a convertible BMW stopped by my side.

Two black girls inside, they were ….beautiful ….help me to say beautiful actually they were beautiful beyond beauty

And they were singing and laughing and ..oh God .. They were looking at me, how could I have possibly resisted.

I chatted them and I remember I said; where two beauties like you are going to cause damage? Why don’t you wait for me?

You know, I am an Italian poet, I am romantic, I am wild I am good I, AM THE MAN.

They liked my say and told me they were going to a pub for an after work party and guess what?

They invited me too. I felt well…. I can’t describe how I felt. I only remember I begun singing in direction of the one at the driving seat in sun glasses. Who’s is the lucky man, who’s the lucky one,

Who kisses your lips who cuddles your hips when the night comes buried in your arms.

She was flattered,

She looked at me asked my name and said we wait for you at the pub.

please come or we come to your garage and get you.

I WENT TO THE PUB AFTER MY SHIFT, we danced and drunk and I found out they all had relatives working in the same bus depot with me,

A few days later, all my colleagues at depot, were making friendly funny comments about me

(The mad Italian driver) chatting up girls from a bus window while drivi.

The Lucky Man

Who is the lucky man?

Who is the lucky one?

Who kisses your lips

who cuddles your hips

Who when the night comes

until the sun rises

Finds in your arms all his paradise.

Tell me there is no one

tell me you wish was me

me the lucky man

and I wish I was he

He the lucky man.

Me, who kisses your lips

me, who cuddles your hips

me when the night comes

and when the sun rises

buried in your arms

In my paradise.



I was driving a tourist tour bus (THE BIG BUS) in London and she boarded the bus at the Trafalgar Square stop,

because I can’t resist feminine beauty (if I could I’d have saved myself lots of hearth ache in my life)

I chatted her until eventually we decided to meet again. At the London Eye stop she alighted,

we exchanged E-mail addresses she took a photo of me and made a huge smile full of promises

And she went in direction of the River Thames. She E-mailed me about six days later.

The things she wrote me on the net were way too good for me, especially because she didn’t know me well,

I was tempted to accept all the love she was showing me but a Tyne little voice

in the back of my mind was telling me to slow down, apply the brakes, apply the warning lights

And think long and well before let my heart running wild. I think I was right.

When we decided to meet in her university apartment in Coventry, it was a bleak afternoon

I knew by the forecast on tv it was going to rain at around ten pm and I have to be back in service at six am next day,

so I thought would be a good idea, to take the girl out to the local ice rink or local disco,

show a few sexy moves in order to arouse her sexually, take her back to her apartment make love to her,

Stay overnight let the rain pass and ride back to London directly to the working place. But something went wrong,

When we met she doubted, was really me, who baked the cookies I brought and that annoyed me a lot.

Then she doubted I have really composed my poems and that pissed me off.

When she wanted to show me how her name is written in Chinese,

I acted stupidly by ignoring her because to me it was to hard to learn. And I thought that is inappropriate.

Inviting me to her apartment, only to teach me Chinese . Anyway we got out we danced separately

and at about ten thirty I told her I wanted to leave and go back to London (not very romantic I guess)

so I took her back to her apartment and at11.20 pm I was on my bike in the torrential rain

And arrived London at 1.50 am soaking wet and.. Yes at six I was at the wheel on the bus. End of the story?

no not yet, the following day we were both very cold on the phone and one day later she E-mailed me again

Calling me funny guy on the salutation line, I didn’t replay. The day after she E-mailed again this time

she told me to have a boy friend in Manchester yet I didnt replay and I did what I always do in these cases,

erased her number from the memory of my cell phone, cancelled her E-mail address from my file waited

Five weeks and took my revenge. I composed a poem about her, to prove that I really write my poems.

I signed my poem as funny Guy and posted to her university course address,

Now she knows that whoever she dates out, may be a beautiful man, may be taller than me,

may be twenty years younger than me but will never be able to write poems as I do

and never bake the type of cookies, to say nothing, the way I ice-skate or the way I dance.



Sofisticated beauty named Haiyan,

It is the Chinese for seagull.

Sh’s got the grace of one

When walks down the mall.

Silky dark hair smooth clear skin,

sexy cover girl on a glossy magazine

She’s got a look mysterious and intense,

Indomitable soul and sharp intelligence.

We met near the river one day before sunset

I lost my heart to her the first time we met.

In 2005, as an owner of a new Honda motorcycle, I receive some invitation from Chiswick Honda Shop.

The invitation was to participate in a raffle to win a Honda Fire blade 1000 cc of pure joyous madness.

I wanted that bike madly and tried to trick the organisers of the Honda Raffle to make me win it.

So I tried to corrupt them by sending them a poem to be written on the thank of the next fire blade production.

All I received, was great compliments and the invitation to write more things like this for other Honda motorcycles.

After a few days, I composed a little sexy story about my recent journey to Croatia on y Honda hornet 600 cc motorbike.

I received again lots of compliments but never knew anything about the winner of the raffle.

Two months later, I wrote them again, asking who was the winner and the reply was: SORRY THE RAFFLE WAS CANCELLED.

Well, never mind may be then I am the only silly man who writes poems about a bike. But I like this poem anyway.


She is the object of my desire,

Beauty and precision fuel and fire.

Her saddle between my legs,

My feet on her foot pegs.

Fire blade, the bike of my dreams

as I open the gas she screams.

Now my dream has come true

and I am screaming too.

And when my steam is low

and my spirit in the shade

To spice up my life

I take a ride on my Fire blade.


Love is a delicate flower,

Honesty is its fence.

Constancy its fertiliser,

Devotion is the dew on its petals.

Lies are the hail,

carelessness is the chill

Unfaithfulness is the hurricane

That uproots it completely.

This happened in 1992, I was studying a stage craft course at a local college in Bethnal Green,

Back then I remember I knew a lots of people, especially girls and everybody was talking a lot about love.

I wanted to express my understanding of love and composed my first poem in english.

Because I didn’t have nobody in particular to whom dedicate the poem I gave it to Sandra, an Australian lesbian

That in my opinion was the only real person of the lot, I founded all the others, artificial and shallow.

Sandra was very touched by my poem and that made me feel proud. Two months later I failed my acting project on stage

With a real audience made of local people, they laughed their hearts out and I think they are still laughing.

Sandra didn’t laugh instead she and her girlfriend, spent a great deal of time helping me out of that nightmare.

Thank you Sandra, wherever you are I love you. Here is your poem again From Renato Nioi.


I composed this song in a week,

after a very dramatic event that happened in Peckham.


He was a sweet soul,

He had dreams he had THE smile

and a purpose in life.

Not so the lost soul

that was handling the knife.

Chorus : Damilola Damilola! Damilola Damilola.

May the angels of mercy forgive what they have done

May the justice of God, reach where the humans’s can’t

Chorus : Damilola Damilola ! Damilola Damilola.

On the streets of Peckham

nights and Days are all the same

every light and every shadow

every leaf on every three,

every brick on every wall

Are all whispering his name.

Chorus : Damilola Damilola! Damilola Damilola!

We shall not see you anymore,

with your friends playing around,

no more school no more computer,

no more fuss in the playground

no more running on the grass

but your spirit and your smile

Will for ever live with us.

This song is dedicated to Damilola Taylor, killed by other kids at the age of ten.

When this happened I was very sad and angry because when I was ten,

I had the same hopes and dreams, me too wanted to escape the poverty of my homeland and give better life to all my family.

Eventually things didn’t go the way I hoped, I didn’t achieved all my objectives

But I am still alive, he is no longer with us. I hope not to hurt his family with this and

I also hope this song one day is sung in all churches and synagogues and mosques all over the world.

It took me less than two hours to compose this.

Warning : no one under no circumstances is allowed to make any money out of this song.



Remember your hey days? Everybody has had them once but I have had them three times

and just about to start the forth time, yes folks my hey days span for thirty years

Through four different countries in four different languages. My last hey days to date were in 1995-1999,

The year relating to the poem below . Written in Luton on my desk at Debonair Airways.

Back then I was very much in demand by my friends. Think I was forty five

and girls less than a half my age would call me to their parties, would knock at my door

to get me out dancing, I would dance tireless all night long and sometimes beautiful young girls

Would approach me to chat me up. At that time I use to dye my hair and I looked like a thirty years old guy.

Because of that I stopped to dye my hair to discourage too young girls coming for me.

I never had sex with these girls anyway.

They were just friends, the kind of friends I wished I had in my teen years.

I Was having at 45. So stopped dying my hair, the horrible thing, is I still attract young girls,

God knows what they see in me, I like to play with them as friends, because in my young age,

I worked six days par week, 14 hours a day in a restaurant.

Anyway thank you girls for inspiring me this song.

Sometimes I can sing

like a bird in early spring,

When my friends call me out and I can see

They can’t go without me.

Hit the disco and dance till the night ends

tireless and happy when I am out with my friends

God meant discos for people to have fun,

I don’t miss a chance I dance every time I can.

When you and your friends feel the same way

still in control but a little bit insane

and you want to dance and you want to sing and you want to say

Forget about your job forget about your boss! Let’s do it again.

The next song lyrics is the back bone of my fantasy book The Stray Spirits.

it will be explained in full at the end of part two of the book

And will also be extended into a complete rock song lyrics.

My two books, are the story of the world, as I have seen it.

Every human settlement, developed near rivers and lakes and springs of sweet water.

In the period I thought about this story, I was living in London.

One of the large human settlements, I ever lived in and been part of it.

So I named the web site

Near the River!

Welcome near the river.

Where cities are built,

Driven by hope and illusion

Marred by greed and corruption.

For anyone who leaves

A new one arrives.

With his dreams and his vision

Soon traded for sorrow and delusion.

Welcome near the river with its rapids and its bends

Where from nothing all begins and in nothing all it ends.


I met her in the gym, closed my eyes

To concentrate better during my exercise

Reopened after a long while

Found myself facing her seductive smile.


Of a noble profile she stands fit and proud

And my eyes go soft, my heartbeat fast and loud


Her magnetic personality hit my imagination

Now I see her everywhere

on London streets and billboards, in cinemas and TV

Among a million faces her smile is all I see.


Then unleash my bike fast on the motorway

My mind is running faster on the opposite way.


I think it must be love,

I think I am in love with Eva.

Eva left London after a year and moved back to Sweden in Stockholm where she lives.

Oh! By the way it never happened we remained only good friends.


Soledad! companera de almas profundas

vas de paso con mentes vagabundas,

Acoplas la joya con la melancoli­a

y confundes la tristeza con la alegria.

Soledad! Soledad!

Madre de suenos lindos y de esperanza viva

que te subes duena de la realidad.

Spring 2002 I was working for a bus company in central London and had my lunch breaks at the Strand

So I use to take a double espresso at the local Starbucks coffee shop and made friends with the staff.

There was an Argentinian lovely girl called Soledad which means loneliness in Spanish.

When she introduced herself I might have shown an expression of sadness

Because she pronounced her name with a hint of sadness in her voice.

So promptly she added but call me Maria. I know the melancholic soul of Latin-Americans and said,

No if your real name is Soledad I call you Soledad, then we become friends.

I wanted to write something about that name , because I have been there

I have been alone and I know the feeling. I wanted to describe loneliness from a poetical point of view

because loneliness is not such a bad thing if you are alone because you can’t find the right persons to make friends with,

that makes you stronger and that type of loneliness brings you closer to yourself and protects you from bad companies

If you are strong enough to bear it. That kind of loneliness makes you have wonderful dreams

Where you are always meeting wonderful persons and also strengthens your spirit and your hopes for the future.

That is all what the above poem is about. I wrote it in Spanish because wouldn’t make any sense in english

And also because Soledad is a Spanish name. This is dedicated to you lovely Soledad

The following short novel written in 1998, marks the chronicles of Kraedo’s life,

From his conception to the end of the story. THE STRAY SPIRITS (Book One)

If you had read the book, you already know this novel.

It is the last page of the Book One THE ADVENTURES OF KRAEDO.


He appeared at the edge of the flat plains,

the raising sun at the back projected his shadow down towards the middle of the plains

Where the slaves of the right master were fighting the slaves of the left master.

Freeman could see the masters, they were two heads as huge as rounded hills

They were watching their slaves fighting each other with their huge eyes, like black holes.

They noticed the sudden appearance of freeman and ordered their respective slaves to stop the fight

For the moment join forces, fight freeman, chop his head off and bring it to them.

The one who would deliver freemans head would have a brand new sword as a price.

Freeman was approaching fast casting a frightening shadow before himself.

The slaves charged with their swords, their war cry and their anger

Freeman fought all of them and defeated them without killing a single one of them.

The slaves were on their knees begging for mercy, one spoke for them all,

he said you are invincible, we are your slaves whenever you want give us the order

We shall attack our old masters, kill them, bring you their heads and fight at your orders only.

Freeman couldnt hide an expression of disgust and replied:

I am a free man; I have no slaves, I have no masters, I have no followers I have no leaders.

I am free, I am busy enjoying my freedom,

I have no time to waste in commanding slaves or being commanded and now get out of my way

All of you waste of human beings.

One of the slaves asked; what are you after?

Freeman replied; knowledge. Then the slave asked again: is it better than power?

Freeman said knowledge is the only power, knowledge is everything,

No one can take it away from you when you have it, and you don’t need to fight to keep it.

You can pass it to everyone but still possess it yourself.

Freeman posed two seconds and continued: while the power you know,

that miserable disgusting power of a man over another man, is an illusion,

once you have it, you must fight all your life to keep it,

Until someone stronger takes it away from you and the story starts again and again and again.

That you call power, that is blindness, it is cowardice that lives in the arid hearts of miserable people

who don’t have the courage to live their life in freedom and to hide their weakness

Gain power over other men because the bigger is the misery they inflict to others the smaller it looks the misery they harbour in their empty souls.

They are sick and so are all those who play their game.

The slaves were raging with anger and hatred, freeman walked through leaving them behind,

as they seen his back, jumped on him, chopped off his head

and fought each other for the possession of his head,

a second later they noticed a new head appearing on freeman’s shoulders,

in the blink of an eye they cut the second head off as well

So they thought our masters should be good with us, we are bringing them one head each.

But the heads in their hands, suddenly disappeared and they turned on to freeman again and again,

cutting off his head again and again and the chopped heads disappeared again and again

while freeman kept walking on his direction growing a new head each time one was chopped off

Until he disappeared beyond the horizon.

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